How Can This Happen?

Shadows Revealed

”Well done, my boy. Well done. Bring her in here. She will be comfortable on the couch. ” Sloane Michael Gilhoughley directs the younger Sloane Anthony into the living room. Sloane Anthony lays Brianna out on the couch and gently puts a pillow under her head.

”So we
e going to take a sample of blood to see the future, right? ” Sloane Anthony was concerned. It was one thing to kidnap a stranger and either kill them or bring them back with the fear of repercussions if they talk, but quite another to ”borrow ” a family member.

”Here, use my athame. ” Sloane Michael hands the knife to his nephew. ”And heres a vial for the blood. Ill add it to the crushed herbs. We can add it to the scrying bowl in about an hour. ”

The younger Sloane touches the knife to Briannas palm and presses the vial to the cut to collect the blood. A whispered ”No, ” escapes Briannas lips. Sloane takes a few drops of Briannas blood and hands the vial to the elder Sloane. The elder Sloane scampers away, despite his 101 years of age. In a beaker, he mixes the blood and the dry contents from a mortar. He places it next to a large black mirrored bowl and a gallon of distilled water.

Sloane Michael is giddy. His plan is working. He had treated the athame with a distilled concentration of wolfsbane. The younger Sloane had introduced it straight into the bloodstream when he cut Briannas skin. From what he knew about werewolves, the fetus would not be able to sustain a wolf spirit. Either that, or the fetus could abort completely. He should know within the hour whether or not it worked. The Lycan contingent will be in chaos if they lose their seat on the Council.

The Lycan population has been waning since 1348, when bubonic plague came to Europe. Yes, some werewolves were affected, in fact, everyone was affected except the Fae. The Fae changed their diet to make their blood unappealing to fleas. However, humans were devastated compared to the magical beings. It galled him that the hope for the human race, his nephew, as a Councillor, would soil his human blood with a flea carrying mutt.

Sloane Michael locked the doors with a key and turned to his favorite nephew. ”Shall we have some lunch? ”

”Why won she wake? ” Sloane Anthony was still concerned for the flea bag.

”She should sleep until after we finish scrying. ” Sloane Michael knew that the wolfsbane may do more than that, but didn want his nephew to waste his energy.

After lunch and iced tea on the back porch, they were ready to look into the future. The two druids do a small ceremony with the lighting of candles, pouring the water and adding the blood and herbs. Sloane Michael stirs the water clockwise, mumbling the incantation with his eyes closed. Faster and faster he stirs until the edge looks like a whirlpool. He opens his eyes and looks into the mirrored bowl. An image starts to form, making Sloane Anthony gasp. ”Two? ” The younger Sloane is stunned to silence.

”It looks that way, ” says the elder Sloane, hiding his fury. Sloane Michael sits still, refusing to move, knowing that if he were to stand, the younger Sloane would see the tremble of emotion creeping up his knees. ”At least we now know that the Council seat may be returning to the family. ”

Sloane Anthony smiles, ”Thats good to know. We can help train the child in the Druid way so that he or she can truly represent us. ”

”That we could, lad, should the bairn be suitable for the Council. ” Sloane Michael secretly swears to the Gods above that Brianna and the flea bags inside her will not leave his care alive.

”Should I wake her? I need to get home soon. ”

”Leave her to me, lad. I will make sure she gets to where she needs to be. ” Sloane Michael smiles and stands, his fury focused on what needs to be done. He shakes hie nephews hand and ushers him out the door.

”Now, to work, ” he says, as Brianna sleeps.


Sloane Anthony felt that something was wrong in his uncles behavior. Usually, he was well tuned to Uncle Sloanes emotions, but he felt cut off from that today. Uncle Sloane did not like it when Seamus married a Ly

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