Chapter 155: Forced to the End

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Ji Wuxia and Lin Fei exchanged blows without holding back at all.

As soon as the battle began, the battle directly entered the climax.

Behind Ji Wuxia, a phoenix phantom was dozens of meters tall.
As she attacked, this phantom kept dancing, looking mysterious and dignified.

The True Phoenix Nine Transformations was circulated with all its strength.
Her speed was so fast that it was dazzling.

In the air, only a fiery red light and a pale golden light could be seen.
They constantly interweaved and separated.

With every collision of the lights, the air trembled and astral aura spread.
Everything within a hundred miles was affected by this fluctuation.

The spectators outside were blown by the powerful astral winds until their clothes were in a mess, emitting crackling sounds.

Everyone had no choice but to circulate their spirit energy and transform it into an astral energy barrier to resist the force in front of them.

The Third Prince said coldly,

“I didn’t expect even this Ji Wuxia’s strength to be so powerful.
These imperial palace descendants sure hide their strength well!”

The crown prince’s eyes flickered incessantly.

The strength of Ji Wushang, Ji Wuxia, and the others made him see a trace of danger.

The other party definitely had an ulterior motive.

On the battlefield, the battle between Lin Fei and Ji Wuxia was also being carried out nervously.

Lin Fei used his full strength to unleash the Shadow Moon Emperor Art his master Yue Ying had taught him.

Sword beams danced like silver snakes, appearing endlessly and as fast as lightning.

Every time he attacked, the air would definitely be filled with stars.
It sealed off all of Ji Wuxia’s escape routes and headed straight for all the fatal points in her body.

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After knowing that Ji Wuxia really wanted to kill him, Lin Fei did not dare to hold back.

Ji Wuxia also did not dare to be careless.
She had already realized the strength of the hot shots from Xiao Bei’s battle.

Facing the sword beam that filled the sky, she immediately used the ultimate killing move of the True Phoenix Nine Transformations—True Phoenix Descend.

The phoenix phantom behind her spread its wings with a sharp whistle.
It directly collided with the sword beam.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the sky, countless explosions sounded.
The flames formed huge golden light balls that devoured everything.
After that, these golden light balls were once again devoured by the new light balls.

“A good opportunity!”

Lin Fei’s eyes turned cold.
He used the Instant Steps of the Shadow Moon Emperor Art and instantly pierced through the explosion area.
He crossed a short distance and arrived behind Ji Wuxia before slashing down.


As expected, the sword beam pierced through Ji Wuxia’s body in a lightning-like manner.

However, the scene of blood spurting did not appear.
Instead, Ji Wuxia’s figure even slowly disappeared.

“Not good!”

Lin Fei’s pupils constricted and he immediately reacted.
Ji Wuxia also used her movement technique.

Without having the time to think, Lin Fei directly stepped away.

The next moment, a sword beam slashed at the spot he was at just now.


The sword beam missed, detonating the spirit energy in the air.
Sensing the surging heat wave, not only did Lin Fei not dodge, but he also slashed in that direction.

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At this moment, Ji Wuxia had just finished her attack and had yet to unleash her new strength.
Lin Fei predicted that by slashing in this direction, he would be able to hit something.


He had a lot of ideas, but reality was very harsh.

The moment the sword beam slashed down, it indeed landed on Ji Wuxia’s head.

However, Ji Wuxia raised the sword in her hand at an even faster speed and blocked Lin Fei’s sword.


The moment the two collided, Lin Fei suddenly trembled.
He could not help but shudder.

No, something was definitely wrong with his strike just now.
He was supposed to easily injure Ji Wuxia with that strike.

This was because he had used the accelerated technique of the Shadow Moon Emperor Art.

The Shadow Moon Emperor Art was a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique that contained ultimate profundity of assassination.

Its speed was definitely peerless.
It could even reach the effect of jumping levels!

However, Ji Wuxia managed to block it.

What did this mean? This meant that Ji Wuxia’s cultivation technique was not inferior to the Shadow Moon Emperor Art at all.
Moreover, Ji Wuxia’s cultivation was also above his.

“What did you do? Why do you also have a cultivation technique of this level? How did your cultivation increase so quickly?”

Ji Wuxia exerted her wrist and swept Lin Fei away.

“Ask the King of Hell about this.”

After forcing Lin Fei away, Ji Wuxia chased after him.

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“Don’t think that I’ll be afraid of you just because of that! Hah!”

With a shout, he immediately used one of his trump cards—Courage Roar!

After using this cultivation technique, his cultivation would increase in a straight line until it increased by an entire realm.

In the distance, Princess Ruyang sensed Lin Fei’s aura rising constantly and immediately jumped in excitement.

“Brother Lin Fei is using his full strength.
Ji Wuxia will definitely die this time.”

After his cultivation increased, the battle between the two of them also became more and more intense.
Ji Wushang and the others, as well as the crown prince and the others, were already unable to endure it.
They watched from afar and retreated further.

“How powerful.
Lin Fei’s secret technique is simply too powerful.
I feel that his current cultivation is definitely not inferior to the third level of the Void Reversion Realm!”

“But… but why hasn’t Ji Wuxia been defeated? She can actually still persist?”

“She must have also used some secret technique to increase her cultivation.
These two are really too terrifying.
Are they going to fight until the sky darkens?”

“That’s right.
Ji Wuxia must have also used some secret technique.”

The Imperial Family members could only comfort themselves in this way.
This was because they definitely did not believe that Ji Wuxia’s current strength was at the Void Reversion Realm!

That would be too unrealistic.

They refused to believe it.

On the battlefield, after Lin Fei used a secret technique, his cultivation soared, and his confidence rose again.

He sneered and said, “Ji Wuxia, your path has already come to an end.
To date, no one has been able to make me use this move! You should already be proud for being able to force me to use such a move.
From this moment on, you can die peacefully.”

However, just as he finished speaking, Ji Wuxia suddenly kicked him.

“I told you…”

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Before he could finish speaking, Ji Wuxia’s foot had already struck his chest and sent him flying again.

The huge force made Lin Fei’s chest surge, and he was almost furious.

“What? That’s impossible!”

Lin Fei was dumbfounded.
His cultivation had already increased to the third level of the Void Reversion Realm.
How could Ji Wuxia’s kick still cause an impact on him? It even made his blood surge!

This was simply unreasonable!

Just as he was feeling dumbfounded, Ji Wuxia turned around and slashed.
A phoenix cry was emitted from the sword beam.
The attack speed was extremely fast and the might was also extraordinary.
If it pierced through Lin Fei, it would definitely injure him greatly.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fei squatted and the sword beam swept over his head, directly cutting off the hair in the middle.

After getting a new haircut that made him look like a kappa, Lin Fei was so furious that he almost cursed.

Everyone stared fixedly at the battle on the field and concentrated a little more.
They did not dare to relax at all.

Only Yun Lige’s face under the cloak was somewhat strange.

“Strange, we’re both at the third level of the Void Reversion Realm.
Why does Junior Sister’s attack feel so much stronger than mine?”

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