The statement and the video posted by the lawyer were enough to prove that the people who posted the previous photos had made a deliberate misinterpretation totally out of context.
With a few photos, they slandered Su Bei casually.

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What was more, someone recognized the lawyers in the video.
They were the lawyers of Di Xing Media, an entertainment company under Lu Group.

These lawyers were definitely not rookies.
They were widely acknowledged in the legal industry.

The lawyers of Di Xing Media Company helped Su Bei clear her name.
They even released a notarized statement for her.

What did it mean? Of course, it meant authority and fairness!

Both Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan got a little scared when they finally realized it.

“Since when has Su Bei had a connection with Di Xing Media Company? Was she already taken by Di Xing Media Company?” Su Huixian asked with a pang of fear in her heart.

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Qiu Minxuan analyzed the situation for her.
“I don’t think so.
If Di Xing Media Company has hired her, they should have helped her get into Orisa Fashion Show in the beginning.
I guess Di Xing Media Company is only helping her now because they are currently working with Orisa Fashion Show.
They don’t want to see any models on the stage being reproached as it will affect their revenue.”

Actually, the outside world also had the same view as Qiu Minxuan.

Otherwise, why would Di Xing Media Company speak for a small-time model?

Su Huixian was finally a little relieved.
But she still couldn’t help feeling troubled.
Despite all her efforts, she didn’t manage to punish Su Bei.
In the end, she got herself into trouble.

Right now, she had no other choice but to keep a low profile and avoid making trouble.
Only in this way could she survive the storm.

Su Bei looked at the result in front of her satisfyingly.

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Now, everyone knew that she was wronged.
They sympathized with her very much and were likely to have a good impression of her.

The number of her followers on Weibo increased by over a million just overnight.

She looked at Lu Heting.
It seemed that he was already used to this kind of thing.
He just scrolled up his phone casually and read the news indifferently.

His slender fingers were well-defined, making him look like a powerful man.

Lu Heting felt Su Bei’s gaze, so he raised his head and asked, “Didn’t you say you have a surprise for me today?”

“Oh, yes! I almost forgot.
Give me a minute.” Su Bei picked up her handbag and took out a box.
“I’ve already received my talent fee from Orisa Fashion Show, so I bought you a gift.”

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Actually, her surprise for him was Da Bao.
But since the little boy didn’t agree to come home with her yet, she had to respect his decision.

So on her way back home, she dropped by the mall and bought a watch as a surprise gift for Lu Heting.

Anyway, she was really planning to give him a small present to express her gratitude because he had helped her a lot these days.

The corners of his mouth slightly twitched, and inexplicable emotions surged up in his heart.

It was his first time receiving a gift from Su Bei, so he didn’t know how to express this feeling.
But it was like flowers blooming in spring.

Indeed, he was surprised.

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He took the box and opened it.
Then he saw a sapphire blue watch inside.

Su Bei wasn’t sure if he liked it, so she said, “I don’t know what you like.
Is this okay with you? If not, I can take it back to the shop and change the color.”

She noticed that the watch Lu Heting was wearing now was expensive.
Perhaps Lu Group really treated its employees well.
So she spent almost fifty thousand yuan on this watch.

Fifty thousand was nothing to her when she was still the daughter of Su Xingfu.

But for the current Su Bei, who had to raise money for Da Bao, it was already a big amount.

“It’s actually very good.
I like it so much.” Lu Heting’s obsidian-like eyes were dazzling.
Obviously, he was overjoyed.

Su Bei felt relieved.
“I’m glad you like it.”

To prove that Lu Heting really liked the watch, he immediately took off the one he was wearing and put it away.
Then he put on the one given by her.

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