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Knowing that she made him unhappy, Wen Ning didn't even dare to go up on the second floor.
She stayed in the guest room on the first floor for the day and didn't return to the master bedroom until after 9 p.m.
to fulfill the legendary obligations of husband and wife.
Jiang Shu's mood has not improved.
He did it three times that night, and his previous look of teasing and laughing was gone.
There was no emotion mixed.
There was a ruffian spirit in doing it, which seemed to vent, and he didn't care about her.
Wen Ning couldn't stand him at first.
Now that he was in a temper, it was even more difficult to resist.
After a few times, she returned to her exclusive little sofa and was relieved.
At night, Wen Ning fell asleep with a thin quilt in her arms.
The next morning, it was slightly bright.
Before the man on the bed woke up, the little girl put on her clothes and went back to the first floor.
September in Hancheng is still a season to wear short sleeves.
Wen Ning changed two T-shirts back and forth, and the clothes have been a little loose and deformed after washing.
Auntie Xu was making breakfast in the kitchen.
When she moved a little, the collar slipped unconsciously to her left shoulder, revealing a large pink mark at the white collarbone.
Seeing this, Auntie Xu immediately put on a smile and stretched out her hand to pull the clothes for her.
Wen Ning tilted her head and looked at her eyes, and her ears turned red instantly.
Her skin is so delicate plus Jiang Shu acted rough and violent last night.
Pink marks like this are almost all over her body.
Auntie Xu fried a plate of scrambled eggs and took them out with a happy smile: “It's okay, you young people.
I know it is because you guys love each other.
It's really light.
It'll disappear in two days.” Wen Ning's eyelashes trembled slightly.
If only it is really because of love.
** The atmosphere of breakfast was a little awkward.
Jiang Shu didn't say a word, and Wen Ning didn't dare to look up.
For several days, Jiang Shu went out early and came back late, almost living in the company.
Every time he came back, he only took out a few hours at night to bully Wen Ning, and the rest he didn't even say a word of nonsense.
After venting that night, he didn't sleep all night and smoked half a pack of cigarettes on the balcony.
When he came back, Wen Ning was already asleep.
He stood by her small sofa for a while and couldn't help reaching out and gently lifting the thin quilt on her body.
The little girl's arms and waist were full of traces belonging to him.
He frowned for a while and gently covered the quilt for her.
He knew that she was not to blame for what happened during that day, but he couldn't help being angry at that time, but he had never been a person who would bow his head.
Even if he knew that he had lost his temper too much, he didn't have the word apology in his vocabulary in this life.
Later, he heard that there were many things that little girls liked at the charity auction.
Thinking about going with Wen Ning there, what he liked was to spend some money to buy it for her.
No girl can resist material things and spending money to solve them is no problem for Jiang Shu.
Time passed quickly, and it was another weekend in a blink of an eye.
The charity auction party is scheduled for 6 p.m.
on Sunday.
At dinner in the evening, Jiang Shu rarely returned to Yuqian Bay early.
The man she hadn't seen on the table for so many days suddenly came back.
Wen Ning couldn't help but look at him a few more times, and her expression flattered him as she carefully filled him a bowl of rice.
Jiang Shu didn't refuse, so he ate after taking it.
After three rounds of dinner, he put down his chopsticks, drew a paper towel and wiped his mouth: “Accompany me to a party tomorrow night.” The next evening, Ren Tiangao took a stylist to Yuqian Bay.
Wen Ning had never seen such a scene, so she had to be at her mercy honestly.
After all, she is a beauty.
It's eye-catching enough when she doesn't dress up at ordinary times.
At the moment, her hair is curled so that it curls in the ends slightly on her shoulders.
The diamond pendant outlines her perfect shoulder neck curve, with a delicate figure and a slim waist.
At 5:30 p.m., Ren Tiangao sent Wen Ning downstairs of Jiangshi building.
Jiang Shu came out of the company and went straight to the back seat of black Maybach.
Today, he called the senior management to work overtime for a whole day's meeting.
At the moment, he was more or less tired.
When he sat in the car, he was really exhausted and frowned slightly.
For a moment, he didn't pay attention to the little woman around him.
When he loosened his tie, he opened his eyes and looked to the side, an unknown fire suddenly lit up, followed by the dryness and heat in his body.
The man raised his eyes to Ren Tiangao's eyes that constantly glanced in the rearview mirror.
“Ren Tiangao.” “Yes, President Jiang.” “Am I short of money?” Ren Tiangao: ….
Before he could think it over, Jiang Shu touched the corner of Wen Ning's dress, with a slightly disgusted expression: ” Am I too poor to afford such a little cloth?” With that, he felt a small white part exposed in Wen Ning's waist, and his face was even more ugly: “Why doesn't this place even have a piece of cloth?” Ren Tiangao was wronged.
His wife's skirt has a diamond on the shoulder strap, and each one costs more than 100,000.
Wen Ning's earlobes were red when he touched her waist, but she didn't have the courage to hide.
Jiang Shu: “Isn't it cold to dress like this? I feel frozen for you.” The skirt is so short that the two small white legs are not covered at all.
Wen Ning whispered, “It's still summer now…” Ren Tiangao almost couldn't help laughing.
There is a kind of coldness called your husband thinks you are cold.
Jiang Shu hissed coldly and swept Ren Tiangao unhappily.
It seemed that countless ice knives were hidden in his eyes.
** All celebrities from all walks of life in Hancheng will come to this banquet, which will be held on the top floor of a five-star hotel under the name of Jiang.
At the entrance of the venue, the waiter bowed politely to check the admission invitation.
When Jiang Shu arrived, he immediately faded his formulaic expression and put on a smile: “Good evening, President Jiang, just walk this way.” Wen Ning had never seen such a big scene.
She was always a little nervous after him.
When she was about to enter the door, she was stopped by a handful of receptionists.
“Miss, please show me your invitation.” Wen Ning looked at Jiang Shu blankly.
However, the man's expression was casual, his thin lips slightly hooked, condescending, and he didn't seem to plan to help.
She nervously clenched her hands and was at a loss.
It seems that from beginning to end, she has no confidence to be Mrs.
A moment later, she took a deep breath, carefully caught up with Jiang Shu, and put her hand on his arm.
It was the first time for Wen Ning to be so close in front of outsiders.
She always felt that people were watching her from all directions, and her heart beat more and more violently.
Her hands subconsciously clenched Jiang Shu's arms tightly.
After a while, the man beside her suddenly smiled, “your hands are a little loose, you can't run.” Wen Ning blushed: “Oh.” Two women were walking towards them, looking like a mother and daughter in terms of age.
“Hello, President Jiang, what a coincidence.” The older one collided with Jiang Shu and opened her mouth, smiling gracefully.
Jiang Shu was arrogant and nodded casually.
Chen knew him well and continued to compliment: “President Jiang is young and promising.
He is famous in our circle.
It is our fate to meet President Jiang here today.” She hurriedly pulled the young girl beside her: “This is the daughter of my sister's family.
Her name is Lu Shi.
Xiao Shi, say hello to President Jiang.” Lu Shi smiled delicately: “Hello President Jiang.” Jiang Shu's expression was casual, only a faint hum, but it made Lu Shi and the celebrities around secretly blush for a while.

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