Chapter 822 What A Joke!

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Tang Yue fiddled with her fingernails and said, “She hasn’t even gotten paid for this film yet.”

The assistant smiled and said, “That’s right.
Su Bei is holding a piece of cornbread thinking it’s gold.
When the time comes, she won’t even know how to cry.”

“Let’s see if Young Master Du is here,” Tang Yue said slowly.

Ever since Su Bei rejected Du Jinghao, Du Jinghao had been silent for a long time.

However, how could Du Guoshou and the rest watch their son fall into depravity? They quickly came to an agreement with Old Master Tang.
Both families would push Du Jinghao and Tang Yue together.

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Tang Yue had already gone on several dates with him alone.

Although Du Jinghao wasn’t very friendly, he didn’t refuse.

Tang Yue was full of confidence.
Du Jinghao had even taken a fancy to Su Bei, so why would he not take a fancy to her?

Previously, he was only captivated by Su Bei’s beauty in the entertainment industry.
Su Bei’s looks alone were simply not enough.
As a true rich young master, who wouldn’t know who he should choose?

“Dad, I have something to talk to you about.” Lin Wenyu gathered her courage and knocked on the door of her father’s study.

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Lin Hancheng put down the document in his hand and smiled.
“Sit down.”

“Dad, I want to talk about Su Bei,” Lin Wenyu bit her lip and said.

Lin Hancheng’s smile suddenly disappeared.
“Then you don’t have to say anymore.
I’m still busy.”

“Dad, what do the grudges of the previous generation have to do with Su Bei? No matter how much you hate Lin Shulian, Su Bei has never done anything to harm Grandfather and Aunt.
All of this has nothing to do with Su Bei.
Why must we target her?” Lin Wenyu rarely had such an attitude toward her father, but she had indeed thought about it for a long time.
She did not want to see such a scene continue.

Lin Hancheng said, “I’m only taking revenge on Lin Shulian alone for what she did.
Who knew that she’s so cowardly to let her own daughter suffer in her place? You can see what kind of person she is just from this!”

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“You said so yourself that Su Bei is innocent.
Furthermore, she wasn’t by Lin Shulian’s side when she was young.
She has nothing to do with these things…” “What Su Bei does has nothing to do with me.
The only thing I can’t bear to see is Lin Shulian doing well.
What do the others have to do with me? Do you know how your grandfather died? Do you know what your aunt endured? If you don’t know about the pain, you have no right to say these words.”

Lin Wenyu clenched her fists.
“Dad, let me ask you.
Since it’s so isolated, Jingbei Square definitely can’t be built, right?”

“That’s for sure,” Lin Hancheng said firmly.
Originally, that piece of land would be the government’s focus in the next five years.
Major funds would be invested in them, and it would become a region where the government would focus on construction.
Traffic, squares, streets, and houses would all be built.

“Now that everything had been removed, no matter how beautiful the mall was, it would just be a deserted building.”

“Su Bei is now in charge of that mall.
Dad, you won’t put any pressure on that piece of land, right?” Lin Hancheng snorted disdainfully.
“Such a lousy piece of land, do I still need to do anything? What a joke!” Moreover, it was someone like Su Bei who was managing it.
Old Master Tang was really muddle-headed!

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“Then it’s settled.
You can’t interfere with the matters there anymore!”

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