Chapter 139 Who Said That Old People Can’t Have Ambitions?

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“Hiss ~! Martial Monarch Realm weapon?”

Everyone widened their eyes as a chill ran from their feet to their heads.
Their scalps turned numb.

“Elder Netherworld, is it really that exaggerated? It’s only a ball of flames!”

Elder Netherworld glanced at the few of them.

“Have you seen a flame that can instantly kill an Essence Realm expert? This flame already has its own consciousness.
Unless it completely burns away the living beings or soul bodies attached to it, it will definitely not be extinguished.”

After a pause, he continued, “Although I’ve never seen the might of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, these flames are indeed earth-shaking.
Presumably, the might of these flames is completely comparable to the might of the legendary Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Therefore, I dare to say that it’s comparable to a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

After getting Elder Netherworld’s confirmation, everyone could not help but shudder.

It was too terrifying.

Since these flames were comparable to Martial Monarch Realm weapons, how powerful was the creator of these flames?

Perhaps his strength had already surpassed the legendary Martial Monarch Realm?

Could it be that the one who created this flame was a god?

In fact, what Elder Netherworld said was wrong.

This flame was limited to Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation.

Lu Xiaoran was an Emperor Realm expert and could quickly injure people whose cultivation levels were lower than his.

He could also cause damage to people of the same realm, but the speed would not be that fast.

For example, the flame did not burn very fast on Elder Netherworld previously.
As a result, he did not die when he had enough time to cut off his flesh.

If it were an existence with a higher cultivation, they would naturally have some means to resist.

However, if Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation also increased, the other party would still be helpless.

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Elder Netherworld looked at the porcelain bottle in his hand, and his eyes were also filled with emotion and reverence.

This flame was definitely a divine flame!

The one who created it was definitely a god!

His cultivation was originally at the fifth level of the Emperor Realm.

Because he had been at the bottom of the Heaven Prison for a long time and had been corroded by the array formation, he was only able to unleash the strength of the first level of the Emperor Realm now.

Originally, if it were in the past, he would have long hidden somewhere and quickly repaired his injuries to recover his peak strength.

However, after obtaining this flame, Elder Netherworld inexplicably felt a little more confident.

He did not need to escape!

He wanted to kill all the pursuers from the Imperial City and use the blood energy of these people to increase his cultivation.

Of course, he did not plan to rely on his strength.
Instead, he wanted to rely on this mysterious and domineering flame.

After he refined enough blood essence to recover his peak strength, he would return to the Demon Sect.

At that time, perhaps what he pursued would no longer be the number one person below the Demon Venerable.

Perhaps… he should try and be on equal footing with the Demon Venerable.

Or perhaps… he could be married to the Demon Venerable and rule the Demon Sect together.

In the past, he would never have dared to think of such a thing.

This was because he was worlds apart from the Demon Venerable in terms of strength.

He respected the Demon Lord and was afraid of her.

He was proud to have submitted to the Demon Venerable.

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However, now, these golden flames had given him courage and confidence.
It made him feel that he was omnipotent.

He was like a lover as he caressed the white jade porcelain bottle, his eyes filled with a gentle glow.

This time, he had lost so many subordinates and had even been betrayed by his disciple.
He did not expect to benefit from this disaster.

Elder Netherworld felt that he was the happiest person in the world.

“Elder Netherworld, this flame is so powerful.
Why don’t you give it a name?”

As soon as he said this, Elder Netherworld immediately reacted.

“That’s right, that’s right.
If we don’t give this divine flame a good name, it will really be an insult to its divine might.
However, what should we call it?”

“Elder Netherworld, your Dharma name is Netherworld.
Why don’t we call it the Netherworld Sacred Flame?”

Elder Netherworld nodded.

“I like that… the Netherworld Sacred Flame.
In that case, from today onwards, I’ll call this the Netherworld Sacred Flame.”

“Congratulations, Elder Netherworld, for obtaining the Netherworld Sacred Flame and unifying the Great Zhou for all eternity!”

His subordinates took advantage of this opportunity to suck up to him.

Elder Netherworld stroked his beard in satisfaction.

“Relay my orders and set up the Black Wind Demonic Formation.
Take out all the spirit stones we have captured.
I’ll capture all the pursuers from the Great Zhou here.
We’ll use their blood essence to help me completely recover from my injuries and recover my peak strength in one go.”


On the Imperial City’s side, it was only dawn when Lu Xiaoran returned to the Imperial Palace.

He used the night to implant a memory for Ji Tianshui, Ji Qingshan, and the others, making them obey him.

Then, he used the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pills to help them increase their cultivation.

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In this way, it was equivalent to having the direct descendants of six imperial palaces.

Under the Great Zhou Imperial Family, there were a total of twelve imperial palaces.
Among them, two of them were on Lin Fei’s side.
The remaining four were loyal to the Imperial Family.

According to the rules of the Great Zhou Imperial Family, as long as eight of the twelve Imperial palaces agreed, one would be qualified to challenge the current crown prince of the Imperial Family.

If the challenge was successful, he would become the crown prince of the Great Zhou and take over the throne in the future.

This could also be considered a vision of the Great Zhou’s ancestor.

He knew that if his bloodline was limited to one family, the entire Great Zhou would be finished.

Therefore, he set this rule in order to spur the Imperial Family to work incessantly to avoid being surpassed by others.

At the same time, it could also be considered as providing a dream and opportunity for his other weaker bloodlines.

In any case, they all came from his bloodline.
Wasn’t it the same for him no matter who became the emperor?

As long as they could ensure that the Great Zhou Empire had an endless supply of blood, the Great Zhou Empire would definitely prosper!

Lu Xiaoran felt that the remaining two imperial palaces were not a big problem.
It would not be too late to think about it later.

After the Ancient Forbidden Area opened, he would think of a way.
After killing Lin Fei, he wouldn’t have to worry even if Ruyang wanted to find trouble with Ji Wuxia.

At the very least, his current network was definitely not low.

If Ruyang could call for backup, so could he.

Of course, this was not the most important thing.
What was important was that Lu Xiaoran could control the result of the new round of the selection for the successor of the Great Zhou Empire.

After the Great Zhou fell into the hands of his puppet, he could completely rest.

At that time, he could live as long as he wanted.

He could do whatever he wanted.

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Just as he was feeling comfortable for a few minutes, Ji Wuxin arrived with some fruit snacks.

“Senior Lu, are you there?”

“I’m here.
The door’s not locked.
Come in.”


The next moment, Ji Wuxin pushed open the door and his figure entered Lu Xiaoran’s sight.

“Prince Ji, you’re here so early? What’s the matter?”

Ji Wuxin chuckled and said, “Senior Lu, these are the fruits that have just been delivered from outside.
I’ve brought you some.”

“I see.
You’re too kind.”

“It’s only natural.
You’ve taught Wuxia cultivation techniques and helped her cultivate.
It’s a huge favor for our imperial palace.
It’s only natural for me to take good care of your meals and living in the Imperial Palace.
This bit of fruit is not worth mentioning.” Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“Alright, cut the formalities.
Did you come here early in the morning just to deliver fruits?”

Ji Wuxin smiled helplessly and said, “As expected of Senior Lu, you saw through my intentions.”

“To tell you the truth, something happened at the front line.”

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