Hit Love Preference Chapter 7 Part 2

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9-11 minutes

The silver sports car sped up to the ground, and He Cheng asked, “Brother, how is my car? It’s the new model I just mentioned today.” Jiang Shu leaned lazily on the leather sofa and stared at his mobile phone without answering him.

He got out of the venue just now, and didn't inform Wen Ning.
He was calling her but she didn't answer the phone call.
Jiang Shu lost patience and simply sent a text message asking her to find Ren Tiangao to send her back.

After a while, the car arrived at the door of the club.
When the two entered the door, the box was already shrouded in smoke.

The brothers who play together are all influential children in Hancheng.
Up to several generations in the family, they all have high statuses.
They are used to luxury on weekdays and know how to have a good time.

When the people on the table saw Jiang Shu coming, they immediately made room for him.
Cigarettes and alcohol were ready for him.
Jiang Shu was not interested, so he just took the cigarette and waved his hand.
His voice was slightly heavy: “You guys continue to play.”

Then he sat lazily on the side of the soft seat.

The music in the box was deafening.
He Cheng held the microphone and sang a love song.
Ghosts roared and screamed.
Jiang Shu's elbow was bent, his fingers pinched the bridge of his nose, and his eyebrows frowned slightly.
Unconsciously, he took out his mobile phone and called Wen Ning again.

There is still no answer on the other end of the line.

At the end of the song, the manager of the club came into the space to deliver drinks and winked at the hostess: “You should know something.
You used to serve Jiang Shao.
Didn't you see that he was alone there?”

The young lady got the instruction and looked at it quietly.
The man was dressed in a delicate black shirt, his sleeves were pulled to his elbows at random, his forearms were smooth and powerful, his head was lazily tilted, his eyes were half closed, and a light chasing light on his head happened to hit his face.
The thin black hair cast a light shadow on his forehead.
The whole picture was full of noble desire, rebellious, with a little ruffian in it.
It was clear that he was sitting, but it was still a condescending temperament.
He was unapproachable.

His appearance alone is enough to make people covet, not to mention that he is Jiang Shu.

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In Hancheng, Jiang Shu's name is a symbol of money and power.
If you get a little bit of it, you won't have to worry about money for several lives.
A woman will think of his existence.

When the young lady walked over carefully, Jiang Shu was dialing the phone for the second time.
There was still a busy tone at the other end of the phone, but suddenly a charming voice came to his ear: “President Jiang, I'll have a drink with you?”

She said and handed the adjusted wine glass to Jiang Shu.
The wine in the glass was red and green, with a special taste, and she didn't know what was mixed.

Jiang Shu was already unhappy.
At the moment, he didn't even bother to lift his eyelids.
The tip of his tongue pressed against his cheek, making the women around him tremble.

However, the next second, She saw his calm eyes and hands, and the wine immediately spilled on the ground: “Go away.”

The brother who was originally watching the ambiguous scene immediately got up and hurried people: “Get out of here.
Who taught you? Come out if you don't understand the rules! Is Jiang Shao someone that you can fiddle casually?”

He Cheng also frowned: “Forgive me for inviting you to come today.
Don't be unhappy.
All these messy women will be taken away.”

When the brothers were together, although Jiang Shu played crazy, he never touched these dirty things.
With his situation, everyone was sensible and had few ideas.

After scolding her, He Cheng came to play cards with him to change his mood.

Jiang Shu simply accepted his intention and held his mobile phone and sat on the card table.
He is probably blessed by nature.
He was born with a good face, and his career is booming.
Even playing cards is also powerful.
When he is in a good mood, he can amuse his brothers to play, let go of always winning and purposely lose two games.
Send some houses and cars for recreation.
When he is in a bad mood, he can also win other people's complaints.

After losing two villas by the sea, He Cheng realized that his brother was out of temper tonight.

Another brother took a tactical interference strategy, laughing and jokingly asked: “Brother, I don't see you touching women at ordinary times.
You don't even have a female partner at a banquet.
Plus only plan on taking a male assistant.
What's the matter? Do you really plan to be alone?”

He Cheng took a sip of wine: “Where's your 2G network? Brother Shu is married, don't you know?”

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The people on the side laughed.
For people in their circle, marriage is a joke, not to mention Jiang Shu's identity.

He Cheng glanced at these people: “What are you laughing at? My sister-in-law looks good.
If you put it in the entertainment circle to do it casually.
It's top-notch.”

When it comes to the entertainment industry, several people are interested: “I heard that Wang Wanwan, who recently acted in the movie blockbuster…
Oh, yes, Wang wanwan has a good figure.
I heard that she is still a student of the dance academy and has not graduated yet.
She is tender and spicy.”

He Cheng was quite disdainful: “Young students are a fart and my sister-in-law's strength is crushing.”

“Hey, excuse me, brother, is my sister-in-law really so immortal?” They know that Jiang Shu didn't even attend the wedding.

As soon as this came out, everyone focused on him.
After a while, they saw that he calmly dropped the last few cards in his hand, hooked his lips, and his voice was slightly hoarse: “Very beautiful.”

It was the first time for almost everyone present to hear Jiang Shu boast about a woman like this.
Now everyone was curious about the one he hid at home.

This interference tactic seems to be quite effective.
Jiang Shu's face has become a little better since he mentioned Wen Ning.
After a few rounds of cards, he has lost and won, obviously letting them go.

However, when everyone was talking and laughing, the man was obviously a little absent-minded, with a cigarette between his fingers and lit it, and his attention was all on the mobile phone in the corner of the table.

The screen of the mobile phone has always been black and never lit up.
Wen Ning has never called back, or even sent a text message.

At the end of the smoke, Jiang Shu didn't touch it, and casually pinched it.
He picked up his cell phone and dialed again.

He Cheng lost and was shuffling cards.
Several people were idle and talked two dirty words, laughing together.
Suddenly, a mechanized female voice came from Jiang Shu's mobile phone.

Everyone kept silent at the same time, and the emotional broadcast became clearer and clearer.

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“Sorry, the number you dialed is not answered for the time being, please try again later…
Sorry, you…”

Jiang Shu's eyes were dim, and he hung up the phone.
His expression didn't seem to change much.

Someone teased: “Oh, who is so bold that they dare not answer my brother's phone?”

“I don't know.
It will take years to cry if I find myself missing Young master Jiang's call.” The other followed.

He Cheng shuffled the cards and asked at a low voice, “Excuse me, brother, my sister-in-law hasn't answered the phone yet? I think she's really angry? Go back and have fun in the evening.”

“Which girl is so angry that she doesn't know that my brother has never been a trickster?”

“Yes, girls, you can't do it.
Be obedient and have everything.”

“I don't like to be busy, so it's not good to find a few good servants at that time.”

While several people were talking and laughing, Jiang Shu put down his cards, got up, took away the flower bracelet, and walked straight out.

He Cheng caught up and asked, “Excuse me, don't fight?”

Jiang Shu's tone was faint: “Going home.”

He Cheng couldn't believe it.
“Go home and coax sister-in-law?” Jiang Shu raised his eyes and glanced at him, but he didn't deny it.
A group of people on the card table were stunned: “What is this?”

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“Are you really going home?”

“What's the matter? Young master Jiang is married and is under strict control? What time is it?”

He Cheng smiled vaguely: “Going home to coax the little girl.”

“Horizontal groove” These people finally come to strength.
This posture is serious?!

“It's terrible.
The person who just hurried away is our prince of Hancheng? The tomb of marriage.
I won't jump all my life!”

“He Cheng! Do you have any photos? I'd like to see what kind of fairy it is!!”

The author has something to say: 

Once, he was a king: Lao Tzu never deceived people.

Later, he married a wife: Honey, can I kneel down for you? Just don't let me sleep alone tonight.

Reader: Dog Jiang doesn't like others to touch him when sleeping, so I wish you to sleep alone forever.

Jiang Shu: dangerous speech, included in the assassination list.

Reader: President Jiang is really my person.
No matter how annoying he is, only he can bully her.

Jiang Shu: Don't talk nonsense.
I'm very nervous and it's difficult to explain to Ning Ning.

Everyone spoke enthusiastically, and then there were readers' comments and replies.
I'd like to see which unlucky people were picked out by President Jiang to reply (to be added on the assassination list)

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