Chapter 149 Gathering From All Sides

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The Ancient Forbidden Area that rarely opened in a hundred years had finally been opened.
The direct descendants of the Imperial Family, the various imperial palaces, and the various first-rate sects surged in.

This was the most important opportunity of the Great Zhou Empire, and no one would let

it go.

As soon as Lu Xiaoran entered the Ancient Forbidden Area, Wang Cai’s voice sounded in his mind.

Ding… sensed a hot shot.
Master, please kill him.
After killing a hot shot, you will obtain a lot of rewards.’

Lu Xiaoran felt somewhat strange.
Every time he saw the hot shots for the first time, Wang Cai did not seem to have given out any missions.
Instead, Wang Cai would wait until later to give out missions.
Did Wang Cai have some tricks up his sleeve?

“Wang Cai, how come you always wait until later to give out missions?”

“Master, the hot shots are all protected by the heavens and have blocked their own luck.
Although their luck is powerful, I am still unable to detect it when I use the detection methods of the outside world.
Only when they use their spirit energy will a trace of luck be leaked and be detected by me.”

“I see.”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but ridicule in his heart.
As expected of hackers, even the heavens helped them.

However, he did not order everyone to attack.

Although he was already impatient to kill Lin Fei, this was the entrance to the Ancient Forbidden Area.
There were more than one Emperor Realm expert guarding outside.

Even if he did not care about them, there were so many people here.
If he attacked, wouldn’t it cause a huge commotion if he exposed his Martial Monarch Realm weapon?

Lu Xiaoran was not that stupid.

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After entering, he immediately transmitted his thoughts and made Ji Wushang, Ji Qingshan, Ji Fanghua, and the other direct descendants of the various imperial palaces take the lead to enter the depths of the Ancient Forbidden Area.

This was because after that, he still wanted his puppets to obtain the qualifications to challenge the crown prince.
That way, he could first make them obtain the recognition and support of the old Imperial Family fogeys hiding in the dark.

As he watched Ji Wushang and the others quickly leave, the crown prince and his siblings from the Imperial Family could not help but raise their eyebrows slightly.

In particular, a man with an extraordinary aura and a four-clawed python robe had the most dangerous gaze.

The rule of the Great Zhou Imperial Family was that the emperor would wear a five-clawed golden dragon robe, and the crown prince would wear a four-clawed golden dragon robe.

“Strange, why are Ji Wushang and the others so proactive this time? Although there’s a huge opportunity in the Ancient Forbidden Area, opportunities are also accompanied by huge risks.
Aren’t they afraid of death by advancing rashly like this?” “Your Highness, don’t care about them.
They’re just a group of imperial palace princes.
They’re not even qualified to carry our shoes.
Why should we care about them? Let’s go.”

The crown prince nodded.

Although he vaguely sensed that something was wrong, he could not put his finger on it.
He could only listen to his siblings and focus on searching for opportunities.

It could be said that they were the strongest geniuses of the Great Zhou.

Ji Wushang and the other heirs of the imperial palaces were at most below the perfected Mountain Sea Realm.
As for them, they were all existences above the Soul Refinement Realm.

This was the difference between a crown prince and the heir of an imperial palace.

Although they were both royalty, the difference between them was worlds apart!

Resources, the strength of one’s bloodline… in all aspects, the crown prince was superior.

As for the Holy Sons and Holy Maidens of the other first-tier sects, their cultivation levels were slightly lower than those of the heirs of the imperial palaces, and their strength was probably around the fifth level of the Mountain Sea Realm.

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Therefore, with their identities, the crown prince and his siblings were completely qualified to look down on everyone.
They did not need to take others seriously at all.

As the emperor’s son-in-law, Lin Fei was naturally with them.

Moreover, because of Lin Fei’s outstanding talent and rapid cultivation, the crown prince had long accepted Lin Fei and treated him as a family.
He and his siblings did not humiliate or despise him.

However, he was not arrogant like them and also did not care much about the others.
Instead, he stared fixedly at a woman not far away.

“The style of that outfit… seems to be the Black Tortoise True Sect, right? When did the Black Tortoise True Sect produce such a powerful genius?”

Others might not be able to tell, but Lin Fei, who had endless means, saw it clearly.

The woman’s cultivation had already reached the tenth level of the Mountain Sea Realm, the perfected peak of the Mountain Sea Realm.

If this realm was placed in the ranks of the crown prince and his siblings, it would already be somewhat shocking, let alone the fact that the other party was only a Holy Maiden of a first-tier sect.

Could it be that other than him, there were other people with such powerful luck?

Soon, Lin Fei shook his head.

No, how could there be anyone in this world with better luck than him?

He was someone who could pick up spirit stones just by walking two steps in his courtyard.

In this world, no one would dare to compete with Lin Fei in terms of luck.

“Brother Lin Fei, why are you shaking your

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“Nothing, I just thought of something.”

He dodged the question.
He would only make things more complicated the more he spoke.
There was no need for him to let Ruyang know everything.

After all, she was only his woman.

With that said, he glanced at the woman from the Black Tortoise True Sect.
It had to be said that compared to Ruyang, her appearance and aura were actually not inferior at all.

In particular, her chest size was leagues above Ruyang’s.

In comparison, Ruyang’s chest seemed as if it had been crushed countless times by a carriage.

The only downside was that the other party’s cultivation was lower than Ruyang’s.


However, her starting point was also lower than Ruyang’s.
Her bloodline power and cultivation resources were inferior to Ruyang’s.

It seemed that her talent was definitely not low.
He should find the time to get to know this woman from the Black Tortoise True Sect.


Perhaps he would need her in the future.

At this moment, the other party seemed to have sensed something.
She turned around and glanced at Lin Fei.
Lin Fei immediately smiled, thinking that he was very handsome.

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However, in fact, his smile was indeed very handsome and infectious.
Otherwise, he would not have charmed a grand princess like Ruyang.
Unfortunately, he thought that his smile was very beautiful, but it made the other party reveal a disgusted expression.
Then, she turned around and no longer looked at him.

This immediately stopped Lin Fei’s smile.
He coughed slightly awkwardly.

The subordinate beside the woman could not help but whisper,

“Holy Maiden Qin, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

I just saw a fly.
It was disgusting.”

The Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise True Sect was naturally Qin Zimo.

Ever since she had interacted with Lu Xiaoran back then, she had been working hard and doing her best to increase her cultivation.

Later, by chance, she obtained the inheritance of the Black Tortoise True Sect’s founding ancestor and was enlightened.
Her improvement was very fast, and it hadn’t been long since she reached the perfected tenth level of the Mountain Sea Realm.

The reason why she came to the Ancient Forbidden Area this time was also to find opportunities to increase her strength.

She did not expect to be stared at by a fly.
It was really disgusting.

The other party was not as handsome as Lu Xiaoran and his character was worse than Lu Xiaoran’s.
He did not have Lu Xiaoran’s extraordinary aura at all and looked extremely wretched!

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