The Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pills had already developed consciousness.

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Unfortunately, the Nebula Thousand Qi Cauldron was a Martial Monarch Realm Dharma treasure.
It was naturally easy for it to suppress the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill and would not let them escape at all.

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand and placed the medicinal pill into a small porcelain bottle.
Then, he set up an array formation and completely suppressed it.

It was not the time to consume the pills yet.
It would probably take some time to refine this thing.
Lu Xiaoran decided to go out first and give this to Yun Lige and the others first.

However, just as he walked out of the Mountain and River State Painting, he saw a phantom lying in his small courtyard.

It was a woman who was about 1.7 meters tall and had a big chest.

“This is… a consciousness with some soul power?

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat surprised because someone who could do this definitely had an extraordinary cultivation.

However, why had the other party appeared in his courtyard?

After a moment of silence, Lu Xiaoran suddenly attacked and directly used the Lightning Shattering Fist.


The Lightning Shattering Fist blasted the other party’s phantom dozens of meters away before stopping.

Under this attack, the phantom flickered and almost disappeared.

“You’re quite strong.”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat surprised again.
He did not expect the other party to still be able to resist his Lightning Shattering Fist and not be completely destroyed.

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This couldn’t help but arouse a trace of curiosity.

Lu Xiaoran’s pupils suddenly constricted when he opened the Trinity True


“This soul power belongs to that woman!”

Lu Xiaoran used the Trinity True Eyes to see the other party’s soul power before recognizing the other party’s identity.

It was actually the old granny in Lin Fei’s ring.

“During the day, her soul power was much stronger than this.
This should be a clone, right? If it were someone else, they might not have malicious intentions.
This guy probably has ill intentions coming to me.
However, I can also sense the aura of the divine punishment on her body.
She probably got beaten down by the divine punishment caused by the Emperor Marrow Pill as soon as she arrived here.

With Lu Xiaoran’s intelligence, he instantly thought of the cause and effect of all of this.

“Tsk tsk, you’re really quite pitiful.
However, since you want to kill me, there’s no need for me to let you off.’

As he spoke, Lu Xiaoran was prepared to attack and destroy Yue Ying.

However, the moment he attacked, Lu Xiaoran suddenly stopped.

“Wait, she’s only a clone.
If I kill her, her main soul body won’t die.
Instead, I’ll alert the enemy.
At that time, Lin Fei and her will definitely be vigilant after knowing my strength.”

“No, I can’t destroy this clone.
If I want to kill her, I have to kill her main soul body.
I have to destroy her completely and shatter her soul at once.
She will never be able to live again.”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran rolled his eyes and had an idea.

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Therefore, he immediately squatted down and injected a mental strength into the other party.

This was formed by Yue Ying’s thoughts and soul power.
Naturally, spirit energy was unable to save her.

Soon, the unconscious clone slowly opened her eyes.

The moment their eyes met, a ripple actually appeared in Yue Ying’s heart, which had been as firm as a rock for ten thousand years.

After cultivating for ten thousand years, this was the first time she had seen a man with such an outstanding aura like Lu Xiaoran.

In fact, Lu Xiaoran usually used spirit energy to make his appearance less appealing.
It did not seem too shocking.

However, that only worked on ordinary cultivators.
It would not work on a Martial Monarch Realm soul like Yue Ying.

“Are you alright?”

Lu Xiaoran revealed a bright smile that made Yue Ying’s soul throb.

However, she quickly reacted and sat up.

“Who are you? Why am I here?”

Lu Xiaoran put on a harmless expression and said, “My name is Lu Xiaoran and I’m a small cultivator.
I saw your soul body fall from the sky.
Out of worry, I gave you some mental strength to help you recover.’

“Are you Lu Xiaoran?

Yue Ying was immediately somewhat stunned.

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Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“That’s right.
Have you heard of me?

“No… no.”

Yue Ying hurriedly explained.

At this moment, her mood was somewhat complicated.
She had come to kill Lu Xiaoran.
She did not expect to be saved by Lu Xiaoran.

Of course, this was not the only reason why she had attacked Lu Xiaoran.
There was another deeper reason.
She had been injured by the divine punishment.
Moreover, for some reason, her soul seemed to have been injured by something other than the divine punishment.

With these injuries added up, she might not even be able to defeat a Spirit Realm expert now.
Thus, she naturally could not attack Lu Xiaoran.

“Alright, I thought we knew each other.
However, your soul has been injured

too heavily and requires soul healing medicines to repair.
I happen to have some medicinal herbs to repair your soul power.
I can give you a little of the Exquisite Seven -Orifice Snow Lotus.”

“Exquisite Seven -Orifice Snow Lotus?”

Yue Ying could not help but exclaim.
Immediately, her expression turned solemn.

“We’ve never met before.
Why would you give me such a precious medicinal herb? What are your intentions?”

Lu Xiaoran sneered in his heart.

Her IQwas not low.
However, this was not a novel.
As the soul of a fallen Martial Monarch Realm expert, if the other party was too stupid, it would simply make the other people in this world seem even more stupid.

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He shook his head.

“Of course I’m not giving it to you for free.
I want to sell it to you.
I don’t need

this thing.
Since you are a soul body and your soul is injured.
you definitely need this.
It’s just nice for me to get rid of it so that it doesn’t rot in my hands.”

Yue Ying sneered in his heart.
So he was a profiteer.
Seeing that she was a soul body and needed the Exquisite Seven-Orifice Snow Lotus, he wanted to take the opportunity to make money off of her!

No wonder he saved her.

Indeed, since Ji Wuxia’s character was bad, the master she found would also not be a good person.

However, money was not a problem.
After she obtained the Seven-Orifice Snow Lotus and repaired her soul, it would be easy for her to kill him and obtain his spirit stones.

“Alright, I’ll buy it.
What’s your price?

“Hmm… When I bought it, I spent 100,000 high-grade spirit stones.
I’ll just charge you 102,000 spirit stones.
After all, I also have to pay some errand fees,



Yue Ling could not believe his ears.

She thought that Lu Xiaoran was going to take advantage of her.
She did not expect Lu Xiaoran to only charge her an additional 2,000 spirit stones.
Damn, removing the errand fees, this was almost equivalent to selling at the original price.

At this moment, Yue Ying’s impression of Lu Xiaoran changed drastically.

This guy seemed to be an honest person!

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