Hit Love Preference Chapter 7 Part 1

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Lu and Chen family intended to take the tall branch together through their daughter, who they cultivated for 20 years, so their family could climb up status.
They got the news that Jiang Shu was going to attend the charity auction early on.
Tonight, they planned to give her to Jiang Shu as a gift.
Unexpectedly, Jiang Shu not only looked down on her, but also ridiculed her as arrogantly as the rumors in the circle.


Lu Shi's face turned blue with anger.
She had been treated with dignity since childhood and became a little princess.
She had never been so wronged in her life.
Tears rolled in her eyes, but she didn't dare to fully cry.
She knew that everyone around was watching her make herself a joke.


With a sigh of disgust, Mrs.
Chen pulled her out of the hotel.
Without her previous aunt's deep love, she casually called a taxi, stuffed her in and threw her back to the Lu family.


Wen Ning wore clothes that can easily make her cold tonight.
Jiang Shu is a possessive straight male to the bones.
From time to time, he blocks her arms and body especially the place where there is no cloth around her waist.
The warm palm is sometimes so close to the skin, which made her ears heat up.


He Cheng's temperament is different from Jiang Shu's.
He Cheng is one of the few rare people in Jiang Shu’s circle who are crazy and easy to get along with.


Looking at Lu Shi, who was dragged away, he glanced back and bumped Jiang Shu's arm, with an ambiguous face: “Brother Shu, are you not planning to introduce us?”


Jiang Shu gave him a white eye lazily, he had no intention of doing so.


He Cheng didn't care, and began to introduce himself with a happy smile: “My name is He Cheng.
I'm good brothers with brother Jiang.
We grew up together.”


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After greeting, he habitually stretched out his hand at Wen Ning, but before he touched her hand, he was slapped away by Jiang Shu with a dark face.


“Fuck brother, your hand is too heavy, and you are green…” He Cheng bared his teeth and boasted.


Jiang Shu's tall body crossed in front of the two and blocked Wen Ning for most of the time.


The little girl felt a burst of loss.
Jiang Shu never seemed to want to introduce her in front of outsiders.
When she just entered the meeting, she was stopped by the waiter.
He didn't break the siege.
At this moment, facing his good brother, he didn't want to let her touch at all, and he didn't even bother to talk about an introduction.


Probably in Jiang Shu's eyes, she is always unable to handle.


She didn't dare to say anything, bowed her head and simply turned around to the pastry area.
It would be a shame for Jiang Shu if she is near.


He Cheng jokingly ridiculed: “Brother, what is that for? Still blocking and not letting me see, when you hide it like this it seems like she is your little baby or something.”


Jiang Shu's face was cold and he didn't open his mouth to deny it.


Subconsciously, he really wants to hide Wen Ning.
No one will look at her.
“No.” He showed his expression, “Your possessiveness is really unchangeable.”

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Jiang Shu glanced at him with a slight smile: “Get out.”


Wen Ning has gone far.
The venue is grand, and the people who come and go are all celebrities from Hancheng.
There is no one she knows around, so she naturally appears modest.


After He Cheng's blabbery, he found out that Wen Ning was gone.
Looking from her direction, he regretted that the little beauty of his brother's family didn't look well.


“Brother, sister-in-law seems to be in a bad mood.”


Jiang Shu listened and lazily leaned over to look at Wen Ning.


“Was it just popular with those two women? Maybe the sister-in-law heard what those two silly people said.
She's jealous now.”


“Which two women?” Jiang Shu asked lightly.


He Cheng almost couldn't help laughing.
It's still a familiar taste.

Jiang Shu doesn't look up to is unworthy of being remembered by him.
It's only been a few minutes

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He Cheng learned Lu Shi's affectation and said two lines with a wink.
Jiang Shu frowned and cursed “fuck”.


“Hurry over and coax.
The girl is jealous.
It's serious.”


“No.” He is arrogant and always condescending.
He hasn't coaxed anyone in his life, and he can't have this idea in the future.
It's better to spend money to buy gifts, which is already his maximum patience.


He Cheng looked like someone who had experience.
When it comes to love, he forgives that his brother's inexperience is definitely not as good as him: “If you don't the little girl will have a lot of thoughts, and it's not good to be wronged.”


He was too lazy to guess what was in the girl's mind: “What jealousy can she have?”


“Ah?” He Cheng was stunned when asked.


Jiang Shu looked contemptuous and sarcastic: “Do you like that stupid woman just now? I’ll give it to you?”


“Brother, you are making a rumor about me.”


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“On that kind of goods, in terms of body and face, where is Wen Ning worse than her? Why would she be jealous?”


He Cheng blinked, “That's what you said.” It seems quite reasonable.


However, the man with righteous words and clear logic in his mouth was not very comfortable after saying these words.
He looked at Wen Ning again, glanced at the aggrieved and lonely expression on her face, pulled his tie with one hand, and felt a burst of irritability in his heart.


He Cheng happened to answer the phone.
There was a burst of heavy metal music at the end of the phone.
It was so noisy because one of their good brothers just returned home today.
He wanted to make a party celebration.
Knowing that him and Jiang Shu were together, he coaxed them to go together.


He Cheng tilted his head and asked, “Excuse me, Let’s go for a drink?” They were several people who were mixed together before and had a good relationship.
Jiang Shu was annoyed and nodded without much thought.


“Brother, they said that they want you to take my sister-in-law with us and see them.” He Cheng was giggling, and Jiang Shu blackened his face.
He glanced at him coldly, “That kind of place is not suitable for her.”


He Cheng closed his mouth very consciously, the possessive desire of this person has really gone far.



Summer Cherry Blossom:

Short Part 1.
Next Part will be posted on Saturday~

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