His Royal Summons

When Push Comes To Shove

Natalia hid her head under her pillows when she heard the drawing of curtains in her room. She could feel the heat from the sun falling down on her body when the rays flowed into her room.

”Good morning, Princess Natalia. ” greeted Bibi cheerily. Bibi slowly pulled the blanket from Natalias body. She then gently tried to remove the pillow from over Natalias head.

Natalia held on to the pillow for as long as she could. Bibi was one strong old woman and she managed to tug the pillow from Natalias grasp.

”Bibi! Why are you waking me up so early? My alarm has not even gone off. ” Natalia grumbled as she sat up. Her messy long wavy hair fell over her face like a black waterfall.

”It is seven thirty. We do not call this so early. Your alarm will ring in half an hour. Seven thirty is a good time to wake up, if you ask me. ” Bibi nodded as she proceeded to fluff Natalias pillows.

”Up you get, Princess. Let me make up your bed. ” Bibi tugged at Natalias arm.

”Bad Bibi. You made me lose half hour of sleep. ” Natalia said as she gave Bibi a good morning hug.

”Has Mikhail, Ruby and the boys arrive yet? ” she asked as she walked towards the bathroom.

”Yes, Princess. They arrived from Milan around six thirty this morning. Both your mama and papa were so happy to receive them. ”

Bibi opened Natalias wardrobe and asked, ”What dress should I prepare for you? ”

”Ill think about it as I take a shower. Ill let you know when Im finished. Im thinking of either the pale yellow or the tropical print sundress. I want to be bright and cheery. ” Natalia replied as she walked into her bathroom.

Bibi made up Natalias bed and proceeded to lay the two dresses on top of the bedcovers. Natalia would look good in both dresses. She was a slim woman of medium height. Her jet black hair would stand out beautifully against both dresses. Both dresses were barebacked and would show off Natalias healthy glowing fair skin.


”Aunty Nat! Aunty Nat! ”

As Natalia entered the dining room, she smiled when she heard two young voices calling out to her.

”Hello boys! ” Natalia greeted both Kristof and Frederico excitedly. It has been months since she saw the boys. How much they had grown!

”Good morning, papa, mama. Good morning, brother. Good morning, Ruby. ” greeted Natalia to her family already seated at the dining table.

”Morning, Natalia. Its so good to be back to Yuanda. We all missed you. And I must say you are looking exceptionally pretty today. Love this dress on you! ” Ruby greeted Natalia warmly. ”You should come back to Milan with us. The spring fashion show will be starting soon. ”

”Dear, let us not encourage her to start roaming again. Shes got an important duty to perform at home. ” Mikhail said as he patted Rubys arm.

”Hello, little sister. You are definitely looking beautiful. Your hazel eyes stand out so beautifully. Youll mesmerize….. ”

”Yes, love. You look beautiful this morning. ” Queen Mary interjected, stopping Mikhail in mid sentence. Mikhail sent his mama a questioning look. Queen Mary subtly shook her head and continued, ”Why don you sit on papas left? ”

”But I want to sit with the boys. I missed them so much. ” Natalia moved to the far end of the table where the boys sat.

”No, Natalia. Sit beside papa. Come, love, over here. ” Queen Mary insisted.

”Whats wrong with mama this morning? ” Natalia whispered under her breath to Bibi.

Bibi just gave a shrug as she pulled out the chair for Natalia to sit.

Natalia was surprised at this mornings breakfast spread. Normally they would have the usual eggs, a choice of half boiled, hard boiled and scrambled, cereal as well as fruit platter. This mornings spread was quite exuberant. There were sausages, an assortment of cold cuts with buns and butter and pasta.

”Mama, are you planning to feed an army this morning? ” Natalia asked Queen Mary as she selected some cold cuts and sausages.

”Oh no, no. My grandsons are back and they need to be fed well at grandmas home. ” Queen Mary calmly replied Natalia. ”And we are expecting a guest this morning. ”

”A guest? At eight thirty in the morning? Im curious. ” Natalia turned to look at King Stephen.

”Do I know this guest? ” Natalia asked her papa.

Before King Stephen could answer, Ben the butler stepped into the dining hall and announced, ”Announcing the arrival of Prince Patrick of Grizling. ”

Natalia choked on her orange juice. She quickly covered her mouth with her napkin. Thank goodness no orange juice dripped onto her dress.

Natalia threw questioning looks at Mikhail and Ruby. Both of them did not glance at her and made a great show of concentrating on the food on the plates. Natalia could feel her anger rising within her. She quickly dabbed her lips and turned towards the entrance as footsteps grew louder and louder as they approached the dining room.

”Good morning, King Stephen, Queen Mary. Good morning, your highnesses. ” Patrick greeted everyone in the dining room as he walked towards King Stephen and Queen Mary. He gave both of them a warm hug and air kissed their cheeks.

”Good morning, Patrick. Come join us for breakfast. Sit beside Natalia. ” Queen Mary ushered Patrick.

”Natalia, ” Patrick greeted her with a nod of his head.

”Patrick. ” Natalia murmured as she nodded her head back at Patrick.

As Patrick piled cold cuts, sausages and scrambled eggs onto his plate, Natalia took the opportunity to study Patrick. He had cut his golden brown hair short when it used to be longer and would curl around his collar. Where he used to be clean-cut eight years ago, now he had grown a beard. The beard made him look more mature.

Patricks body had also filled up as well. His shoulders had broadened and stretched the white polo t-shirt he was wearing. Natalia could see the muscles moving on his arm as he forked food to his mouth. Natalias gaze stopped for a moment on Patricks lips. Natalia licked her lips as she looked at his sexy lips.

As her gaze travelled around Patricks face, Natalias face turned red. Their eyes collided. Patrick had been looking at her while she was studying his face.

Patrick lips moved into a slow satisfied grin.

”You will make my life so interesting. ” Patrick stated to no one in particular as his gaze held Natalias.

”No, I won . I will live my own life. And there is no you in my life. ” Natalia calmly retorted while dabbing her mouth with the napkin. She finished her orange juice and stood up.

”Natalia, do sit back down. We have much to discuss this morning. Don be childish and run away. ” Patrick rested his hand lightly on her arm.

”Discuss? No one told me about any discussion. Whats there to discuss? ” Natalia shifted her arm away. ”And Im not running away. Ive finished with my breakfast and am leaving the dining room. ”

”Natalia, please sit down. Lets hear what Patrick has to say. Okay? ” King Stephen interceded.

”Bibi, please take Kristof and Frederico to their rooms. They need to rest after their long journey here. ” King Stephen commanded.

”Yes, your majesty. ” Bibi curtsied before going over to the two boys and ushering them out of the dining room.

Natalia sat back down on the dining chair with a loud thump and folded her arms across her chest. She pursed her lips and stared at Patrick.

Patrick took that moment to cock an eyebrow and give her a wink.

”Ooooo you annoying monkey of a man! ” Natalia thought angrily.

”King Stephen, Queen Mary. Firstly, I must apologize for what happened eight years ago. At that time, I was young and wanted to see the world and experience life as a bachelor. At twenty two years old, I did not want to be tied down with just one woman. Im being honest here. ” Patrick spoke solemnly.

”You and your harem sure made my campus life interesting enough. ” muttered Natalia under her breath.

”I apologise, Princess Natalia, for acting so immature. ” Natalia snorted when Patrick apologised to her.

”King Stephen, the betrothal that my father made with you has not been broken. I am now ready to honour that agreement. ” Then Patrick turned to look at Natalia. He reached out to hold both Natalias hands in his as he asked her, ”Natalia, lets honour the agreement that our parents have made. Lets get married. ”

”Have you eaten too much sausages? No! We will not get married. ” Natalia pulled her hands away from Patricks grip and stood up.

”You obnoxious man! Did you think I would do anything just because you summoned it? ”

Natalia laughingly exclaimed, ”What a joke! ”

”We will honour this agreement because it is my fathers wish for me to marry you. ”

”Love, King Evan is not doing so well, healthwise. He is sick. ” Queen Mary walked over to Natalia. She hooked her arm over Natalias as she said, ”You are royalty. You will still have to get married one day. We prefer for you to wed Patrick whom we have known since his birth. Do this for papa and I, for Yuanda as well…..And for King Evan. ”

As Queen Mary pleaded with Natalia using Yuanda as the trump card, she looked down sadly at her sandals.

”Its so unfair! ” thought Natalia. How she loved Yuanda and her people.

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