d their feet paused, suddenly stopping in front of Wen Ning.
Lu Shi: “Are you the Secretary of President Jiang?” Jiang Shu's absence from the wedding has been widely spread in the circle.
Everyone agrees that the position of the young lady of the Jiang family is still empty.
No one can expect Jiang Shu to bring his wife, whom he disliked at the beginning of the legend, with him.
Wen Ning looked up timidly to her eyes, and subconsciously hugged the suit in her arms with both hands.
Finally, she only grunted and didn't dare to explain more.
Lu Shi looked disdainful, grabbed the coat in Wen Ning's arms, frowned and exclaimed, “Gee, let me take it for President Jiang.
The suit is wrinkled by you.
How come the Secretary beside President Jiang can't even do this little thing well.” With that, she took Mrs.
Chen and walked quickly to the other end of Jiang Shu.
Wen Ning stood still, not knowing whether to come forward.
“Brother Shu? Do you like this bracelet?” As soon as Lu Shi walked behind Jiang Shu, they heard the man who took the flower bracelet ask questions.
Jiang Shu glanced at him lazily, “Why are you fighting with me?” He Cheng said with a smile, “Do you want to send it to my sister-in-law? I've just returned home.
I have to say that I'll give it to my sister-in-law as a gift!” Lu Shi thought this sentence was about her.
She blushed and smiled.
She reached out and handed the suit to Jiang Shu: “President Jiang, returning the suit to you.” Jiang Shu frowned slightly.
He didn't think it was wrong when he threw the suit to Wen Ning.
At this moment, seeing that it was touched by Lu Shi, he immediately felt dirty and calmly said to He Cheng, “Throw it away for me.” He Cheng took it with a smile: “This is…?” Jiang Shu raised his eyes.
In his eyes, it was clearly written, “You ask Laozi, Laozi asks the ghost?” Such big words.
Chen hurriedly took over the conversation with a smile: “Young master Jiang, our Lu Shi just came back from abroad not long ago.
It happens to be the same time as your return.
How coincidental do you think this is? It's all fate.” “Now that the children have grown up, Xiao Shi is old enough to talk about marriage.” The meaning in and out of these words is clear.
They are all human spirits who have been living in the upper class for a long time.
Jiang Shu can't say it again if he doesn't understand it.
However, what he hates most is being affectionate.
Wen Ning didn't follow him for a long time.
He looked back and saw her standing alone in the distance, and he was unhappy with the gorgeous aunt in front of her.
Chen saw that Jiang Shu didn't answer, and immediately looked at He Cheng: “Young master He, I thank you for Xiao Shi for this bracelet.” Before He Cheng asked, Jiang Shu, who had been cold faced, said, “Sorry, my wife likes this bracelet so much that he has to give it to her later, otherwise she will lose her temper with me.” He Cheng giggled, “Gee, brother, what's the situation? My sister-in-law is very charming, isn't she? I haven't seen her in quite awhile.” Looking forward to the whole night, Lu Shi's face turned red and white.
“Young master Jiang, it's said outside that you don't like the wife you married in the backcountry at all.
She -” Jiang Shu suddenly burst into a nameless fire.
He didn't even bother to listen.
He impatiently interrupted, with a cold warning in his words, without the gentleness of someone who was around Wen Ning earlier: “My wife is also someone you can talk about?” He sarcastically said, “My wife is only a little girl in her early twenties this year.
What qualifications do you have to compare with her, a woman whose face can't hide wrinkles?” “If you have money, don't think about buying a flower bracelet that you doesn't deserve.
Save it for buying a mirror to look at.” Jiang Shu hissed low.
The man didn't even bother to give another look, turned to Wen Ning's cautious eyes, gathered a little anger, and walked towards her.
Lu Shi blushed with shame.
She was ashamed that Jiang Shu was still the other party.
She didn't have the courage to splash in front of him.
She just hung in place in embarrassment, but she still couldn't help looking in the direction Jiang Shu left——

The man walked a few steps in front of Wen Ning, holding the inch of skin exposed in the air around Wen Ning's waist subconsciously.
His expression was different from the way he had just mocked her.
He even reached out and pinched the little woman's face as if there were no one else, with a gentle smile that he didn't even notice: “You got lost again? Don’t know how to stay close?”

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