“… is it Jiang Shu?”

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At more than twelve o’clock at night, Wen Ning wakes up again from her fragmented dreams.
She was wearing a large cotton T-shirt, curled up like a small ball on the bed, her back was soaked with sweat, her hands clenched the quilt corners, her head was dizzy, and her breathing was very unstable.

When she calmed down a little, she sat up slowly with the quilt in her arms and looked around blankly.
The soft bed, silky bedding, gorgeous diamond inlaid lamps and lanterns on the top of her head, and even the sculptures of famous artists within her reach can not overlap with her memories of more than ten years ago.

Wen Ning has lived here for more than two months.
She is living at Jiang Shu’s seaside villa in Yuqian Bay, Hancheng.
The villa is luxurious.
It is very different from the dilapidated village house she lived in growing up.

A magnificent house where she doesn’t seem to fit in.

However, being hidden for two months, Wen Ning has not slept well for the past several days.
In such a big 6-storey villa where Jiang Shu is not present.
Wen Ning is too timid and is thoroughly afraid. 

After a while, her nervousness was relieved.
She remembered that when she woke up, she seemed to hear a lot of noise outside the room.
She took a deep breath and ventured out of bed.

Wearing the disposable slippers prepared for the guests in the guest room, Wen Ning cautiously walked to the bedroom door in the dark.

“Is Jiang Shu back?” The girl asked timidly, with the soft waxy voice when she first woke up.

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Only the empty echo in the hall answered her.
She seemed unreconciled, and went to the other side of the corridor.
At the end of the corridor was the western kitchen.
As she approached, she could see the light faintly.

Wen Ning was a little excited, and her eyebrows were tinged with anticipation: “Jiang Shu, are you back?”

“– ah!”

As soon as the words fell, a harsh scream rang out, followed by the sound of bowls and chopsticks smashing on the ground.

The one who knocked off the plate was Hui Fen, a young maid who helps the chef in the villa.
She was still panicking.
When she saw that it was just Wen Ning, she became calm.

After a few breaths of relief, her face suddenly changed.
She frowned at Wen Ning and scolded her without any concealment: “Who do you want to scare to death by running out of bed at night?”

Wen Ning was stunned by the scolding.
She habitually squatted down to clean up the ceramic debris for her.
She braved to come out in the middle of the night.
For no reason, she was pointed at her nose and scolded, but she couldn’t find Jiang Shu whom she was thinking about.
At the moment, she was restless.
While not paying attention, a hole was cut in the middle of her hand by a broken bowl.

She has been bullied since she was a child, and her body has been constantly injured.
She doesn’t think there is anything wrong with this little hole, but the blood overflowing from it seems to be seeping.

Hui Fen stepped back nervously to distance herself from her.
She stuttered: “You cut this yourself.
It has nothing to do with me! Don’t blame me!” Hui Fen breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Wen Ning had no intention to press further.

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She was supposed to come to the western kitchen to steal some unused food and resell it to the hotel while no one was there in the middle of the night.
She didn’t expect to meet Wen Ning, who was still awake in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, this is an unfavored master.
On their wedding day, she was directly stood up by the man, which became a joke of the upper class in the cold city.

More than two months ago, Jiang Shu took her back to the villa and left her here alone.
He didn’t even accompany her to the door on the first day of her arrival.

After coming through the house without being welcomed, and being left unattended for more than 60 days.
It doesn’t look like the treatment that a real hostess should have.

Not even a lover or a mistress.

It may be that the movement just now was so loud that it disturbed the old housekeeper Auntie Xu who lives in the servant room on the first floor.

Auntie Xu likes to take good care of Wen Ning, a cute and timid girl.
She looks for the light with sleepy eyes.
When she saw the wound on Wenning’s hand, she was very nervous.
All of a sudden, she is sleepless.
She stares at Hui Fen, who is standing with dry eyes, and quickly finds a medicine box to wrap up Wenning.

“Oh, how did you do it? The wound is very deep.
Hold on, Miss Wen.
Alcohol disinfection will hurt a little.” Auntie Xu’s face was full of concern.

Wen Ning’s eyebrows and eyes eased up.
She is very moved.
She is used to being treated like a stranger.
She has never seen her parents.
She has never been so nervous before.
Her injuries in the past are far more serious than this where she can only flush water and endure the pain slowly.
She has rarely heard the smell of alcohol: “It’s okay.
The minor injury doesn’t hurt.
Just sleep and don’t worry, Auntie Xu.”

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Wen Ning smiles but Auntie Xu did not listen to her.
“Little girl’s skin is tender.
How can it not hurt? It won’t look good if it leaves a scar.
Be careful.
Don’t touch water these days.
I will look after you and check your injury everyday.

Wen Ning nodded and thanked her.
She thought that she might have a lot of large and small scars on her body.
In the past, she didn’t care.
What Auntie Xu said just reminded her.
If Jiang Shu saw her, would he think she was ugly.

Thinking of Jiang Shu, she asked: “Jiang Shu… Is he coming back soon?”

Xu Ma didn’t look up.
Obviously, she didn’t dare to look into her eyes.
She lied freely and comforted her: “Sir is busy.
Your husband is doing great in his career.
It’s normal that he can’t come back for a while.
Don’t worry.”

However, no matter how busy you are, there is no reason why you don’t come back to attend the wedding.


Throughout the day, Jiang Shu was absent-minded.
No matter what he was doing, he would always think of Wen Ning in her wedding dress and alone in the auditorium.

Obviously, she is a little girl in her early twenties, but somehow she is just right for his preference.

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His phone rang at the right time.
Jiang Shu scanned the number.
It was from Yuqian bay villa.
The man lifted his eyes and picked it up.

Wen Ning has gone to sleep again.
It is Auntie Shu on the other end of the phone.

“She was bullied?” He had been itched by Wen Ning’s picture throughout the day.
At the moment, his eyes were cold.
“Which grandson moved her.”

Auntie Xu was distressed by Wen Ning and told him everything.
After hanging up, Jiang Shu frowned and called Ren Tiangao.

Jiang Shu: “Return home.”


Summer Cherry Blossoms

Auntie Xu was denoted in the novel as 徐妈 which translates to mother Xu but given her role in the Jiang household while not being her birth mother I decided to use Auntie instead.

Chapter 2 will be posted tomorrow or the other day if there is a delay.
Just comment if there are errors/typos as well as inquiries so I can accommodate them! 

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