~Flashback end

Chapter 15

After a couple of months since Renix became full blooded he has been traveling a lot more around, visiting cities, countries, towns, forests and caves, exploring, killing hybrids and capturing them

He finds himself in France. Its a beautiful place; the sun shining, blue skies, a beautiful lake, white mountains and green grasses, animals roaming everywhere, flowers blooming in the most beautiful way possible, birds singing and laughing, the sky is painted of many colors, it is like heaven, a place that is perfect.

Renix meet Ana Cruz a warrior of the galaxy, Ana Cruz invite Renix to her house to meet her boyfriend calling Pedro who is also an adventurer from another alternate world he has seen in his travels

It took Renix a while to get used to the new environment and to live in a house filled with so much things. He is used to living in caves and woods in the mountains of Peru, where he lived when he was still full blooded and in fact, he feels very comfortable with it because this time he lives in a house with many other monsters, and they are good monsters to be precise, they helped him to find his way to this planet, they saved him from death or worse from losing his mind, they taught him everything about life. They are all like family to him.

(next scene)

Huguel POV

Huguel being in a helicopter with the young vampire Pedroz going to Renixs location

Pedroz: so Huguelo what are you going to do when you capture Renix?

Huguel: what do you mean?

Pedroz: I mean when you are going to capture Renix, will you take him alive or will you torture and kill him slowly

Huguel: I guess Ill just torture and kill him slowly. It would save energy and pain

Pedroz: I guess you

Huguel: Pedroz you haven changed your attitude toward humans after you joined the Order, why is that?

Pedroz: you know I have never liked them, I think they are weak creatures and they are greedy and evil. I never understood their reasons. But you know me, I love to help people, sometimes I think that maybe if I had stayed a human, I could become stronger and be able to stand against the evil ones.

Huguel: what do you think? Are there any creatures that is strong enough to be called a monster?

Pedroz: well, humans are pretty powerful

Government soldier: Gentlemen, I located the Renix in a house, we are already close, you already want to land on the target don you?

Huguel: yeah lets go

The government soldiers land the helicopter outside the building

They exit the helicopter and go inside the house looking around.

(Next scene)

Renix POV

Renix is ​​sleeping in bed when he hears a noise in the house, he opens his eyes and goes to the bedroom door, looks through the window and sees two soldiers walking in the hall and entering through the door

Renix opens the window and jumps out the room

The two soldiers notice him standing on the floor and start walking

One of the soldier turns around and looks around to check where was Renix, Renix uses a branch as a sword and swings his sword to the soldier

The soldier scream in fear seeing the sword on his chest. Renix hits him a few times in the head with the blade and stabs him in the heart

two soldiers see Renix is ​​starting to shoot, Renix with his wolf vision start to dodge the bullets and keep running from side to side

The first one shoots and hits Renix shoulder, Renix falls on the ground but stands up fast and hits the soldier with a stick

The second soldier shot again hitting the side of his left leg.

Renix takes cover behind a tree and pulls a pistol out

Renix puts the gun on his temple and shoots twice at the soldier

The soldier dies after the gunshot

Renix drops the gun and looks up the ceiling

Renix mind drifts, his hand is shaking

Renix can hold back his tears

Pedroz-oh poor bad wolf what a hug hahahahah

Renix look back is to see Pedroz is

Huguel looking at him and smiling

Huguel: remember me stupid beast?!

Renix: no, you
e dead

Huguel: yes, you killed me! But, I didn die that easily

Huguel walks closer to Renix

Huguel: and I will get revenge for what you did, mark my words! And this time Im taking you down!

Huguel punching Renixs nose, Huguel jumping in the air is kicking Renixs stomach

Huguel hits Renixs mouth with his right foot

Huguel punches him multiple times on the face

Renix is holding onto his nose which was bleeding badly.

Huguel: whats wrong, you don recognize me anymore?

Huguel kick Renixs neck throwing him in the air

Pedroz: leave some for me

Huguel also want to experience this feeling

Pedroz flying in the air is punching him in the stomach so hard that Renix throwing him in the house is broken the roof is falling to the ground and breaks the wall

Renix is rolling on the floor trying to protect his stomach and his face from getting hit by the shards of glass

Pedroz: this is so fun!!

Huguel: this isn over yet you arrogant beast

Renix: yeah, this is not over yet

Huguel goes on top of Renix, Renix tries to hit Huguel but Huguel dodges and gives a knee to Renixs head, sinking his face into the ground, making it so hard that the ground breaks, its a piece.

Huguel throws a punch with his other arm, Renix blocks it with his hand, kicks him in the stomach and pushes him into the air.

Renix is holding onto his head

Renixs head is hurting, he knows that his brain is injured, blood is flowing from the holes in his head

Pedroz whisper in Renixs ear

pedroz: my turn

Pedroz punches Renix in the stomach, Renix is ​​thrown into the wall, breaking the concrete wall

Renix lays on the floor, trying to regain his breath

Renix looks up at Pedroz, and sees that Pedroz is smiling and chuckles.

he is laughing at Renix.

Pedroz: Im tired of playing lets get this over with

Pedroz will deliver the fatal blow to Renix

Renix closes his eyes accepting what happens to him but Ana Cruz appears and kicks Pedrozos neck throwing him in the air

Pedtoz gives a mortal is to fall to the ground and stand up straight in anger

Ana Cruz is pointing her sword at Pedroz.

Ana Cruz: no one hurt my precious little brother!!!

Pedroz: This is going to be a lot more fun than I thought (continued in next chapter)

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