King Zining and the others were shocked, but they did not dare to say anything.

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After all, the other party was an emperor!

Not just an Emperor Realm expert, but the emperor of Great Zhou!

He was the most authoritative and respected existence in the entire Great Zhou other than the Imperial Family Elder Group.

After shocking King Zining and the others, the Great Zhou Emperor phantom cast its gaze on Ji Wushang and the others.

“You’re all guilty for violating the unity of the Imperial Family.”

A faint sentence of guilt and a slight emission of killing intent already made the people present tremble in fear.

This was the intimidation of an expert!

When one’s cultivation reached a certain level, they would be like a huge mountain in front of others, making others unable to breathe.

However, the Great Zhou Emperor had miscalculated.

His aura suppression did not make Ji Wushang and the others fear.
On the contrary, the few imperial palace heirs stepped forward at the same time and looked straight at the Great Zhou Emperor.

“Great Zhou Imperial Family’s Ji Wushang…”

“Great Zhou Imperial Family’s Ji Qingshan…”

“Great Zhou Imperial Family’s Ji Fanghua…”

“Great Zhou Imperial Family’s Ji Luoyun…”

“Great Zhou Imperial Family’s Ji Chengshan…”

“Great Zhou Imperial Family’s Ji Tianshui…”

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“…hereby challenges the Great Zhou Crown Prince!”

“Heavens! Are they crazy?”

The crowd instantly erupted.

Everyone looked at the few of them in shock, their faces filled with disbelief.

It was common knowledge in the Great Zhou Imperial Family that any imperial palace descendant could challenge the crown prince.

However, these were only rules.
Since ancient times, who had dared to challenge the crown prince?

It had to be known that the Crown Prince had always been the most outstanding young man in the Imperial Family.

He was too dazzling and powerful.
He was like a rising sun, dazzling to the point that others could not open their eyes.

However, today, Ji Wushang and the others were actually publicly challenging Ji Tianming’s status as the crown prince!

This could be said to be the first time in the history of the Great Zhou Imperial Family something like this had happened.

The crown prince’s expression immediately changed.

“Ji Wushang, how dare you!”

Ji Wushang sneered and said, “Since I’ve already put the words out there, what’s there to be afraid of? Your Majesty, according to the ancestral rule of the Great Zhou, as descendants of the imperial palaces, we are qualified to challenge the crown prince, right?”

The Great Zhou Emperor phantom was silent for a moment, his eyes cold as he stared fixedly at Ji Wushang and the others.

“The Great Zhou indeed has this ancestral rule.
However, the Great Zhou Ancestral rule states that the challengers have to come from eight imperial palaces.
Moreover, they have to be at least at the Soul Refinement Realm before the age of 50.”

“Even if I show you some mercy and ask only for you to gather eight descendants with the proper conditions instead of eight heirs, will you be able to do that?”

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As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Wuxia stepped out.

“Thank you for your kindness, Your Majesty.
In that case, Wuxia will also compete for the throne of the Great Zhou.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Wuxia emitted her aura.
Although she only released the aura of the Soul Refinement Realm, it still made many people gasp in unison.

“Heavens, she’s actually also a Soul Refinement Realm expert!”

“Isn’t the Purple Peace Imperial Palace too powerful? Two Soul Refinement Realm geniuses appeared at once.”

King Zining was shocked himself.
His daughter was also at the Soul Refinement Realm.
Were the sons and daughters he had so talented?

However, soon, his body suddenly trembled as if he had thought of something.

King Zining was not a fool.
Others might not know what level his son and daughter were at.
However, as a father, how could he not know?

However, he did not expect that this guy was actually so powerful to be able to raise his son and daughter to this level.

It seemed that he had to keep a low profile in the future to avoid angering that guy.

The Great Zhou Emperor phantom’s eyes flickered incessantly as killing intent surged.

He originally wanted to make Ji Wushang and the others lose face.

Therefore, he removed the restrictions and only asked Ji Wushang to find the eight imperial palace descendants instead of heirs.
This was because he was certain that Ji Wushang could not find eight Soul Refinement Realm experts below the age of 50.

He did not expect Ji Wuxia to appear at this moment.

Fortunately, even with Ji Wuxia’s help, there were only seven of them.
They were still unable to challenge the crown prince.

They were simply unable to threaten his son’s status.

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“Even with you, there are only seven of you.
You still haven’t met the requirements.”

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from behind him.

“Father, I also want to participate.”

The Great Zhou Emperor was stunned, and the other Imperial Family princes were also stunned and were instantly puzzled.

Not far away, the corner of Ji Wuxia’s mouth curled up.

This was also within her master’s plan.

As long as she participated, Ruyang would definitely participate!

Ruyang had already become Lin Fei’s accessory.
He had captured her heart and lowered her intelligence.

At this moment, she had already blamed Ji Wuxia for Lin Fei’s death.

Therefore, she definitely could not help but participate.

In this way, with eight people, the challenge was valid.

The Third Prince snapped.

“Ruyang, what are you doing? Return at once.”

“The ancestral rule of the Great Zhou Imperial Family did not say that the descendants of the Imperial Family are not allowed to participate in the challenge.
Now that Ruyang has participated, there are already eight people.
Does Your Majesty want to go back on your word?”

The Great Zhou Emperor clenched his fists behind his back as killing intent slowly spread.

He had never expected his own daughter to mess around at such a critical moment.

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At this moment, at this moment, other than the Imperial Family, all the first-tier sects in the world were also present.

If he went back on his word at this moment, it would greatly affect his image.

At that time, everyone in the world would think that he had violated the Great Zhou ancestral rule in order to protect his son.

Damaging the prestige of the Great Zhou Imperial Family was an extremely dangerous matter.
The most important thing in controlling a country was prestige.

This was enough to anger the Elder Group.

Angering the Elder Group was extremely disadvantageous to his bloodline.

Matters of the Imperial Family were not decided by the emperor alone.
No matter where, the stronger the group, the more dependent they were on teamwork.

In the entire Great Zhou Imperial Family, countless branches had appeared in the past ten thousand years, and countless experts had appeared.

However, if he agreed, it was very likely that his son would die.

In this way, if his bloodline wanted to rise again in the Imperial Family in the future, it would be difficult.

Therefore, for the sake of his son and the future benefits and resources of his bloodline, he had no choice but to commit a heinous crime.
Even if he had to lose the dignity of the Imperial Family and the prestige of the Emperor, he had to stop this challenge!

However, just as he was about to speak and obstruct this challenge, a soft voice suddenly sounded from the direction of the Imperial City.

With just a single word, this world instantly fell silent.

After that, no one could resist.

That voice belonged to the strongest member of the Great Zhou Imperial Family.

With this simple word, Ji Wushang’s challenge had begun.

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