Lu Xiaoran quickly brought the two of them to the top of the mountain.

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Yun Lige had just finished cultivating when he walked out of his room and saw his master.
He was holding a young beauty in one hand and an old nanny in the other.

This made his face somewhat strange for a moment.

His master actually had such a hobby?

Wasn’t this a little too inhumane? It was really not something a gentleman would do.

However, the other party was his master and had done him a huge favor.
It was not appropriate for him to say anything.

Yun Lige bowed and Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“Perfect, I’ll leave this old one to you.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.
Master trusts you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran threw Granny Li in front of Yun Lige and entered his room with Ji Wuxia.

Yun Lige looked at the old nanny in front of him, his face dark.

He was already ashamed of his master for asking him to do such an indecent thing to a woman.
However, he had already decided to overlook that.
However, now, his master actually gave him the old one.

Her face was filled with wrinkles.
Just looking at her made him want to vomit.
How was he supposed to do that kind of thing with her? Heavens, he would probably have nightmares for the rest of his life.

However, Yun Lige suddenly slapped himself.

“Yun Lige, how could you think this way? Master is your benefactor.
He gave you a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique to allow you to step onto the path of cultivation again.
Now, he has only asked you to do it with her.
Are you going to refuse? Are you still human? Are you worthy of Master’s painstaking nurturing?”

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“Moreover, isn’t she just a little old? It’s the same as long as I cover her face and turn off the lights.”

Then, he walked to Granny Li and looked at her old face.

In fact, Lu Xiaoran did not want him to do anything to her.
He only wanted Yun Lige to look after Granny Li.

At this moment, he came to his room and gave Ji Wuxia a medicinal pill, allowing her to quickly wake up.

Ji Wuxia swayed and opened her eyes.
When she saw Lu Xiaoran’s face so close to her, her heart could not help but beat faster.

There were thousands of good-looking men, but very few that were especially good-looking.

However, Ji Wuxia was only stunned for less than a second before she immediately reacted.

This man was not only good-looking, but he was also an extremely dangerous person.

Thinking of this, Ji Wuxia hurriedly got up and knelt down to Lu Xiaoran.

“Senior, please calm down.
Forgive me for trespassing into your territory,”

Lu Xiaoran glanced at her and said indifferently, “You sure have some brains.
You didn’t use your status to shout at me.”

Ji Wuxia’s face was somewhat red.

“I wanted to increase my strength, but I had no way to do so.
I had no choice but to come to Zhishui Peak.
Now that I’ve disturbed Senior, I’m at your mercy.”

Ji Wuxia immediately widened her eyes.
She did not expect Lu Xiaoran to make such a request.

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“What? You don’t dare to commit suicide? Then what do you think we should do?”

Ji Wuxia’s delicate body trembled.
The other party knew her identity and still dared to make such a request.
He was probably not afraid of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

It seemed that she had really stirred up trouble this time.

Ji Wuxia was very regretful, but she did not blame Lu Xiaoran because she was the one who had intruded into his territory.

However, from now on, she could no longer work hard to pursue the Great Dao she wanted.

“Senior, is there really… no way for me to remedy this?”

Lu Xiaoran did not answer and only looked at her coldly.
Previously, in the array formation, he had tested her strength.

Now, he wanted to see how much courage this little girl had.

Seeing that he was silent, Ji Wuxia knew that she had no other choice.

She could not resist.
The other party was too powerful.

Clenching her fists slightly, Ji Wuxia’s eyes struggled for a long time.
Finally, she took out a short sword from her storage bag.

She had no choice.
If she had to die no matter what, at the very least, she had to help Granny Li survive.

After all, she was the one who had dragged her into the fire.

“Senior, I was careless for a moment.
In order to pursue opportunities, I trespassed into your territory and should be punished.
However, Granny Li came to escort me.
She shouldn’t be punished.
Senior, if you want me to die for you to calm down, then I’m willing to commit suicide.
I only hope that Senior will let Granny Li off.”

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Ji Wuxia gritted her teeth and gripped the hilt of the short sword tightly with both hands before inserting it into her dantian.

However, the blade had only pierced through her abdomen for a centimeter when Lu Xiaoran’s voice sounded again.

Ji Wuxia was stunned and looked at Lu Xiaoran in confusion, not understanding what he was talking about.

Lu Xiaoran continued, “I just wanted to see if you’re really apologizing or pretending.”

“Didn’t you come here to find opportunities? Your opportunity is right in front of you.
That is, to acknowledge me as your master.”

Ji Wuxia was even more dumbfounded and was at a loss.

Why did she have to take him as her master?

Seeing her acting cute with a blank expression, Lu Xiaoran shook his head helplessly.

“Didn’t you come to the Heaven Demon Sect to find opportunities to improve yourself and resist your ex-fiancé to wash away your previous shame? Only by becoming my disciple will you have the chance to get rid of him.
Otherwise, even if you obtain a Martial Monarch Realm inheritance, you won’t be able to do anything to him.
Do you believe me?”

Ji Wuxia’s heart suddenly began to beat crazily.

Not many people knew that she wanted to avenge her humiliation.
Of course, they could still guess.

However, how did Lu Xiaoran know? After all, he was not from the Imperial Palace.

Moreover, weren’t Lu Xiaoran’s words a little too exaggerated? He actually dared to mention a Martial Monarch Realm inheritance.
He even said that even if she obtained a Martial Monarch Realm inheritance, she still wouldn’t be able to wash away her shame?

It had to be known that after obtaining a Martial Monarch Realm inheritance, even if one was not a Martial Monarch Realm expert in the future, he would at least be a quasi Martial Monarch Realm expert!

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Lu Xiaoran waved his hand to indicate that she did not have to be shocked and continued, “In any case, I’ve already told you.
You only have two choices.”

“Your first choice is to keep yourself busy for the rest of your life.
Then, you’ll watch as your ex-fiancé becomes stronger and stronger until you can only look up to him.
In the end, you’ll be depressed and even regret breaking off the engagement with him.”

“Your second choice is to acknowledge me as your master.
This will give you a chance to kill him.”

“I don’t like to wait.
I’ll give you ten breaths to choose.
The count begins now.”

Ji Wuxia was somewhat speechless.

He seemed to be certain that that man would become very powerful in the future.
It was even to the point that she would become mentally and physically exhausted and helpless.

Although she did not know how confident Lu Xiaoran was in saying this,

However, she also knew very well that she was not the most welcomed in the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
Therefore, it was impossible for her to ever come into contact with the best cultivation technique of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

The best cultivation technique there was a Saint-level cultivation technique.
It was also her greatest hope and also her greatest despair.

This was also the reason why she wanted to come to the Heaven Demon Sect to find opportunities.

At this moment, all signs indicated that this Lu Xiaoran in front of him was not an ordinary person.

What he said was indeed ridiculous.

However, he might be able to make her even stronger.

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