Chapter 115 I Have a Bad Feeling

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Ji Wuxia’s expression made Lu Xiaoran feel very good.

Normally speaking, according to normal development, Ji Wuxia would have two expressions when she saw Lin Fei again.

The first was a hateful expression.

This was because Lin Fei had defeated her and ruined her reputation.
She had even become the target of ridicule in the entire capital.

The second was a regretful expression.

It was also possible for her to regret having left Lin Fei and breaking off the engagement with him.

It was even to the extent that because of regret, she would develop love for him since she could not obtain him.

The more miserable she was, the more she wanted to regain Lin Fei’s feelings.
However, this would only make Lin Fei look down on her more and ignore her.

In the end, she might even stay single with Lin Fei for the rest of her life.
It was even possible for her to become a monk.

Now, Ji Wuxia could not be bothered to look at him anymore.
This meant that Lin Fei’s luck had already changed.

This was a very good thing.

Previously, when he was dealing with Xiao Bei, Lu Xiaoran had discovered that if he interfered with the plan of a hot shot, he would inexplicably reduce a portion of the other party’s luck.

In this way, the hot shots would not reveal those heaven-defying fortuitous encounters during the battle.

For example, there would no longer be any experts jumping out to slap the attacker to death and save the hot shot at the critical moment.

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However, although the two of them did not want to look at each other, there was still something that connected the two of them.

For example, after Princess Ruyang saw Ji Wuxia, the corners of her mouth immediately curled up.
She hugged Lin Fei’s arm and deliberately dragged him to Ji Wuxia’s side.

“Brother Lin Fei, I didn’t expect to encounter an old friend here.”

Lin Fei glanced at Ji Wuxia indifferently and grunted in response.

If it were an ordinary woman, they would probably be somewhat unhappy with this neglectful expression.
However, Princess Ruyang was not at all unhappy.

Lu Xiaoran was not surprised at all.

A woman like her had probably already become Lin Fei’s lackey by now.
Even if she knelt down and licked Lin Fei’s feet, he wouldn’t be surprised.

Princess Ruyang swept her gaze over Ji Wuxia and smiled.

“Ji Wuxia, speaking of which, I still have to thank you.
If not for you giving up on Brother Lin Fei, I might not have been able to be with Brother Lin Fei.”

Ji Wuxia’s expression did not change as she said calmly.

“It’s good as long as you’re happy.
However, you don’t have to tell me.
I’m only the princess of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
I’m not worthy of you to brag to me.
Moreover, I’ve never really liked him.”

As soon as he said this, Lin Fei’s eyes moved slightly.
He looked at Ji Wuxia in surprise and confusion.

Previously, he was still disdainful towards Ji Wuxia.
However, after hearing that Ji Wuxia was not interested in him, he had a strange feeling

This scene was all seen by Lu Xiaoran.

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He could not help but curse in his heart.

This Lin Fei was so despicable.

If Ji Wuxia had developed feelings for him, he would not have spared Ji Wuxia a second glance.
However, now that Ji Wuxia did not want to respond to him, he felt somewhat itchy.

Even if Ji Wuxia was accepted by him, she would probably only become one of the many girls in his harem.
After a while, she would be thrown into a corner by him like trash.

Princess Ruyang’s expression changed slightly.
Ji Wuxia’s words made it sound as if she had picked up trash she did not want.

She originally wanted to humiliate Ji Wuxia and avenge her Brother Lin Fei.
However, she did not expect to end up in such a situation.
Princess Ruyang was naturally somewhat displeased.

However, she quickly snorted.

“Ji Wuxia, sometimes, being stubborn is useless.
Although I don’t know if you’re just being stubborn or if you really don’t care, you won’t have a chance to be with Brother Lin Fei anymore.
Don’t you agree, Brother Lin Fei?”

Lin Fei nodded.
He vaguely sensed that something was wrong.

Why did he feel that Ruyang’s words today were somewhat strange, making him somewhat annoyed? It was as if he was talking to a… two-faced b*tch?

She was not such a person usually.
She was a very intelligent and generous woman.
Although she also liked him a lot, she usually wasn’t like this.

Today, why did he feel that her IQ was a little off today?

However, in the end, Lin Fei still blamed this on the woman’s jealousy and did not think much of it.

“The auction is about to start.
We should go

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“Alright, Brother Lin Fei, let’s go in.
I’ve already gotten someone to prepare the First Heaven Private Room.”

Lin Fei nodded, and the two of them walked into the auction.

Behind them, many people were discussing.

“Lin Fei is really our model.
To be able to obtain the princess’s heart, he sure is impressive.”

“Let’s not think about such things.
Lin Fei is a one in a million genius .
How can we possibly compare to him? Even if we live for a hundred lifetimes, we won’t be able to catch up to him.”

Lin Fei, who had already stepped into the auction, frowned slightly.

He felt as if he had lost something in his body, but he could not put his finger on it.

Ruyang quickly noticed the abnormality of Lin Fei and could not help but say,

“Brother Lin Fei, what’s wrong?”

Lin Fei shook his head.

“I’m not sure, I don’t know either.
I just feel that something’s wrong.
How about this? You go to the private room first.
I’ll go drink a cup of tea and go over later.”

“Alright, Brother Lin Fei.”

After Ruyang went upstairs, Lin Fei immediately flashed and disappeared into a small room at the side.
He also set up a defensive array formation to block his aura and voice.

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Then, he slowly infused some spirit energy into the bronze ring on his hand.

In the next moment, the ring slowly lit up, and a beautiful figure in a pure white robe appeared in front of Lin Fei.

“Greetings, Master.”

The white-robed beauty frowned slightly.

“Fei’er, why did you suddenly summon me out? Didn’t I tell you before? I want to calm down and cultivate.
I want to repair my soul body again.
Don’t disturb me casually for ordinary matters.”

Lin Fei continued, “Master, I’m sorry.
I didn’t do it on purpose.
However, for some reason, when I saw Ji Wuxia again today, I had a vague feeling that something was wrong.
I don’t understand what it is, but I feel somewhat anxious.”

The white-robed Li Ying’s expression was slightly cold.

“Could it be that you still can’t forget her? If you can’t even give up on a woman, how firm can your martial heart be?”

Lin Fei shook his head.

“Master, you’re mistaken.
Of course, it’s not that I can’t forget Ji Wuxia.
Moreover, this feeling of mine is a feeling of unease.
It’s as if something has caused me irreversible damage.”

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