the auction hall, people were coming and going.
At a glance, they were all densely packed.

After all, there were countless rare treasures in the Imperial City’s auction.
Everyone wanted to find some opportunities.

The master and disciple were both very low profile.
However, perhaps because Ji Wuxia was too famous, there were still some people who recognized her and pointed at her.

“Look, that’s Ji Wuxia, the princess of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.”

“That’s her? Tsk tsk, she looks quite beautiful.
Unfortunately, she’s stupid and actually missed out on a peerless genius like Lin Fei.
Now, Lin Fei has become the emperor’s son-in-law.
It’s several times better than marrying her.”

“God is fair.
He made her beautiful, but he didn’t give her a good brain.”

Hearing these words, Ji Wuxia clenched her fists tightly, her face so dark that water was about to drip.

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The reason why she and Lin Fei broke off the engagement was not because of Lin Fei’s weak cultivation back then.
It was only because the Lin family had forced her to get engaged when she was in trouble.

At that time, she could not refuse.

Later, when she returned to the Purple Peace Imperial Palace, she used the power of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace to cancel the engagement.
Even without the Purple Peace Imperial Palace, after she cultivated successfully, she would still repay the Lin family for raising her and then cancel the engagement with Lin Fei.

She never liked Lin Fei.

Even when the engagement was canceled back then, she did not have an arrogant attitude.
Moreover, she had brought generous gifts to the Lin family to end the engagement.

However, now, she had become the laughing stock of the entire Imperial City.
She had become an arrogant and ungrateful person.

Just as she was furious, a warm feeling slowly descended on her head and caressed her little head.

Ji Wuxia was stunned.
She looked up and saw that her master was rubbing her small head.

“There’s no need to think too much.
Let them say what they want.
Your future is to become a Martial Monarch Realm expert and control the life and death of billions of people in the world.
Lin Fei is only a passerby in your life.
Or rather, it’s a challenge for you to grow.”

“After you cultivate to the Martial Monarch Realm, everything will disappear.
At that time, everyone will look at you with the most honorable and envious eyes.”


Ji Wuxia’s tone was slightly choked.
Her master’s words made her feel a trace of warmth despite the gaze of these people.
It was as if she had arrived at a harbor and could finally shed all her grievance and disguise.
She even felt like she could shed all her defenses.

Because these people’s words could no longer hurt her.

Lu Xiaoran smiled.

“Let’s go in.”

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Ji Wuxia nodded heavily.
Her chest could not help but shake a little.

However, just as the master and disciple were about to enter the auction, the crowd suddenly stirred.

“Eh, look, it’s Lin Fei.”

“The one beside him is Princess Ruyang, right? What a perfect match.”

“Lin Fei is really our role model.
He had humble beginnings and was forced to cancel the engagement by the princess, but he ended up marrying the princess.
He’s really a winner in life.”

As everyone spoke, a handsome man and beautiful woman slowly walked over from afar.

Wherever the two of them walked, everyone made way for them.
It seemed that they were extremely well-respected and glorious.

However, at this moment, the other two also saw Ji Wuxia beside Lu Xiaoran.

After being stunned for a moment, Lin Fei’s gaze shifted elsewhere.
He did not look at Ji Wuxia again, and Ji Wuxia also did not look at him.

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