The fear of death continued to spread.

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At this moment, Lin Fei’s heartbeat was extremely fast.

He knew that he could not hide his trump cards anymore!

If he continued to hide, he would really die.

The current him could only use his few trump cards that he could not easily reveal to others.

When Ji Wuxia’s sword beam arrived in front of Lin Fei, Lin Fei turned his right hand and a light flashed.
Immediately after, an overwhelming aura erupted quickly.

With a shout, he waved his long sword and stirred the wind and clouds.
With a thunderous strength, he instantly destroyed Ji Wuxia’s attack in a destructive manner.

Not only that, but the long sword slashed onto Ji Wuxia’s long sword.
Suddenly, a huge hole appeared in Ji Wuxia’s long sword.

The powerful impact directly sent Ji Wuxia flying for more than ten thousand meters.

Sensing the extremely huge aura, everyone present trembled.

Some were afraid, and some were excited.

“This aura is so powerful that even our Saint Weapons are far inferior to it! Heavens, this is a Martial Monarch Realm weapon! This is a Martial Monarch Realm weapon!”

Yun Lige shouted and took the lead.
He transformed into a stream of light and pounced into the sky.

Using a Martial Monarch Realm weapon was entirely different from using a Saint Realm weapon.
Ji Wuxia was simply unable to resist.
If the others did not attack now, she would very likely be killed by Lin Fei.

The expressions of the Imperial Family members suddenly turned cold.

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“They want to snatch the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Don’t let them succeed.
Quick, snatch the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

The crown prince and the others thought that Yun Lige’s goal was the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in Lin Fei’s hand.

Such a powerful weapon could not fall into the hands of Yun Lige and the others.

That was a Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

There were not many Martial Monarch Realm weapons in the entire Great Zhou.

If they landed in the hands of Ji Wushang and the others, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Everyone moved one after another, transforming into beams of light that quickly shot into the sky.

The crown prince seemed to think that he had not made himself clear and added another sentence.

“If necessary, we can kill Lin Fei.”

The battle between the two sides could erupt at any moment.
An overwhelming aura swept over from all directions, all of which were aimed at Lin Fei.

He had no choice but to use the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

He knew very well that after using the Martial Monarch Realm weapon, he would either have to hand over his Martial Monarch Realm weapon to the Great Zhou Imperial Family or escape.

However, would he really be willing to part with a Martial Monarch Realm weapon? He would simply be a fool to hand over such an important weapon.

All of this was because of Ji Wuxia!

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The anger in Lin Fei’s heart became more and more violent.
He was already certain that he had to kill Ji Wuxia before leaving.

Without stopping at all, Lin Fei, who only had one arm left, held the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in his hand and descended straight like a ferocious dragon, pointing his weapon at Ji Wuxia.

In the blink of an eye, he caught up to Ji Wuxia.
The moment the two sides collided, a powerful shock wave directly swept away the clouds in the sky, making the clouds flow in all directions.

This sword attack completely severed the Saint Weapon in Ji Wuxia’s hand.
Fortunately, after the Saint Weapon cushioned the impact, Ji Wuxia’s Saint Weapon armor also blocked the rest of the attack.

Moreover, with the help of the impact of this sword, Ji Wuxia sped up and escaped, coincidentally falling into the encirclement of the imperial palace descendants.

Yun Lige caught Ji Wuxia’s body.
The powerful impact even made his rising body fall fiercely.

After catching Ji Wuxia, his arms turned somewhat numb from the overly intense trembling.

“Attack him together.
His Martial Monarch Realm weapon is only a low-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Everyone, attack together.
Don’t give him a chance to breathe.
He can’t use it.
It’s useless even if he has a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

In front of the Great Zhou Imperial Family, Yun Lige did not want to use his Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
It would be too eye-catching.

Moreover, possessing a Martial Monarch Realm weapon did not mean that Lin Fei was invincible.

The reason why Martial Monarch Realm weapons were called Martial Monarch Realm weapons was because they were weapons of Martial Monarch Realm experts.
Only in the hands of a Martial Monarch Realm expert could they unleash 100% of their strength.

In Lin Fei’s hands, the strength he could unleash was limited.
That was why they weren’t too afraid.

Under Yun Lige’s shout, countless attacks shot into the clouds and headed straight for Lin Fei.

Lin Fei’s expression was gloomy.
He waved the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in his hand repeatedly and severed the beams.

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Because of the explosion in the sky, cold lights appeared one after another.
The might of these lights illuminated the surroundings, making it possible for one to see clearly even if they were 500 kilometers away.

Although Lin Fei was not overwhelmed, the people from the Imperial Family had already arrived from the other side.

“Lin Fei, hand over the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Our Imperial Family will ensure your survival.”

“Brother Lin Fei, hand over the Martial Monarch Realm weapon first.
I’ll beg my father to give you the Martial Monarch Realm weapon later.
Don’t resist.
My brother and the others will save you.”

Lin Fei spat secretly and muttered softly, cursing.

Ruyang, this fool, was simply crazy.

After the Imperial Family took away his Martial Monarch Realm weapon, how could they return it to him?

It was already not bad for the Great Zhou Emperor to have two Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
If they found out about this Martial Monarch Realm weapon, they would definitely take it for themselves.
In their right mind, why would they give it back to him?

Seeing that it was impossible for him to kill Ji Wuxia and that the Imperial Family was about to approach, Lin Fei did not dare to be too careless.

As long as there was life, there was hope.
He would leave first.

After he found his master, he would go down to a few ancient tombs and find a few opportunities to quickly advance to the King Realm.
With the help of his secret technique, he would also no longer have to worry about the Imperial Family.

At that time, it would not be too late to kill Ji Wuxia.

Thinking of this, Lin Fei circulated his strength and raised his dantian.
With a soft shout, he raised his hand and slashed at the Imperial Family members.

“Lin Fei, screw your ancestors!”

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The crown prince and the others were so furious that they collapsed.
Their eyes were filled with killing intent, wanting nothing more than to tear Lin Fei into pieces.

Unfortunately, Lin Fei ignored them and directly used his life-saving technique, the teleportation technique, to tear through the spatial barrier and leave the spot through a spatial jump.

This scene made the crown prince and the others stomp their feet in anger.

“Search everywhere.
Even if you have to turn the entire Ancient Forbidden Area upside down, you have to find Lin Fei and get the Martial Monarch Realm weapon back.”

This roar contained a large amount of spirit energy that spread dozens of kilometers away.
However, Lin Fei could no longer hear it.

This was because he had already fled thousands of kilometers away!

In the clear sky, a crack sounded, and a barrier was torn in the air..

Lin Fei, who had lost an arm, held the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in one hand and staggered out.
He was in an extremely sorry state.

“Damn it, I was almost done for.
Ji Wuxia, that slut, just you wait.
I definitely won’t let you off!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sky suddenly darkened.

A bad feeling surged in Lin Fei’s heart.
He did not even dare to look and immediately used his movement technique to escape.

In less than two breaths, a strange landscape painting directly trapped him inside.

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