Chapter 100 This Master Is Terrifyingly Strong

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“Where did this idiot come from?”

Just as Ji Wuxia was panicking, a familiar voice instantly made her heave a sigh of relief.

Ji Wuxia immediately turned around and cupped her hands towards her master.

“Master, quickly save my brother.
He wanted to test your array formation, but he can’t come out now.
If this continues, he’ll die soon.”

Lu Xiaoran :”…”

“This idiot, why did he come to test my array formation? Does he have nothing better to do?”

Although he said that, the other party was not an assassin but Ji Wuxia’s second brother.
He could not really kill him.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran’s finger tapped twice in the void.
Two streams of spirit energy entered the array and immediately undid the array formation.

The illusion disappeared completely, and Ji Wuxin finally stopped beating himself up.

“Thank you, Master.”

Ji Wuxia thanked him, and Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“Don’t worry about that for now.
It’s better for you to quickly bring him to treat his injuries.
This guy seems to have used a secret technique to burn his blood and is also severely injured.
If he isn’t treated in time, it’s very easy for him to injure his foundation.”

If it were his precious disciple, he would definitely have used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to save him.
However, since the other party was not his disciple, he could not be bothered.

Lu Xiaoran did not want to be a goody-two-shoes.

Ji Wuxia nodded and quickly arrived beside Ji Wuxin.

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Ji Wuxin waved his hand repeatedly, extremely frightened.
The arrogance he had just now was completely gone at this moment.

“Don’t come over.
You’re fake.
It’s all fake.
Don’t come over.”

Ji Wuxia’s beautiful face could not help but twitch.

“Second Brother, the array formation has been removed.
You’re safe now.”

“Get lost.
I don’t believe it.
You’re all fake.
This is an illusion.
Don’t come over.
I’ll kill whoever comes over!”

Seeing Ji Wuxin’s frightened expression, Ji Wuxia sighed helplessly.
She took a step and used the Shadowless Gale to instantly arrive behind Ji Wuxin.
Then, she hit the back of his head and knocked him out.
Only then did he calm down.

She bent down and prepared to bring Ji Wuxin to treat her injuries.
The corner of Ji Wuxin’s mouth was still muttering incessantly.

“Father, don’t hit me.
I’m really dying…”

Ji Wuxia’s face twitched fiercely again.
She lifted his shoulder and quickly took him away like an eagle grabbing a chick to go to the medical center of the Imperial Palace for treatment.

Lu Xiaoran arrived in front of the array formation and frowned when he saw the ground covered in blood.

“I only used 20 to 30% of my strength to set up the array formation this time, and Second Brother Wuxia’s cultivation level is already at the fifth level of the Mountain Sea Realm.
Logically speaking, he shouldn’t have ended up like this.
Looks like my strength in setting up the array formation has increased again during this period of time.
My strength at the third level has probably already reached the fourth or fifth level.”

Fortunately, he’s only Wuxia’s second brother.
If a few experts come and activate those two Martial Monarch Realm formations, it will really be troublesome.”

Because of Lu Xiaoran’s setting, only the ordinary Heaven Realm formations would be activated first if anyone entered.

Because he had decided to hide in this courtyard forever, he would discover immediately if anything went wrong and not let the other party continue to trigger the Martial Monarch Realm formation.

The Martial Monarch Realm formation was only to be used in desperate situations.
It had to be set up, but unless it was a crisis, Lu Xiaoran did not ant to expose it.

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He did not expect that Ji Wuxia, this idiotic second brother, would actually come and mess with his array formation.

Fortunately, his cultivation level was only at the Mountain Sea Realm, and he was far from being able to activate the Martial Monarch Realm formation.

Shaking his head, Lu Xiaoran went to his disciple’s room.
Li Changsheng had also just finished showering and the dirt on his body had been removed.
He now looked much cleaner and more handsome.
However, he was still missing a leg and looked somewhat regretful.

However, this was not a problem.
The reason why Lu Xiaoran went out to buy those precious medicinal herbs was to help Li Changsheng reconstruct his body.


Yun Lige and the other two immediately cupped their hands and bowed to Lu Xiaoran when they saw him arrive.

Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately said to Yun Lige and Lu Xiaoran,

“What are the two of you still doing here? Hurry up and go cultivate!”

“Ah? Master, this is our first time in the Imperial City.
We haven’t had a chance to take a look.”

Lu Xiaoran glared at the two of them angrily and said, “Take a look? You two are Soul Refinement Realm trash.
Your cultivation levels are so low, how can you be lazy? Even the donkeys of the production team don’t dare to rest like you two! Hurry up and go cultivate.”

“Uh… Understood.”

The two of them immediately ran to cultivate obediently.

Li Changsheng could not help but say, “Master, shouldn’t cultivation involve work and rest? If we cultivate blindly, it will increase the mental burden and we will easily suffer from qi deviation, right?”

Lu Xiaoran glanced at him.

“That’s an ordinary cultivation technique.
My cultivation technique doesn’t have these things.”

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The reason why Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques were called Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques was because they were perfect and had already removed the flaws in many cultivation techniques.

In theory, the higher the cultivation technique, the more perfect it was.
Although the difficulty of cultivation had also increased, once one learned it, the speed of their cultivation would be very powerful and the chances of them experiencing cultivation deviation would also decrease.

A Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique basically did not cause one to go crazy anymore, unless one was a true idiot.

Most importantly, if they did not cultivate, how could Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation increase?

He was still far from becoming a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

Li Changsheng saw that Lu Xiaoran did not listen to him and did not say anything.

Having been through this many times, he was no longer a rash brat.
After all, he knew that under these circumstances, he had no choice but to lower his head.

It was fine as long as Lu Xiaoran was happy.

“Alright, forget about them.
We’ll start repairing your body now.”


After replying, Li Changsheng saw Lu Xiaoran take out many precious medicinal herbs.

This made his expression change slightly as his heart warmed.

These medicinal herbs were not cheap.

Although it was not especially rare for the previous him, he was only a cripple now.

Even if he repaired his body, he might not be able to achieve much on the path of martial arts.
At the very least, he would most likely not be able to compare to before.

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However, Lu Xiaoran still got him so many good things.
Li Changsheng was still somewhat touched.

“Thank you, Master.
Which room should we go to repair my body?”

“You can’t do it in the room, or rather, you can’t do it in the Imperial Palace.
There are a lot of people here.
If I repair your body and cause an abnormal phenomenon, I think it will be very troublesome.”

“A phenomenon?”

Li Changsheng could not help but be somewhat speechless.

He was only repairing a damaged body, but he could still cause an abnormal phenomenon in the world?

It had to be known that in his life, he had only encountered a single abnormal phenomenon at birth.
That was because he was blessed with the Sword Bones.

Now, his Sword Bones had already been dug out.
Lu Xiaoran could only repair his body but not his Sword Bones.

Therefore, how could there be an abnormal phenomenon?

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