Chapter 110 Demon Sect’s Big Boss

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The Heaven Prison… was tightly guarded, and the atmosphere was solemn and strange.

It was not an ordinary building… It was basically a man-eating monster.

There were various array formations set up in the heavenly prison to suppress and control everyone’s cultivation.
However, all the cultivators who were imprisoned in the Heaven Prison were no different from ordinary people.

Moreover, the coldness, Yin aura, and various other negative energies in the Heaven Prison would invade a cultivator’s body and cause a certain amount of trouble for the cultivator.

Its might was so powerful that even cultivators who passed by outside would involuntarily lower their heads and quickly leave, not daring to take a second glance at the Heaven Prison.

They would also be afraid that others would think that they were here to help a prisoner break out of prison.

The Heaven Prison was divided into thirteen levels.
The lower one went, the more intense the Yin aura was.
It was also colder and wetter.
The torturing pressure was also subsequently stronger.

However, only those with deep sins and extremely deep cultivation would be imprisoned at the bottom of the Heaven Prison.

It was to make them suffer.

If some cultivators with low cultivation were imprisoned below, they would probably be tortured to death in a few days.

At this moment, the moon was dark and the wind was high.
The Heaven Prison was filled with Yin aura and there was no light at all.
In this darkness, a cold wind quietly arrived.
With the help of the darkness, a figure arrived at the 13th level below the Heaven Prison.

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This figure quietly opened the deepest door below the 13th level.
A nauseating killing aura surged out, making the sinister evil aura of the entire Heaven Prison heavier.

“It’s been 800 years.
How have you been? Elder Netherworld, one of the three experts under the Demon Venerable.”

Hearing this, a pair of scarlet eyes slowly opened in the darkness, emitting a demon red glow in the black air.

“Netherworld Ghost Messenger? How dare you barge into the Great Zhou Heaven Prison.”

“Tsk tsk… why wouldn’t I dare to barge in? In the world, I, the Netherworld Ghost Messenger, can go anywhere the light does not reach.”

“Stop talking nonsense.
Tell me, why are you here?”

“Hehehe… Elder Netherworld, you’re indeed a straightforward person.
I’m here to deliver a message.
The Demon Lord has already come out of the Demon Suppression Tower and is now restructuring the holy sect.”

As soon as he said this, the other party’s scarlet eyes suddenly began to flicker with a scarlet red glow, appearing especially excited.
“Hahahaha… I knew it.
The Demon Venerable will definitely not lose.
Sooner or later, he will break through the Demon Suppression Tower and lead the holy sect to become the strongest sect in the Great Zhou Empire!”

“Elder Netherworld, the Demon Venerable has already appeared and is currently summoning the old division of the Holy Sect.
Shouldn’t you also leave this Heaven-Breaking Prison?”

“Of course.
However, I can’t go out yet.”

As he spoke, his scarlet eyes twitched again.

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“I’ve been in this prison for thirteen years.
How can I leave so easily? Won’t that be letting the Great Zhou Imperial Family off too easily?” “Elder Netherworld, do you…?”

“Hmph! I’ve been cultivating in Heaven Prison for thirteen years and have already figured out all the cultivators big and small in Heaven Prison.
Among them, there are many cultivators with relatively good strength who can be nurtured.
I want to use my demon technique to infect all of them with the evil aura and turn them into our Demon Sect’s disciples.”

The Great Zhou Imperial Family had probably never imagined that the Heaven Prison they relied on for safety would actually provide a large number of excellent geniuses for the Demon Sect.
“I want to give you a generous gift, Sir Demon Venerable!”

“Then I hope you succeed, Elder Netherworld.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his aura flowed in the darkness.
The Netherworld Ghost Messenger fused into the darkness again and quietly left.

Elder Netherworld’s blood-red eyes slowly closed again.

On the other side, on the top floor of the Heaven Prison, the guardian of the Great Zhou Ministry of Justice, Tie Leng, was receiving Lu Xiaoran, Ji Wuxia, and Ji Wuxin with a fake smile.

“Brother Tie, give our Purple Peace Imperial Palace some face.
Let Yun Lige go.”

“Hehehehe… Young Master Wuxin, you’re the second prince of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
You have a respectable status and are considered good friends with me for many years.
To be honest, I really want to help you.
I’m definitely not lying.”

However, the matter regarding Yun Lige is really somewhat complicated.
Therefore, it will be difficult for me to resolve it in a short period of time.”

Ji Wuxin smiled faintly and said, “Brother Tie, aren’t you being too humble? You’re after all the guardian of the entire Heaven Prison.
Not to mention the Heaven Prison, but even in the Imperial City, you’re also a respected figure.
Isn’t it up to you to let go?”

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Tie Leng chuckled.

“Young Master Wuxin, you’re flattering me too much.
I’m just a small guardian.
I really don’t have such high means.”

“Brother Tie, I have to take Yun Lige away today.
He’s a member of my Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
Brother Tie, I don’t have to bring my father here to ask personally, right?”

Ji Wuxin mentioned King Zining casually, but Tie Leng was not afraid at all.
On the one hand, the background of the Imperial City was complicated.

The faction Tie Leng belonged to was definitely not inferior to King Zining.

Both sides basically had equal strength.

If King Zining wanted to mess with him, he would have to consider the people behind him.

On the other hand, Tie Ling was not a fool.
To be able to reach the position of the guardian of the Heaven Prison, he was also not an ordinary person.
His ability to observe others’ expressions and take advantage of the situation was top-notch.

He could already tell that these people had definitely come by themselves and were not under King Zining’s orders.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have bothered to waste their breath like this.

“Hehehe… Young Master Wuxin, King Zining is very busy.
I’m afraid he really doesn’t have the time to manage something as insignificant as this.
You guys also don’t have to trouble yourselves.”

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If I could let him go, I would have let him go long ago.
After all, I still have to give face to the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.”

However, I really can’t do anything about this.”

When this brat was captured, he was originally only sentenced to two to three years.
However, who would have thought that he would actually dare to fight the Imperial City Guards? You also know the consequences of fighting the Imperial City Guards.”

That can basically be considered as treason.
At best, he will be locked up for eight to ten years.
At worst, his cultivation will even be crippled.”

Ji Wuxin turned around and swept his gaze over Lu Xiaoran, his eyes filled with a helpless expression.
He had also exhausted his tricks.
This Tie Leng was unmoved by force or persuasion.

If he really brought King Zining here, Tie Leng might indeed give him some face.

However, would King Zining come? He definitely wouldn’t.
King Zining did not want to embarrass himself by participating in such a small matter.

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