Chapter 116 Set Him Up

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“Oh? Let me take a look.”

The white-robed Li Ying immediately used her techniques to investigate if there were any changes to Lin Fei.

However, after investigating for a long time, she did not find anything wrong with Lin Fei.

“There’s nothing wrong with you.
Are you imagining things?”

“Is there a problem? Master, are you sure? Do you want to take a closer look? I clearly feel that something is wrong.”

“Are you doubting my ability?”

The white-robed Li Ying’s tone was somewhat cold.

Lin Fei’s body trembled slightly and he immediately apologized.

“I wouldn’t dare.
I spoke rashly.
Master, please forgive me.”

The white-robed Liying’s tone finally softened a little.

Then, she continued,

“You have to keep an eye on the auction today.
Don’t let that Martial Monarch Realm treasure fall into the hands of others.
Otherwise, missing this opportunity will be a huge loss for you.”

“Don’t worry, Master.
I definitely will get that Martial Monarch Realm treasure.”

“Alright, go ahead.
I have to continue repairing my soul.
If there’s nothing else, don’t call me for the time being.”


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After replying, the white-robed figure entered Lin Fei’s bronze ring again.

Lin Fei immediately removed the array formation and left, heading upstairs to the First Heaven Private Room.

After he left, Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes and analyzed from the corner.

“Tsk tsk, it’s indeed as I thought.
The other party has an old bastard in his ring.
However, I didn’t expect this old bastard to be an old granny and not an old grandpa.
Looking at her tone and how arrogant she is, I think she’s at least a Martial Monarch Realm expert.”

She said that she wanted to repair her soul.
That Lin Fei must be buying the Exquisite Seven-Orifice Snow Lotus for her, right?”

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his eyebrows and said with a headache,

“If I’m not wrong, I think this old granny definitely has some life-saving means.
If we rashly attack her, the other party might even unleash a Martial Monarch Realm attack.
That would be troublesome.”

Although Lu Xiaoran had never encountered a Martial Monarch Realm attack until now, he was not stupid and could vaguely guess how powerful it was.


That was definitely not something an ordinary person could handle.

Even if he had so many Martial Monarch Realm weapons, he would still be unable to unleash their full strength before his cultivation reached the Martial Monarch Realm.

“Forget it, there’s no rush for now.
Since she said that there’s a Martial Monarch Realm treasure in this auction, it must be true.
I better go and get this Martial Monarch Realm treasure before they do.”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran immediately put on a mask and a bamboo hat and arrived at the back of the auction.

“Hello, sir.
We don’t allow strangers to enter casually from the backstage of our auction.
If you want to participate in the auction, please go to the auction hall in front.
There are special seats there, as well as some spirit energy tea and snacks.”

Because the mask could change one’s voice, Lu Xiaoran did not need to worry that the other party would record his voice.

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“I’m not here to participate in the auction.
I’m here to auction something.” “Hehehehe… I’m very sorry.
The items auctioned today have basically been confirmed.
Therefore, if you want to auction something, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until today’s auction ends before registering your item for the next auction.”

“Oh? Is that so? Then what if it’s a high-grade Heaven Realm weapon?”

As soon as he said this, the other party’s expression changed abruptly.
“What did you say?”

“You heard me.”

The other party’s expression changed a few times before he immediately said, “Please follow me, sir.”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up slightly under his mask.

Little guy, do you think you can deal with me?

Even the auction houses of the Great Zhou Imperial City did not have the opportunity to auction high-grade Heaven Realm weapons every day.

This thing was originally rare, and most of it was still in the hands of those high-ranking officials, princes, and marquises.

Basically, what circulated outside were Profound Realm and Yellow Realm items.

An Earth Realm weapon was already enough to cause many people to compete for it, let alone a high-grade Heaven Realm weapon.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran had countless high-grade Heaven Realm items stored in his Mountain and River State Painting!

He did not care about this thing at all.
In his eyes, Heaven Realm weapons were basically trash.

It was perfect for him to use at this moment.

Lu Xiaoran followed the other party and quickly arrived at the building on the second floor.
The other party introduced him to a ruddy old man with white hair and beard.

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“Sir, I’m the manager of the auction house, Li Changtian.
May I know how to address you?”

“Fang Aotian.”

Lu Xiaoran casually used Fang Tianyuan’s uncle’s name to confuse them.

“So it’s Cultivator Fang.
I heard that you want to auction a high-grade Heaven Realm weapon?”


“That’s right.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran casually threw out a high-grade Heaven Realm sword.


Seeing that the sword was filled with an extraordinary aura, Li Changtian immediately exclaimed repeatedly.

“What a good sword.
Could it be that Cultivator Fang doesn’t want to keep such a good sword for himself?”

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“With my cultivation, it’s a little wasteful to use this sword.
Moreover, if I’m targeted, I probably won’t be able to protect this sword myself.
Therefore, I think I can exchange it for a few more ordinary items to satisfy my needs.”

“I see.
Cultivator Fang is indeed bold.
An ordinary person would definitely not be willing to sell a high-grade Heaven Realm sword.
Some people might even die because of this.
However, Cultivator Fang was able to directly take it out for auction and exchange it for ordinary cultivation resources.
This courage is really admirable.” “How about this, Cultivator Fang? These are all the items for today’s auction.
If you want anything, feel free to choose.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and looked towards the warden.

There was a pile of ‘good stuff’ here.

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Of course, these so-called good things were only some Profound Realm and Earth Realm items.
One would have to look extremely hard to find any Heaven Realm items.

In Lu Xiaoran’s eyes, these things were naturally nothing.

It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a pile of trash.

However, since Lin Fei’s master had said so, there must be a treasure here.
Moreover, that treasure would be an extremely ordinary item that would not appear conspicuous.
In this way, Lin Fei could buy it at a low price and obtain a huge advantage.

This much was expected.

Soon, Lu Xiaoran saw a piece of jade on the ground.
It looked ordinary and did not have any aura.

However, Lu Xiaoran was no ordinary person!

If he could not even handle a small matter like finding the treasure, he would not be able to survive.

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