nd went straight to the master bedroom on the second floor.


The bedroom was dark and the light was not turned on.
Wen Ning's mobile phone was placed on the cabinet by the door.
He suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and guessed that she should go home early and go to bed, so she didn't answer the phone.


Tonight, he was also a little tired.
He just smelled of smoke in the club and simply turned into the bathroom to take a bath.
The man took a quick bath and soon came out in a big bathrobe.
Holding the ice floating flower bracelet brought back from tonight's auction, he plans to put it in the position where Wen Ning can see it early tomorrow morning.


Only when he came to the small sofa where she often slept, through the moonlight, did he find that there was no familiar figure on the sofa.


Jiang Shu frowned slightly and hurried back to the bedroom door to pick up her mobile phone.
The 400 yuan straight board machine had no password.
Jiang Shu easily unlocked it.
Except for a few of his calls, he didn't even read the message he had sent her earlier.


The time on the screen was close to 11 p.m.
and there was no sign of stopping rain due to the thunderstorm outside.
His heart suddenly tightened, and he grabbed the car key with a frown.
There was no time to put down his mobile phone and flower bracelet, and he strode downstairs.


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Wen Ning walked barefoot with high heels for more than ten minutes, and then it began to rain.
She had nowhere to hide.
Her dress was wet all over her body.
The little girl wiped the rain on her face, bit her lip and continued to run to the bus stop a few kilometers away.


When she finally arrived at the station, she missed the last bus.


Behind her, a bright gray sports car came down from the overhead and followed her.
It stopped beside her and honked the horn several times.
Wen Ning just thought she was blocking others' way and ran hard to hide in the other lane.
Finally, she met him at the bus stop.


The sports car dropped half a window, and the man in the driver's seat looked serious in a navy blue suit: “Little girl, there is no bus at this point, if you don't mind, I'll see you off.”


Wen Ning really had no way to go home.
Seeing that the other party was a taxi solicitor, she weighed her tight deposit, carefully bent over and asked, “Hello, how much is it to Yuqian Bay? I didn't bring my wallet out tonight.
Can I go somewhere to get it for you?”


“Yuqian Bay?” Zhou Ziheng was stunned, and then suddenly laughed, “I won't charge you.
I'm not engaged in services.
I'm on my way.
Get in the car.
It's raining too hard.”


Wen Ning's mind was simple and she didn't take much precautions.
When she got in the car, she couldn't help thanking him.
Zhou Ziheng looked ahead, took off his suit and coat and handed it to her: “Wear it.”

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She took his coat, glanced at her wet dress, and hurriedly apologized: “Sorry, I got your car wet, I'm really sorry, for a while -“


“If the air conditioner is turned on in the car and you get caught in the rain, you will catch a cold easily without a coat.”


Wen Ning was stunned.
No one had ever thought her cold and illness were noteworthy.


“Thank you.”


The man faintly hummed: “Do you live in Yuqian Bay?”


“Yes, what's the matter?”


Zhou Ziheng raised his eyebrows and glanced at her: “Nothing, a friend of mine also lives there.”

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