“Sixth Brother, guess who will win this time?”

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“Who else could it be? Basically, the crown prince’s position is fixed.
If nothing unexpected happens, the third and fifth princes will be ranked second and third.
After that, it will be Lin Fei.”

King Zining could not help but sigh faintly and say with a disappointed tone,

“I didn’t expect the descendants of our imperial palaces to be inferior to a brat with a different surname.”

“There’s nothing we can do about that.
In any case, the first few names have nothing to do with us.
We just have to keep an eye on the middle and back.”

“I hope my son Wushang can enter the top ten and not embarrass me too much.”

“It’s difficult.
I heard that there have been many Holy Sons and Holy Maidens from first-tier sects recently.
Their opportunities are rather good.”

“For example, the Holy Son of the Azure Dragon Sword Palace, Liu Chengshui, had comprehended the Azure Dragon Sword Dao passed down by Elder Azure Dragon.
His cultivation had already broken through to the first level of the Soul Refinement Realm and is not inferior to our children from the Imperial Palace at all.

“There’s also the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect, Qin Zimo, who had obtained the inheritance of the Black Tortoise True Sect’s ancestor.
Her current cultivation had also broken through to the tenth level of the Mountain Sea Realm.
Isn’t this result enough to attract attention?

“If I’m not wrong, the two of them will break through the Earth Ranking and enter the Heaven Ranking.
As for the others, I won’t explain them to you one by one.

King Zining could not help but frown.

Hearing King Tianyun say this, his heart skipped a beat and instantly became empty.

He did not expect the geniuses of the first-tier sects to be so powerful now.

However, as a king, he had more clarity.
He still had a lot of knowledge in many different aspects.

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Generally speaking, a dynasty relied on their bloodline power at the beginning.
It was the bloodline power of the founding emperor that allowed them to surpass everyone.

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However, as time passed, the bloodline power would gradually weaken and disappear.

In the end, they would be no different from ordinary people.

It seemed that the bloodline power of the Imperial Family had already begun to weaken.

Should he think of a way to help his son in advance? In case his descendants faltered?

King Zining stared at the name on the ranking and was about to consider whether he should find a more outstanding partner for his son and give birth to a few children with better talent when he suddenly saw an extremely strange scene.

The originally calm rankings actually began to surge at this moment.

In particular, his son’s ranking, which was originally around the tenth place on the Heaven Ranking, suddenly began to increase quickly at this moment.

Ninth place, eighth place, seventh place, sixth place… In the end, it actually increased to first place.

Behind his ranking, there was a shocking line that indicated that he had already killed a demon beast at the eighth level of the Mountain Sea Realm.

At this moment, King Zining was dumbfounded.

Since when was his son so awesome?

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The other party had only entered the Ancient Forbidden Area for a short while and had actually killed an eighth level Mountain Sea Realm demon beast?

Wasn’t he only at the ninth level of the Mountain Sea Realm?

Even with the help of his subordinates, it was impossible for him to kill an eighth level Mountain Sea Realm demon beast so quickly, right?

Could it be… that this demon beast was originally severely injured and was coincidentally encountered by his son, so his son took it down on the spot?

Only this explanation made King Zining feel that it was more reasonable.

However, just as he thought of this, the next second, another king not far away, King Qi, cursed.

“Damn! My son, Fanghua, killed a ninth level Mountain Sea Realm demon beast so quickly? How did she do that?”

King Zining hurriedly looked over.
Indeed, Ji Wushang’s first place had already been replaced.
The current first place was Ji Fanghua of the Qi Imperial Palace.

Not only that, but the other princes also displayed unprecedented dominance.
Each of them had killed a Mountain Sea Realm demon.

It was as if a Mountain Sea Realm demon was as worthless as a cabbage.

As for the Imperial Family’s crown prince and his siblings, they had almost no battle results at this moment.

Could it be that Ji Wushang and the others had encountered a group of injured Mountain Sea Realm greater demons?

That was also impossible.
Demons of that level definitely lived alone.
It was impossible for them to live in groups.

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Moreover, just as everyone’s hearts were surging, Ji Wushang killed another tenth level Mountain Sea Realm demon beast and regained the first place on the Heaven Ranking.

Immediately after, the heirs of the six imperial palaces worked together and achieved extraordinary results.
From time to time, they would kill powerful demons and firmly guard the top six spots of the Heaven Ranking, not giving anyone else a chance to enter.

Just as everyone was suspecting that they were cheating, the Imperial Family’s crown prince finally began to kill a powerful demon at the Mountain Sea Realm.

However, even so, he was still firmly suppressed by the six imperial palace heirs and was unable to advance any further.

At this moment, if the six imperial palaces still could not figure out what was happening, they could forget about living.

“Wushang, this brat, actually hid his cultivation!”

“Fanghua, that damn girl.
When did she break through to the Soul Refinement Realm? How dare she hide it from me.”

“Ji Qingshan, wait for you to come out.
See if I don’t beat your butt up.”

The kings smiled with tears and were indescribably excited.

Back then, they had lost to the current Emperor of the Great Zhou when they were fighting for the throne.
As a result, they were unable to obtain the strongest resources and could not become Emperor Realm experts.
Now, they could only be conferred the title of king and be inferior to the emperor.

As a result, their descendants were also inferior.

After all, when an emperor cultivated to the Emperor Realm, their bloodline power would become stronger, and their talent would also strengthen.
Moreover, the cultivation resources were also different, and there was a huge difference.

The imperial palaces could only nurture one heir.
For example, the Purple Peace Imperial Palace could only nurture Ji Wushang.

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Ji Wuxin’s daily expenses were less than tens of thousands of high-grade spirit stones per month and he did not have his own large mansion.

However, Princess Ruyang’s monthly expenses were hundreds of thousands of high-grade spirit stones.
The construction scale of the princess’ residence was not inferior to an entire imperial palace

In addition, the cultivation of the crown prince or his siblings were generally above the Soul Refinement Realm, but the cultivation of an imperial palace descendant was generally below the Soul Refinement Realm.

The difference between their descendants would only increase.

Now, Ji Wushang and the others had actually displayed extraordinary talent and strength to suppress the crown prince and his siblings.
How could King Zining and the others not be excited?

In the face of the Great Zhou Emperor, they had once been defeated!

However, their child had defeated the children of the Great Zhou Emperor!

They had made a very beautiful comeback.

It was not only them.
At this moment, everyone outside the Void Gate was shocked and began to discuss.

In the Ancient Forbidden Area, Lu Xiaoran began to set up his testing formation.

After being surrounded, Lin Fei would definitely escape.

However, Lu Xiaoran could not accurately predict where he would escape to.

Therefore, he wanted to set up the detection array formation in advance like he did with Xiao Bei.

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