“No, I didn't mean that.” Wen Ning lowered her head.
She doesn't dare to be worried about him.

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It's probably because of what happened last night.
Jiang Shu always feels that he can’t get enough of Wen Ning.
He sighed and rubbed her head with his big hand: “I'm going to the company.”


In the past few years, Jiang Shu's work has been focused on overseas.
He is arrogant.
He doesn't even bother to do such a foolish thing as inheriting property.
Jiang's group, which is covetous by others, is completely dismissive in his mind.
In his early twenties, he started from scratch.
In just a few years, he acquired dozens of large enterprises.
His wealth leaped and dominated Wall Street.
His capital is no longer comparable to Jiang's.
Outside, his name, Jiang Shu, is louder than the title of the prince of the Jiang family.


Now his grandfather is old enough to pretend to be ill and call him back to take over the Jiang family.
For him, it's just a little time for charity.

Compared with his two sons, Mr.
Jiang paid more attention to this grandson.
Although Jiang Shu was rebellious, he was a natural ruler who had carved strategies into his bones.


Last night, they talked for a long time in the study.
Jiang Shu was not interested in returning to Jiang, but he became interested because of this morning's farce.


He led Wen Ning back to his room, went into the cloakroom, picked out a suit at will and changed it.
When he saw Wen Ning standing in the same place and looking inside, he slightly scratched his lips, and his expression was a bit joking: “Do you want to peek when I’m changing clothes? Mrs.
Jiang has a special interest.”


“I am not -“


Wen Ning was stunned.
Before she could explain herself, Jiang Shu said solemnly and slowly, “I thought you had seen enough last night.”


“No, that’s not it.” The girl's face was tinged with embarrassment.


The man raised his eyebrows and joked in his tone: “Oh, haven't you seen enough? Come here.”


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Wen Ning bit her lip and stopped in place, staring at him with shame in her eyes.


Jiang Shu took out a navy blue tie from the closet, which matches his cool temperament.
Seeing that Wen Ning won’t come over, he walked over himself.


“Have you ever tied a tie for someone?”


Wen Ning shakes her head.


Seeing her shaking her head, Jiang Shu was inexplicably happy: “Can you do it?”


Wen Ning still shakes her head.


Jiang Shu said “Tsk” and thought that her shameful response was interesting.
He was determined to tease her.
He hung his eyes and shook her hand, forcing her to hit him.


The man was tall, and Wen Ning was shorter.
Standing in front of him, she could only reach his chest.


The girl stood on tiptoe obediently.


They tossed and turned for a while, and the crooked tie was ready.


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Until Jiang Shu's car slowly left the old house, Wen Ning had not recovered from the sudden intimacy.


Ren Tiangao, who was driving in the driver's seat, was somewhat absent-minded.
He glanced at Jiang Shu in the back seat through the rearview mirror.


Even with his eyes closed, Jiang Shu could know the movements of the people around him.
His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and he didn't even bother to lift his eyelids: “If you have something to say, just say it.”


Ren Tiangao hesitated for a second: “President Jiang, it seems that your tie is…
Not well tied today.”


Jiang Shu opened his eyes lazily, glanced casually at the crooked tie, and the corners of his lips ticked: “I like it.”




As early as a week ago, the Jiang family was ready to give Jiang Shu a welcome banquet.


It is said that the prince of the Jiang family is young but ruthless.
He is a difficult person to deal with.
Even his father Jiang Jianchuan has to give him three points, which is difficult to control.
However, he is also the only heir recognized by the old man Jiang Hongyuan, who is the leader of the group.


After a few days, everyone in the group was trembling and afraid of being found out by the airborne prince.


At five past ten in the morning, Jiang Shu arrived late.


The hall of the group building has been lined up.
All of them have received professional training.
They all bow from the same angle.
The first is the second young Jiang family, Chen Li, who was still proud in the company.

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Even with Chen Li’s identity, he had to come out of his office and bow to Jiang Shu.


“Ah Shu, are you coming?” With a gentle smile, Chen Li walked up to Jiang Shu and stretched out his hands.


Unexpectedly, Jiang Shu didn't even bother to give him half of his eyes.
He buttoned his tie with one hand, skipped him, and went straight to the elevator entrance of the president.


Ren Tiangao followed behind him.
As he passed by Chen Li, he held his fist to his mouth and coughed: “Mr.
Chen, it's better not to talk about personal friendship in the company.”


What's more, Jiang Shu has no personal relationship with him.


By implication, Chen Li need to call Jiang Shu “President Jiang”.


Chen Li stopped, and his smile froze on his face.
When he turned back to keep up, the elevator door of the president closed slowly.


On his first day back, Jiang Shu gave him a slap in the face of the whole company.


After a while, the senior management rushed to the 28th floor to attend the first meeting Jiang Shu attended.
The rest of the staff kept exchanging eyes and had wonderful expressions.


A small group within the company was unprecedentedly lively and talked about it one after another.


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[My God, the prince looks so good!! I can do anything without salary!!!]


[His legs are as long as my neck, and his face is not as good as that of fresh meats.
It looks so wild and manly! I want to pick Mr.
Jiang for his debut!]


[Wake up, Mr.
Jiang can throw away some pocket money and give hundreds of little brothers a meal circle to start their career.]


[Did President Jiang deliberately ignored President Chen just now? President Chen was so embarrassed.
I stood in front of him and almost couldn't help laughing.]


[As for the small role of President Chen, President Jiang really can't be intentional.
It's said that President Jiang has always been the most arrogant tone of Laozi.
Where should the orthodox Prince pay attention to this adopted son.]


[Yes, yes, even the old chairman of the board of directors can't do anything about him.
They even have the same age, President Chen is obviously more greasy…]


[He has a great figure.
I envies his wife.
She can see President Jiang without clothes.
I want to marry President Jiang!]


It has to be said that Jiang Shu has a rebellious and eccentric temper, but he seems to be a natural leader.
As soon as he entered the door, he immediately asked all employees of the company to change sides.



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