Chapter 148 Opening of the Ancient Forbidden Ground

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Lin Fei was right.

Although some geniuses in the Imperial Family might have already reached the mid to late Soul Refinement Realm with the help of their bloodline and resources of the Great Zhou Imperial Family…

However, they did not have the means to fight those at a higher level like Lin Fei.

Lin Fei cultivated a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique, and he had more than one.

His master, Martial Monarch Yue Ying, was a top-grade assassin among the Martial Monarch Realm experts in the ancient times.
She had a lot of experience in combat.

Even if both sides had the same resources and strength, Yue Ying could still defeat the other party.
Moreover, Lin Fei had also obtained many good things through luck.

For example, he had once gotten a Martial Monarch Realm sword at a street stall.
It was a weapon left behind by a Martial Monarch Realm expert called the Peach Blossom Sword Emperor in ancient times after he died.

Another example was that he had once obtained a cultivation technique in an ancient martial tomb.
That cultivation technique could allow a person to increase their strength by an entire realm in a short period of time without injuring their foundation.

Compared to the low-level cultivation techniques in the current world, a cultivation technique that burned one’s blood essence to increase one’s cultivation was countless times stronger.

Other than that, he had also grasped a Martial Monarch Realm teleportation cultivation technique.
Although there was a time limit and he could only use it once in a day, it was still enough to help him survive.

If he encountered a powerful enemy and was really unable to deal with it, he could also teleport 500 kilometers away and temporarily escape.

Of course, these were only life-saving methods.
Lin Fei also had an extremely invincible killing move.

His master, Martial Monarch Yue Ying, had once commented that if he used that move, he could even kill a tenth level Emperor Realm expert!

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Most importantly, there was also something he had never told anyone.
It was even something his master did not know.

This something was his extreme luck!

His luck was so good that it was simply unimaginable for ordinary humans.
He had long discovered that if he participated in an auction, visited an expert’s tomb, or bought something, he would be able to buy something unexpected.

If he encountered a bottleneck in his cultivation, he would directly surpass it if he altered his mindset slightly.
There had never been any obstruction.

If he encountered any danger, no matter when or where, there would always be a way to resolve it at the most critical moment.

Either because of the help of a benefactor, or because he had accidentally discovered a way to resolve the situation at a critical moment.

Sometimes he could not understand how to resolve the situation at all.
However, the matter would still be resolved successfully, allowing him to be safe and sound.

In fact, he could even pick up a few high-grade spirit stones just by walking on the streets.

Although he did not know why, recently, it seemed that his luck was not as good as before.
However, his luck was still many times stronger than ordinary people.

For example, last night, he had walked around his courtyard and picked up two low-grade spirit stones.

His luck was simply too good.

This was his unknown trump card.

With these trump cards, Lin Fei even dared to look down on the Great Zhou Imperial Family.

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Just as his master had said, he was destined to become a Martial Monarch Realm expert in the future.

However, speaking of which, where was his master?

Lin Fei could not help but frown.

“I’ve been in seclusion for a month.
Why hasn’t Master returned? She’s only a soul body.
Why is she staying outside for so long?” However, after thinking for a long time, he could not figure out why his master did not return.
He could only shake his head.

“Forget it.
In any case, my master is a Martial Monarch Realm remnant soul.
Her cultivation is comparable to a tenth level King Realm expert and she can fight those at a higher level.
In the entire Great Zhou, there’s no one who can injure my master.
I’m just worried for nothing.”

At this moment, Princess Ruyang’s voice sounded from outside the secret room.

“Brother Lin Fei, are you inside? The Ancient Forbidden Area is about to open.
Come with me quickly.”

“Alright! I’ll go out now.”

Taking a deep breath, Lin Fei stepped out and looked into Ruyang’s eyes.

“Brother Lin Fei, it’s been a month.
You seem to have become more handsome.”

Lin Fei smiled and rubbed Ruyang’s pink face.

“Silly girl, you’ve also become very beautiful.”

“Brother Lin Fei, you sure know how to make me happy.”

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“No, I’m serious.
Ruyang has always been my precious darling.”

Fortunately, Lu Xiaoran did not hear this.
Otherwise, he would probably directly take out his Xuanyuan Sword and kill these two bastards on the street.

This was because this was what disgusted Lu Xiaoran the most.
This was not a relationship at all.
This was a pretentious prick who was seducing an idiot.

Unfortunately, this idiot liked being seduced.

Their relationship was even more toxic than arsenic.

Time passed in the blink of an eye, and in the blink of an eye, it was already morning.

Figures with extraordinary cultivation gathered in a valley in the northwest corner of the Great Zhou Imperial City from all directions.

This valley was the entrance to the Ancient Forbidden Area.

The Ancient Forbidden Area was not located anywhere in the Great Zhou.
It was in an independent space.
Only by passing through this valley could one enter and leave the Ancient Forbidden Area.

At this moment, members of the Great Zhou Imperial Family and the imperial palaces, as well as the direct descendants of the many first-rate sects of the Great Zhou Empire, had all gathered here.

The person in charge of opening the Ancient Forbidden Area was an elder of the Imperial Family.

His cultivation had already reached the Emperor Realm.

He was a senior of the Great Zhou who guarded the Ancient Forbidden Area.
Without his permission, no one could easily enter the Ancient Forbidden Area.

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When it got to around 10 in the morning, he slowly opened his eyes while meditating in the valley.
Then, he placed his hands behind his back and soared into the void to face the people below.

“The Ancient Forbidden Area is about to open.
Before it opens, I’ll tell you the rules.”

“The princes and princesses of the Imperial Family, the princes and princesses of the imperial palaces, as well as the holy sons and saintesses of the various first-tier sects, can all enter as long as they are not older than a hundred years..”

“The crown prince of the Imperial Family can bring five attendants.
The other members of the Imperial Family can only bring three.
The heir of the imperial palaces can bring three attendants each.
The rest of the people from the imperial palaces can only bring one.
As for the Holy Sons and Holy Maidens of the first-tier sects, each person can bring two attendants.
All the attendants can’t be older than a hundred years.”

“This rule was set by the ancestors of the Great Zhou Empire.
It’s a rule of the Great Zhou Empire.
If anyone violates it, they will be killed on the spot and not be spared.”

“Next, I announce that the Ancient Forbidden Area is now open!”

With a shout, the Void Gate opened in the valley.
This gate was bronze in color and looked terrifying.

The aura inside the door made people’s blood vaguely restless and uneasy.

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