Wen Ning couldn’t sleep well all night.
She woke up vaguely at 5:00 in the morning.
Jiang Shu is still not home.

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After the heavy wedding makeup was removed last time, the girl’s skin became more transparent.
She was as tender and childish as a shelled egg.
Auntie Xu didn’t understand what such a little girl had done wrong to want to suffer from this kind of pain.

“Madam, are you hungry? Tell Auntie Xu what you want to eat, and Auntie Xu will cook it for you.” Wen Ning’s eyes drooped slightly, and she seemed to have no spirit: “Anything is fine.” Auntie Xu opened her mouth, not knowing how to comfort her.

“I’m fine.” Wen Ning pulled her lips to a smile.
She said softly, “Auntie Xu, go ahead and get busy.
I want to sleep a little longer.
I’m a little tired.” Obviously it was her who was wronged, but the first thing she wanted was to comfort others.

Wen Ning is condensed into a ball under the quilt, she clenched her hand into a small fist and brushed it against her lips.
When her eyes started to feel hot she opened her mouth to bite the back of her hand.
Using the most accustomed way to resist her cry. 

She probably cried until in her dreams.
She slept until more than seven o’clock.
When she woke up, her pillow was wet of tears.


In the kitchen, Hui Fen, the maid, was angrily cooking hot dishes at the counter.

Auntie Xu didn’t have the heart to wake Wen Ning up, so she had to order the kitchen to heat up the food every half an hour.
Since Wen Ning entered the villa, Hui Fen doesn’t pay attention to her.
At the moment, she is unwilling to heat up the food, and feels like it is a waste of time.

“The ugly sparrow wanted to fly to the branches and be a Phoenix.
As a result, Young master let her go alone on the wedding day.
I wouldn’t live if I were her.
Who can lose such a big person?”

Hui Fen’s hands were free, without any attention.
She tilted her head against her shoulder and used her phone.
Every word was mocking.

“Young master doesn’t take her seriously at all.
He hasn’t even returned home for months, for fear of avoiding it.”

“Maybe there have been a bunch of mistresses outside.
What is she? Now rich people like to play online with hot young models.
She is a tattered little white flower that has long been unpopular.”

Standing at the door of the restaurant, Wen Ning’s eyelashes trembled when she heard the sentence “There are people outside”.

Hui Fen turned around and was startled by Wen Ning who was standing at the door.
She raised her eyebrows and glared at her.
She smashed the dishes on the table, and the porcelain bowl collided with the table.
The sound was harsh.
“What kind of ancestor do you really think you are? I even have to give you hot dishes for meals.
You don’t know how to take the initiative to serve the table at meal time.
Haven’t your parents taught you?”

She seemed to have a lot of anger.
With Auntie Xu away and no one to protect Wen Ning, she kept saying: “Some women really don’t love themselves.
They rush to send them to sleep for the sake of their property.
I don’t know how many gold diggers have slept with Young Master.
It’s really dirty.”

When Hui Fen finished, she brought a bowl of soup with anger.
When she approached Wen Ning, she deliberately tilted the tray in her hand, spilled a lot of soup in the bowl, and Wen Ning’s clothes were stained.
Before she had time to respond, she saw Hui Fen disdaining to pull her mouth and sneer.
She was very strange: “Ouch, I’m sorry.
It’s definitely not intentional.”

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In addition to cold soup and cold water, the table was intentionally burnt leftovers.
Hui Fen raised her chin, and she became even more confident: “Even if you like to eat or not, this is the only thing.
No one in the Jiang family is used to you.
By the way, you have to finish your food to be educated.
This is the rule of the Jiang family.”

However, as soon as her voice fell, suddenly someone smashed a soup bowl in front of her.

“– ah!” The steaming soup spilled on the back of Hui Fen’s hand.
She screamed subconsciously, but she didn’t react to Wen Ning, so she looked up straight at  Jiang Shu’s cold eyes.

“What a big temper.” The man scoffed and said, “The rules of the Jiang family? When will my wife be taught by you?”

Hui Fen was so scared that she didn’t have the air she had just seen.
She stared wide open and was at a loss.

“Jiang… Jiang Shu?” Wen Ning didn’t expect that he would come back at this time.
At the moment, her eyes were surprised.
Seeing him, she felt a little wronged.

Jiang Shu glanced at her.
The little girl was wearing a big white T-shirt, which didn’t fit well in her small frame, but it also made her more petite and clever.
It was different from the open back wedding dress she saw on the plane during the day.
The appearance in front of her was even more eye-catching.

Jiang Shu took a few steps to her side and pulled her wrist over.
It felt soft.
It was not different from his imagination.
It was even more tender: “Did it burn you?” He raised his eyebrows, which was the opposite of the way he was angry just now, and somehow he showed some rare human nature.

Wen Ning shakes her head.
Her cheeks are hot.

Jiang Shu hooked up his lips, and the palm of his hand grasped her small hand, but it just grasped the place where it was cut by a broken bowl a few days ago.

Wen Ning didn’t resist the pain and shrunk her hand.
The man immediately bowed his head and took her hand for examination.

The wound was wrapped in gauze.
Jiang Shu frowned and asked, “How did you get it?”

Hui Fen was so scared that she hurriedly looked at her and begged her for mercy, motioning her not to say anything, but before Wen Ning could speak, Auntie Xu rushed over and told everything that had happened that night.

Jiang Shu bowed his head and looked cold and angry.
The next second, he raised his feet and kicked the dining chair on the side onto Hui Fen’s calf.
The chair fell to the ground.

“Sit down.”

“… Huh?” Huifen endured the pain in her leg and her voice trembled with fear.

Jiang Shu’s eyes were scornful and his tongue pressed against his cheek.
The whole person had an inexplicable ruffian spirit and momentum: “you can’t leave the table until you finish eating.
Of course, the Jiang family rules are applied also to the Jiang family servants.”

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Hui Fen didn’t dare to say anything more.
She buried herself in her mouth.

Ren Tiangao, the assistant who came with him, looked at the table and saw that there was still a lot of hot and cold burnt food on the table.
It was estimated that she would have to go to the hospital if she ate all of them.
He put his hand to his mouth and whispered, “Mr.
Jiang, forget it, this little girl doesn’t understand…”

Jiang shu hissed and looked down at the petite and quiet Wen Ning.
He felt a sense of dryness in his heart: “My wife is also a little girl.”

Ren Tiangao: “….”


Wen Ning stood still and looked at Jiang Shu.
She had never been protected.
She should have been grateful and moved, but he didn’t show up at the wedding during the day.
The atmosphere between them was somewhat awkward.

Jiang Shu is inexplicably uncomfortable with her eyes.
When he has done countless bastard things in his life he has never felt guilty, but this feeling is very strong at the moment.

The eyes were warm and congealed, and the feeling of guilt became more and more intense.
Later, he simply pulled his tie impatiently, leaving a sentence: “I’m tired.” Planning to go back to his room, he turned sideways before leaving.
“Auntie Xu, change gauge and medicine for her hands.”

He just walked away without saying a word to her.
Wen Ning’s eyes dropped slightly and she clenched her hands and followed him timidly.
Jiang Shu feels a little dry.
He took off his suit and hung it at his elbow.
The man is slim and walks in big steps.
He can go upstairs very quickly.

Wen Ning hesitated for a while at the bottom of the stairs, and finally could only watch his back drift away.

In the past two months, she did not dare to step on the second floor once.


Jiang Shu took a cold bath.

The cold water was drenched from head to toe, but it still failed to sweep away the boredom in his heart.
It was clear that he was extremely repelled by the childish plays arranged by the old man all the time, but he just failed to control himself and took the lead for the woman.

Needless to say, since the day he took Wen Ning back from the small village, the whole person had something wrong.

Jiang Shu sat on the sofa in his bedroom for a while in his nightgown.

After more than ten hours of flight, he was already tired and had to rest early, but now he didn’t know what he was waiting for.

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After waiting for a while, Wen Ning still didn’t come in.
He got up and looked around.
The furnishings in the master bedroom were the same as when he left a few months ago.
There wasn’t even a toothbrush in the bathroom.
There was no trace of Wen Ning’s life.

The man frowned slightly, and his face was not very good-looking.

Auntie Xu knocked on the door and came in with a cup of tea.

“Master, the tranquilizing tea made with herbal medicine can relieve fatigue and make you sleep better.” Jiang Shu didn’t even look up.
“Where’s my wife?”

“Your wife has been living in the downstairs guest room for a long time.
She dare not come up without your consent.
Would you… Let her move up? The wife is timid.
The villa is big.
She will always be afraid to live alone.”

“Why do I have to invite her myself?”

Jiang Shu hissed coldly.
He didn’t even want to touch the tea cup.
His attitude was light: “No, just tell her to come back to my old house with me tomorrow night.”


The next evening, Wen Ning changed into a clean and simple white dress, which was the most decent dress she could get.

Jiang Shu just glanced at her and went out without stopping for a moment to wait for her.
They are going to see the old man at the old house this time.

The back seat of black Maybach was silent.
Jiang Shu frowned and closed his eyes, while Wen Ning sat neatly and carefully, pursed her lips and dared not bend her back.
She looked like a clever schoolboy, but occasionally glanced at the man around her.

When the car passed a busy commercial street, Wen Ning caught a glimpse of a pastry shop on the side of the road.
She was happy.
Seeing that Jiang Shu seemed to be asleep, she ventured to ask the driver in a low voice: “Uncle Lin, can you stop here? I want to go down and buy something.”

The driver only listens to Jiang Shu, but Wen Ning has instructed something and he doesn’t know what to do.

Finally, Jiang Shu opened his mouth lazily, and his voice was a little heavy: “stop.”

When he opened his eyes again, he saw that Wen Ning had already stepped out of the car and was running to the pastry shop with small steps.
He was accidentally bumped by a young man wearing a mask on a skateboard on the street.

The other party seemed to say sorry.
Wen Ning looked up and said with a sweet smile that it was all right, but it happened that it was such an unexpected collision that Jiang Shu finally pressed down and inexplicably rushed up.

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He tilted his head and never looked away from Wen Ning.
He saw her take out an old looking wallet from her pocket, take out a stack of scattered paper money, count it for a long time, and then exchange it for two gift boxes.

When the little girl came back, she obviously smiled a little more.

Jiang Shu didn’t know how to leave her for half a minute.
He was so happy and inexplicably unhappy: “what did you buy?”

“Bring grandpa some gifts.
I saw on TV the other day that this cake is delicious, so I bought some.” Wen Ning said softly, “Do you want to eat it? I heard it’s delicious…”

She put on her gloves, took a piece from another box and handed it to Jiang Shu.
Her face was obviously flattering.

The little girl had only a little money in total and wanted to bring one for him.
Jiang Shu involuntarily tickled his lips, but when he thought that she had smiled so sweetly at the strange man just now, he was a little angry: “Not eating.”

Wen Ning stopped with a timid smile and didn’t dare to talk again until dinner.
They will stay in the old house tonight.
With Grandpa, they will naturally sleep in the same room.

Master Jiang left with Jiang Shu to talk in his study.
Wen Ning went back to his room to wash and rest.

However, the bathing switch of the old house was different from Yuqian Bay.
She stretched out her hand and sprayed hot water from her head.
The moment Jiang Shu entered the door, a scream came from the bathroom.

He was so nervous that he hurried to the bathroom subconsciously and twisted the door handle.
When he opened it he saw Wen Ning’s white dress was soaked, looming as she hugged him beautifully.

Jiang Shu’s whole body became as dry as a fire, but his eyes showed a trace of contempt.
He was reserved for the whole night, and he could not help showing his fox tail so soon.

His lips were slightly crooked, with a sneer, and his face was a little rogue.
He looked at Wen Ning with fixed eyes, and slowly began to loosen his tie: “Mrs.
Jiang doesn’t even close the door to take a bath.
Is she inviting me?”

The author has something to say: 

Jiang: exciting.

The next day, Jiang Shu recalled the cake he hadn’t eaten. 

He regretted: Ning Ning, feed me a cake.

Wen Ning: You have no hands?

Jiang Shu: please, baby.

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