Chapter 109 Tragic Li Ge

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“I have only been here a few times.
Don’t lie to me.”

Yun Lige said with a solemn expression.

The fairy pulled his elbow into her embrace and hugged him a little tighter.
Her tone was starting to sound coquettish.

“Young Master, you sure know how to joke.
Our Acacia Faction is a large sect with branches spread throughout the entire Great Zhou.
How can we lie? We definitely won’t lie.”

Yun Lige coughed lightly and still pulled his arm out of the other party’s embrace.

“Forget it.
I’m helping my master with something.
Business is more important.
Moreover, I am not interested anyway.”

After that, no matter how the other party persuaded him, Yun Lige remained firm.

In the end, those fairies were helpless and could only give up.

Although Yun Lige’s talent was not as good as his other junior brothers and sisters, his desire to become stronger was not inferior to others.

He was still waiting to get things done and return to his master to ask for rewards.

What if his master gave him a few more Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques or Martial Monarch Realm weapons? Wouldn’t that be better than some fairy?

At the same time, the fairy who was in charge of checking information also began to enter Yun Lige’s membership card information to help him handle his business.

“Li Daoran… Eh, why is this card red?”

She checked again, and her expression instantly darkened.

It turned out that this card had already been registered as a lost card.
Moreover, it contained an abnormal consumption record near the Black Tortoise True Sect.

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Currently, this card had already been blacklisted.
The card holder was also considered to be a thief who had stolen the VIP card.

Because a huge number of spirit stones had been taken away from the card, this was already a very serious theft.

“Immediately inform the Imperial City Guards that a cultivator has stolen someone else’s VIP card.”

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, he cultivated for several days in a row and finally fused Traceless Illusion and True Intent Unravel into his Trinity True Eyes.

In this way, the illusion technique could now cause physical damage.
Not only could it target the mind, but it could also target the physical body.

It could create flames that would not be extinguished until the enemy was burned to death.
Moreover, Lu Xiaoran could also create Indestructible Lightning, Indestructible Ice, and various other special abilities.

The current Lu Xiaoran only needed a glance to instantly unleash attacks of any attribute.
It was so powerful that it would probably catch people off guard.

The cultivation he had contributed and the cultivation Yun Lige and the others had previously produced had finally increased his strength to the ninth level of the King Realm.

At this level, Lu Xiaoran finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The eighth level of the King Realm did not sound good in Chinese at all.
It simply made him feel aggrieved.

“A few days have passed.
Lige should be back, right?” Lu Xiaoran revealed a knowing smile and spread out his perception.
In the end, he did not locate Yun Lige’s aura.

This made Lu Xiaoran frown as many question marks appeared in his mind.

“What is this Lige doing? I only told him to find some information.
Why hasn’t he returned yet?”

However, this was the Imperial City.
Lu Xiaoran really could not figure out what danger the other party would be in.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran waited for a long time.

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At night, Lu Xiaoran finally felt that something was wrong.
He still had to find Yun Lige.

“Wang Cai.”

“Coming, coming, Master.”

“Help me investigate Yun Lige’s location.
You should be able to find him, right?”

“Yes, I can.
I’ll investigate it for you now.”

Wang Cai was silent for a moment before giving Lu Xiaoran an answer.

“Yun Lige is in the Imperial City’s Heaven Prison.”

Lu Xiaoran: “???”

This instantly puzzled him.

What was going on?

Why was Yun Lige in Heaven Prison?

He had only gone to the Acacia Faction, it was not like he did anything shameful.

In this world, sects like the Acacia Faction were allowed to exist.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran seemed to have thought of something.

He recalled that he had asked Yun Lige to impersonate Li Daoran and take Li Daoran’s identity token.
If Li Daoran told the Acacia Faction he had lost it, it could lead to the Acacia Faction discovering that Yun Lige was an impersonator.
If so, the problem would be huge.

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In this case, it was very normal for the Acacia Faction to report this matter.

Moreover, this was the Imperial City, and there were as many experts as there were clouds.
It was also impossible for Yun Lige to casually go against the guards of the Imperial City.
He did not have the strength to do so.

Damn, he did not expect to mess things up.

This was really troublesome.

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his temples fiercely and immediately found Ji Wuxia to tell her about this.

“… Anyway, that’s what happened.
Your eldest senior brother was arrested because he went to the Acacia Faction.”


Ji Wuxia was completely dumbfounded.
Because she was a woman, she had never gone to a place like the Acacia Faction.
Now that she heard her master’s words, she simply felt that it was unbelievable.

“I didn’t know it was illegal to go to the Acacia Faction… Didn’t the Great Zhou allow the Acacia Faction to exist?”

“I can’t explain the specific situation at once now.
However, he has been captured.
The priority now is to get him out.”

Ji Wuxia immediately slapped her forehead.

“That makes sense, but I really don’t have a choice.
My connections are all in the Imperial Palace.
After leaving the Imperial Palace, I’m basically useless.
After all, it hasn’t been long since I came to the Imperial Palace.
Those people in the capital are already mocking me.
How could they possibly help me?”

Lu Xiaoran frowned.

Could it be that they wanted him to break into the prison?

He was currently at the ninth level of the King Realm, so it was definitely not a problem for him to break Yun Lige out.

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The problem was that if that happened, he would cause a huge commotion.

If Yun Lige was to be beheaded, he would have to save him no matter what.

However, because he was captured at the Acacia Faction and had not committed a serious crime, he would probably only be imprisoned for a short period of time.
If Lu Xiaoran broke him out and caused a huge commotion, wouldn’t that make the Great Zhou Imperial Family pay attention to him? Why would he do that in his sane mind?

However, if he did not save Yun Lige, wouldn’t he be a disappointing master?

Moreover, he was also somewhat responsible.

Just as the two of them were at a loss, Ji Wuxin walked in with a fruit.

“Wuxia, the Royal Imperial Palace rewarded you with some tributes today.
They’re all top-notch spirit fruits.
Eating them will help your cultivation.
Father asked me to send you some.”

Seeing Ji Wuxin, Lu Xiaoran and his disciple looked at each other, their eyes suddenly lighting up.
As the heir of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace, Ji Wuxin had lived in the Imperial City for many years and definitely had enough connections.

“Wuxin, I have a small favor to ask.
I wonder if you can help me.”

Ji Wuxin smiled faintly and said, “Senior, you’re too kind.
You’re Wuxia’s master.
If there’s anything you need, just let me know.
If there’s anything I can do, I’ll definitely do it.”

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