When Wen Ning reacted, Jiang Shu had already gone far.

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She went to the bedside, picked up the card, after looking at it curiously she put it in her diary properly.
Then she packed only two or three pieces of clothes and carried them to the second floor obediently.


Yuqian Bay Villa is large.
Wen Ning only worked on the first floor before.
This is her first time upstairs.
The layout of the second floor is quite different from that of the first floor.
The living room reception hall is interspersed wherever you go, and even the corridors are empty.
At the beginning of the master bedroom design, considering the privacy, the location is even more difficult to find.
Wen Ning walked around the door by mistake.


The door of the room was open.
She didn't dare to go in at the door of the room.
She just raised her hand and gently knocked twice.
After a while, the door was opened from the inside.
The man who held the door handle was wrapped with a white bath towel.
His upper body was bare and his hair was slightly wet.
Occasionally, drops of water slipped from his black broken hair, flowed through his plain chest, crossed his waist and abdomen, and finally disappeared into the invisible place.
It seemed that he had just taken a bath.


Wen Ning's face flushed.


She was carrying luggage the size of a school bag.
Her hands clenched the straps on both sides because of tension.
Her head was lowered so that he could not see her face.
She stood in front of the door in a cramped way.
She looked like a little bit thrown out by some family and was homeless asking for shelter.


Jiang Shu involuntarily hooks his lips, looking like a ruffian: “Come in.”

Wen Ning walked into the room obediently, still looking down.


Jiang Shu deliberately teased her like a rascal: “How can you be so ashamed? Last night, didn't you open your eyes to have a look except when you were crying saying no more?”


She did not dare to recall last night.
Her face was red and hot.
She put away her luggage and ran downstairs.


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The man chuckled, and his expression was different from the cold indifference in the company this morning.


Walking into the cloakroom, he happened to see the most corner of the suit closet, and two or three girls' clothes were hanging alone in the innermost part.
The clothes are warm.


It is clean but old and cheap.
It looks like it has been worn for many years.
It is pitifully set off by the rows of expensive high points beside him.


Jiang Shu takes back his eyes and casually takes a pure black T-shirt and puts it on his body.
Compared with the formal clothes when he wears a suit, the loose home clothes are more lazy and casual with a slight ruffian air.

In the evening, Auntie Xu cooked a table of rich dishes.
Jiang Shu came down late.
Wen Ning waited for him like a primary school student.
She was a little reserved.
In all, this was the first time that the two people sat face to face at a table alone.


Jiang Shu's meals are not elegant.
Although he has a terribly rich family background, many of his habits are not like those of the rich second-generation children.
He is rebellious, unruly, and sometimes quite down-to-earth.
He is not picky when eating and does not pay attention to the so-called etiquette.


Wen Ning occasionally looks up at him secretly, and feels that his eating appearance is the same as before, which makes people feel inexplicably satisfied.


Jiang Shu cut a lamb chop.
When he looked up, he happened to see the little one opposite him and staring at himself.
The man smiled a little, but he was not uncomfortable.
Instead, he thought it was very interesting: “Do you want to eat or look at me? Do I have something to eat?”


Wen Ning regained consciousness and immediately buried herself in a mouthful of food.
Jiang Shu teased her reluctantly and lowered his voice: “If you want to eat something else.
I'll give it to you in the evening.”


The little girl blushed and coughed for a long time.

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During the dinner, Jiang Shu answered the phone and exchanged in English throughout the whole process.


The other party is a public welfare enthusiast.
After a while, he came to China and planned to hold a charity auction.
All the celebrities invited were from the Han city business community.
He hoped that Jiang Shu would also bring his newly married wife for formalities.


Jiang Shu agreed with a faint expression.
He raised his eyes and looked at Wen Ning.
Seeing this little person, looking at himself with adoring eyes.
He was inexplicably happy: “Did you understand?”


Wen Ning shaked her head in embarrassment.


Jiang Shu finished eating, didn't explain, but didn't leave.
He just sat lazily in his chair with his long legs separated.
His posture was quite casual.
Thinking of the situation in the cloakroom when he came downstairs, he casually asked, “How many years have you worn those clothes?”


She really calculated: “My sister gave it to me after the second day of junior high school.”


She hasn't worn a new one even when she got older.
She has worn it for many years.

Jiang Shu raised his eyebrows, but he still picked up what others had left.


“Go and buy some clothes when you are free.
You will be present with me on some occasions later.”


He chuckled and said, “People thought I couldn't afford you.”

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Wen Ning pursed her lips and nodded hurriedly.
Her face was embarrassed.
She humiliated him.




After dinner, Jiang Shu went back to his study by himself.


He might seem to be foolhardy and unscrupulous, but he is always meticulous in his work.
Failure happens by accident.
Ability is his talent, and diligence is engraved in his blood.


In recent years, Mr.
Jiang's health is much worse than before.
Jiang Shu's father doesn't have much real power.
There are many rotten species buried under the root of the Jiang family.
On the first day when Jiang Shu returned to the company to take over, he began to cut down the roots.


It is not difficult for him, but it will take some time.


When Wen Ning saw that Jiang Shu had finished eating and left, her mind was not on the table.
Her eyes chased him away, and her chopsticks never moved again.


On the side, Auntie Xu smiled and felt distressed: “Lady, eat some more.
You are too thin.
My granddaughter is only in junior high school.
Her arm should be as thick as your leg.”


Wen Ning bent her eyes and smiled.
She ate a few more mouthfuls obediently.

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Auntie Xu was pleased: “Hey, that's right.
After you get well, you can give birth to a round baby for your husband.
While Auntie Xu is still relatively young, she can help your child to school.”


“Auntie Xu…” she blushed, but the corners of her lips couldn't help laughing.
They just got married, and she didn't think of that.


“You and your husband are both good-looking.
No matter who the baby looks like, it must be a handsome boy.”


She was embarrassed to say that.
She buried herself in a mess and ate several mouthfuls of food, but her mind kept drifting towards the matter.


After dinner, Wen Ning stayed in the dining room and didn't dare to go upstairs.
Auntie Xu knew her fear and quickly said, “If the lady is free, she can accompany her husband.
You two spend more time together and cultivate more feelings.”


Wen Ning has no experience in this field, and Jiang Shu is not an easy-going man.
She has never had the courage to take the initiative.


“Sir should be working in his study at the moment.
You should bring some fruit to eat with him and let him pay more attention to rest.”


With a touch of joy on her eyebrows, the little girl cut the fruit excitedly.



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