Ji Wuxia’s words were powerful and resonating, making Granny Li’s world view completely collapse.

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She stared at Lu Xiaoran and said coldly, “It’s you! You must have deceived the princess! I will report to King Zining and ask him to take your life!”

As soon as she finished speaking, two sharp lights that were filled with killing intent suddenly erupted from Lu Xiaoran’s eyes.

However, before he could attack, Ji Wuxia actually took the initiative to release a sword beam that brushed past Granny Li.

Granny Li was dumbfounded.

“Princess, have you gone crazy?”

Ji Wuxia said with a solemn expression,

“I’m not crazy.
Granny Li, I really decided to become Master’s disciple on my own will.
He’s my master now.
I won’t allow anyone to insult him or be disrespectful to him.
Not even Granny Li.
Please forgive me.”

Then, she turned around and requested, “Master, Granny Li watched me grow up and has protected me.
Master, please spare Granny Li for my sake.
I’m willing to be punished for her rudeness.”

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes slightly.
Usually, if someone threatened him, the other party would definitely not survive for more than an hour.

However, this was the first time his disciple had begged him.

He decided to just treat it as doting on a child.

Therefore, he only heaved a sigh of relief.

“It’s fine.
I’m not that petty.”

Ji Wuxia heaved a sigh of relief.
After thanking her master, she quickly walked to Granny Li’s side and fed her a medicinal pill to help her recover from her previous injuries.

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Granny Li was somewhat dispirited and guilty as she whispered,

“Princess, it’s because I’m useless and can’t save you.
You must have been threatened by him, right? Is it because he wants to kill me that you’re willing to stay behind as a hostage?”

“Granny Li, don’t think like that.
I really decided to become his disciple by choice.
Please believe me.
In a year, no, half a year, I should return to Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
At that time, you will see a different me.”

Granny Li’s heart trembled.
She could tell the determination in Ji Wuxia’s eyes.

If she was being threatened, she would not have such a look.

Taking a deep breath, Granny Li could only nod in agreement.

“Alright, since the princess is so determined, I won’t say anything.
However, if we return to the Imperial Palace and the king asks, I’ll report the truth.”

Ji Wuxia was somewhat embarrassed, but this was also Granny Li’s responsibility.
She could not say anything and could only sigh.

“Alright, in that case, take care.”

“You too, Princess.
I’ll go now.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Granny Li decided that she would not stay any longer.
She quickly went down the mountain to treat her injuries.

Lu Xiaoran was not afraid that she would report this to King Zining.

Firstly, with the Eight Trigrams Heaven Sealing Formation here, there were probably not many people in the entire Great Zhou who could fight their way in.

Secondly, Ji Wuxia was only his disciple, not his concubine.

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King Zining also wouldn’t need to come and fight him.

After Granny Li left, Lu Xiaoran immediately displayed the dignity of a master.

“Alright, it’s not good to slack off in cultivation.
Lige, explain the rules of the Heaven Demon Sect and Zhishui Peak to your junior sister.
After that, work on your respective cultivation.”

Yun Lige replied and Lu Xiaoran turned around and walked into his house.

Yun Lige walked over quickly.
When he saw Ji Wuxia, he could not help but blush slightly.

Ji Wuxia’s appearance far surpassed any woman he had ever seen.
Even his ex-fiancée, who he had once been proud of and was incomparably beautiful, seemed to be much inferior to her.

However, the other party was his junior sister.
Yun Lige knew his limits.
After taking a few glances, he began to talk about serious matters.

“Hello Junior Sister, I’m Yun Lige.”

“Ji Wuxia greets Eldest Senior Brother.”

Yun Lige scratched his head.

“Cough cough, no need to be so polite.
Actually, I only became Master’s disciple a month before you.”

A strange expression flashed in Ji Wuxia’s eyes.

After that, Yun Lige told her about the rules of the Heaven Demon Sect and Zhishui Peak.
Ji Wuxia’s interest was piqued.

When she learned that the key to Zhishui Peak was the word “ignoble”, her expression immediately changed.
She had the same expression Yun Lige did when he first heard of this.

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However, when she heard Yun Lige mention Lu Xiaoran’s “hacker” theory, her pupils instantly constricted, and she broke out in cold sweat.

Indeed, she had never thought that her ex-fiancé could defeat her.

He was only a young master from a small family under Purple Peace County.

It was true that his family was also considered a small rich family, but that was only relative to ordinary people.

To an existence like the Purple Peace Imperial Palace, he was just a small ant.

As for her, she had the backing of Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
Be it her bloodline talent, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, or other cultivation resources, they far surpassed the other party by several times.

Even so, she was still defeated.

She had been defeated by him in a single battle!

Even if she racked her brains, she did not know how to explain this situation.

After hearing Lu Xiaoran’s theory, she seemed to think that it made sense.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Wuxia stared at Yun Lige and said, “Senior Brother Yun, do you believe the… the theory Master mentioned?”

Yun Lige’s eyes surged with a firm expression.

Ji Wuxia probed, “Could it be that Senior Brother is also…?”

After Yun Lige told his story, Ji Wuxia could not help but shudder.

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It turned out that there was actually such a terrifying existence in this world!

However, weren’t they too unreasonable?

Others had spent their entire lives working hard, but they could somehow easily obtain success.

Were these people even human?

Wasn’t this trampling on the hard work of others like trash?

Yun Lige smiled and consoled, “However, you don’t have to be envious or jealous of that kind of person.
It’s true that we don’t have the luck and opportunities that the heavens have given them.
However, we have Master! With Master’s help, we can be hackers like them!”

Ji Wuxia thought of what Lu Xiaoran said and could not help but nod.

Then, she asked curiously, “By the way, Senior Brother Yun, you came a little earlier.
Do you know anything more about Master? Can you tell me Master’s cultivation?”

Yun Lige shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“I really don’t know.
Because in fact, I haven’t been here for long.
Moreover, have you forgotten that the rules of Zhishui Peak state that one should never casually expose their true cultivation?”

“However, I can also infer from Master’s behavior.”

“Master’s cultivation is least at the Martial Monarch Realm.”

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