Wen Ning's white cheeks were so red that she could bleed.
I don't know whether it was because of the hot water just now or because of nervousness.
She was at a loss.
The pure white cotton cloth on her body was half soaked in the water, clinging to her body, petite but still curvaceous.

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“I, I don't know how to use this…” the girl's voice was soft and waxy, showing timidity.


Jiang Shu chuckled.
The tip of his tongue hit the back of his teeth.
His eyes were clear, his pupils were dark, and his body was full of wild things that didn't match his clothes: “I'll teach you?”


Wen Ning bit her lip, lowered her eyes and dared not look at him.
Hearing what he said, she unconsciously took a step back.
Unfortunately, there was a cold and bright wall behind, and there was no retreat.


Jiang Shu loosened his tie and untied his shirt buttons with his long fingers.






Wenning felt that her heart seemed to jump faster with the unbuttoned button.

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She knew that the day would come when she married someone, but she didn't expect such an unexpected way.


“I haven't washed yet -” she seemed to want to make a final struggle.


“Together.” Jiang Shu's Adam's apple slides up and down impatiently for a moment.
His voice is a little hoarse, heavy but very magnetic.
In the daytime, it is clear that he is a cold stranger, but at the moment, there are countless desires.


She doesn't know when the huge round bathtub behind me has been filled with hot water.
When the temperature condensation reaction came over, she was  already in the warm heat.
The hot water around her was hot, but the temperature on her body was even worse.


As Jiang Shu clutched the last thin piece of cloth on her body with his big hand, he felt restless for no reason.


Obviously, he just wanted to frighten the little fox, who pretended to be reserved but couldn't help showing his tail.
But he didn't expect that the little fox was ashamed and closed her eyes.
She accidentally shook her little tail at him because she didn't know anything about the world. 


Unexpectedly, he just told her the way and got out of control.
Over the years, he boasted of strong self-control, but now he has no sense.
He simply took his rights as a husband for granted.

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The water in the bathtub hit the side wall one after another.
Wen Ning bit her lips.
Her face was red and her eyes were red.
Her white and slender hands were carefully around the man's neck. 


The only thing she could climb was Jiang Shu.


Before that, neither of them had ever done such a thing.
It's hard to avoid being unfamiliar when a novice tries to fight.
But a man is always a man.
He always knows his own way when it comes to happiness.
Wen Ning can only let him toss and turn.


From the bathroom to the bedroom, everything was in a mess.
Jiang Shu has never taken care of other people's feelings.
Naturally just doing things only by his own feelings, the little girl is always charming.
Even if she is tough at ordinary times, she still is scared of pain the most.


When she couldn't stand it, her mind was blank.
She didn't even think about it.
With a cry, she blurted out the familiar and unfamiliar “Jiang Shu-gege” in her memory.


Afterwards, the girl's eyes were still in tears, and her small hands were clenched with wrinkled eyes.
However, Jiang Shu frowned and couldn't sleep because of the lingering sound of ” Jiang Shu-gege”.




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After a while, Wenning finally has the strength to open her eyes.
She seems to have been run over by a car.
No one has taught her anything about this.
At the moment, she feels sore everywhere.
She is more or less afraid and wronged.


Almost subconsciously, she leaned close to Jiang Shu.
It seemed that she could be closer to him and feel more secure.


It was just a small touch that disturbed the man's thoughts.
Jiang Shu's voice was a little hoarse and more impatient.
It sounded very gentle, and it was just like his usual indifferent style: “I don't like others to touch me when I sleep.”


Pull x mercilessly.


Wenning was already afraid of him.
At the moment, she seemed to be warned.
She immediately withdrew her hand.
She was honest and quiet and dared not move again.


Her discomfort was magnified by the sudden silence.
She couldn't sleep with her eyes closed.
She wanted to take a bath in the bathroom and was worried that the man next to her would be disturbed.


After being silent for a long time, the people around her were breathing more evenly.
Wen Ning was emboldened and moved out of bed carefully with pain.
For a moment, her toes touched the ground, and she almost fell down with a sense of soreness.

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Fortunately, she grabbed a dress from the ground and wrapped it around her.
Holding her breath, she glanced back at Jiang Shu.
Seeing that he didn't respond, she breathed a sigh of relief and walked softly to the bathroom.


When she waited in front of the mirror, she found that what she was wearing was a white shirt that Jiang Shu had taken off.
The girl's cheeks turned red.
She hurried to wipe it for herself and hurried back to her bedroom.


The man's shirt is wide, and it looks like a dress on her.
The buttons have disappeared.
Wen Ning holds her collar with both hands and looks at Jiang Shu on the big bed.


His clothes are on her body now, his chest is bare, his single arm is pressed on his forehead, and his muscle lines are beautiful.
It can be seen that he is a well-trained and self-discipline man.
His jaw line is smooth, and even with his eyes closed, he can feel oppression and cold alienation.


A few hours ago, the two people were doing the most intimate things.


Wen Ning is worried that going to bed will disturb him.
She thinks about it.
She simply lies down on the small sofa beside the bed, and soon falls asleep.


Jiang Shu turned sideways, peered at the little man on the sofa in the light moonlight, got up a moment later, casually raised his head, poured a whole glass of ice water, took out a pack of cigarettes and walked to the balcony.
When he passed the sofa, he stopped for a few seconds.
Finally, he picked up a thin quilt and covered Wen Ning.

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