Chapter 144 I’ll Wait for You In the Ancient Ape

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Sensing the powerful evil aura, Elder Netherworld instantly opened his eyes, and tears fell.

“It’s the Demon Venerable! It’s the Demon Venerable! Hahaha… the Demon Venerable is here! I don’t have to die.”

Lu Xiaoran’s mind stirred as he swept his Trinity True Eyes over, and his expression could not help but become slightly solemn.

He could sense that it was only a mental strength clone!

It was the same as Yue Ying’s soul clone.

However, Yue Ying was a Martial Monarch Realm expert with a broken soul, and her cultivation was only at the tenth level of the King Realm.
Therefore, her clone was not powerful.

The strength of this clone had already reached the tenth level of the King Realm.
It was extraordinary.

It was very likely that the other party had already reached the late-stage Emperor Realm, or even… the legendary Supreme Realm!

Supreme Realm!

Just as he was thinking, the black shadow had already transmitted a cold voice.

“Netherworld is my servant.
Do you dare to touch him?”

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes and took a step forward.
The flames, which were already very fast, instantly increased in speed.
In an instant, they swallowed Elder Netherworld.


A heart-wrenching cry immediately erupted from the sea of flames.

Although the flames were limited to Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation and could not instantly kill an Emperor Realm expert and still required a certain amount of time to burn, it was still terrifying enough when the flames formed a sea of flames.

Elder Netherworld was directly killed by Lu Xiaoran in less than two seconds.

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The flames gradually extinguished, and the black light had already arrived in front of Lu Xiaoran.

“How… how dare you kill him!”

Lu Xiaoran rolled his eyes under the bamboo hat.

He was not a fool.
The two sides were already enemies to begin with.
Even if he let Elder Netherworld go, the other party would not let him off.

Was Lu Xiaoran supposed to keep him alive to celebrate the new year together?

Moreover, the moment the other party appeared, Lu Xiaoran had already thought of an idea.

Lu Xiaoran sneered.

“He’s just an ant.
Is he worth your time?”

As soon as he said this, the other party’s killing intent suddenly increased.

“You’re courting death!”

The other party’s tone became heavier with every word.

However, just as she finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran’s spear trembled, and a spear beam that was more than ten thousand meters long tore through the sky and directly pierced through her clone.

Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation was originally higher than hers.
With the enhancement of the Martial Monarch Realm weapon, instantly killing her clone was nothing difficult.

After piercing the other party with his spear, Lu Xiaoran turned around coolly.


This word made the black mist surrounding the other party’s body start to tremble violently.

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Clearly, the other party had already collapsed from anger.

Just as the clone was about to dissipate, the other party used her full strength to maintain the clone and asked the last question.

“Brat, if you have the guts, leave your name behind!”

Lu Xiaoran had his back facing her.

“Ancient Ape Tribe, Fang Aotian!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran activated the Trinity True Eyes and completely disappeared from this world.

As for the black mist, after emitting a resentful curse, it was completely unable to maintain its clone form and dissipated.

“Fang Aotian from the Ancient Ape Tribe! I will never forgive you !”

A few breaths later, Lu Xiaoran had already returned to the Purple Peace Imperial Palace and immediately took off his clothes.

“I’m finally done.
This time, not only did I save Ji Wushang, but I also got the Demon Sect to target the Ancient Ape Tribe.
I’m killing two birds with one stone.
I’m really a genius.”

The Demon Sect would definitely be able to consume a portion of Fang Aotian’s strength after dealing with the Ancient Ape Tribe.

Lu Xiaoran knew that the more powerful the opponent, the stronger the hot shot would be.

After all, Lin Fei was much stronger than Xiao


Fang Aotian’s opponent, Fang Tianyuan, was an SSS-level genius, so Fang Aotian’s strength was definitely stronger.

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He would let the Demon Sect test the waters first and let them fight each other.

After all, if the sandpiper and the clam fought, the fisherman would benefit.
At that time, he could directly take advantage of the situation.

Now, he could finally cultivate in peace.

After more than half a month, at the Ancient Forbidden Area, he would be able to complete two things at the same time.

One of them was to kill Lin Fei, and the other was to support Ji Wushang and the others advance.

At that time, he would be even more at ease in the Great Zhou and could stay at Purple Peace Imperial Palace without worry.

Even if he did not want to stay in the Purple Peace Imperial Palace, he could still get Ji Wushang to help him build a sect or something.
In the Great Zhou, if one wanted to establish a sect, they had to gain permission from the Imperial City.

Of course, if they really wanted to establish a sect, it would only be a formality.

However, it was impossible for Lu Xiaoran to take in so many disciples.

He had never done anything that did not benefit him.

Being a volunteer worker for free was not something Lu Xiaoran would do.

If he established a sect, he would use it to live with his disciples and cultivate.

When there was nothing to do, time passed very quickly.
After all, Lu Xiaoran only meditated and cultivated.
In the blink of an eye, the remaining half a month passed.

At the end of the month, Lu Xiaoran woke up from his cultivation.
In the sky above the entire Imperial City, wind and clouds surged, and the world changed.

However, perhaps because too many things had happened in the Imperial City recently, everyone was immune to it, so no experts flew to the top of the wall to watch.

However, on the street, there were inevitably one or two old women who shouted at their daughter-in-law,

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“There’s thunder and it’s raining.
Hurry up and go home to get your clothes!”

In the room, Lu Xiaoran slowly opened his eyes.
Lightning had already stopped flowing from them.
However, when Lu Xiaoran opened his mouth slightly and exhaled, there was a weak movement in the room.

What Lu Xiaoran spat out was no longer turbid air, but golden spirit energy.
The spirit energy was too dense and had almost condensed into mist.
It caused the spirit energy in the air to tremble.

“My current body is filled with spirit energy.
There are very few impurities left.
Even my body has begun to gradually transform into spirit energy.
Looks like the essence of cultivation is to advance from a body of flesh and blood to a pure spirit body.
I reckon that when I cultivate to the Martial Monarch Realm, my entire body will be a pure energy body.”

No wonder it was said that the higher one’s cultivation was, the harder it was for them to have children.
At this rate, even without cutting it off, I still won’t be able to have children, right?”

Indeed, as a martial artist, it was useless to have women.”

I will never find a girlfriend to date in my life.

However, he quickly stopped thinking about this problem and placed his thoughts on his cultivation.

“Tsk tsk, not bad.
To think that I’ve already advanced to the seventh level of the Emperor Realm.
Looks like the effects of the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill and the Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill my disciples consumed are quite obvious.
Moreover, I’m cultivating in seclusion now, so the increase is rather obvious.”

“Wang Cai.” “Coming, coming, Master, I’m here.”

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