Chapter 814 Don’t Like Being Carried

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When would he tell his sister-in-law his identity?

Every time, he had to make such painstaking arrangements without leaving a trace.
Even if Big Brother was not tired, he was tired just by looking at him.

Also, wasn’t it better to let Sister Bei Bei return to the Lu family and enjoy the status of being Mrs.
Lu as soon as possible?

Lu Weijian glanced sideways at his brother’s expression and only saw Mr.
Lu calmly reaching out to hold Su Bei’s hand.
“It’s good that it’s settled.”

“I’ve already made a reservation at another restaurant,” Su Bei said.” Let’s go somewhere else.”

“What a coincidence.
I’ve also made a reservation in another restaurant for Mr.
Why don’t we go to the place I booked?” Lu Heting really didn’t want anyone to disturb his family’s gathering.
When Su Bei heard that, she smiled and said, “That’s good.
I’m also afraid of what happened just now.
Let’s go to the restaurant you mentioned.”

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“The two munchkins are still in the car.
I’ll bring them over.”

Lu Heting and Su Bei went to the car to fetch the two precious ones.

Gun Gun was hugging Da Bao’s arm and talking non-stop.
Da Bao had a cold expression and would nod from time to time.

Su Bei felt that this scene was very familiar.

Weijian, do you find this scene familiar?” Su Bei asked.

Lu Weijian scratched his head.
Wasn’t this the image of him interacting with his big brother? It was really familiar…

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Lu Weijian didn’t know what to say.

Lu Weijian coughed lightly and regained his composure.

Seeing Su Bei, Gun Gun finally let go of Da Bao’s arm and hugged Su Bei’s thigh.


Su Bei picked him up and held Da Bao’s hand with one hand.
Then, she went to the dining room with Lu Heting and Lu Weijian.
Lu Weijian followed behind him and said to Lu Heting secretly, “Brother, this is how a mother should be.
My Sister Bei Bei is usually weak, but now she’s holding each one of them without any pressure…” Lu Heting quietly walked forward and picked up Gun Gun for Su Bei as well as Da Bao.

Da Bao looked at Lu Weijian resentfully.
He was already a fifth-year primary school student and had the ability to take care of himself.
He did not like being carried!

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‘It’s none of my business.
I’m innocent,’ Lu Weijian mouthed to Da Bao.

The restaurant that Lu Heting had made a reservation in was of a higher status than the one earlier, and it was on the top floor.

After entering the restaurant, they did not pass by the hall at all.
Instead, they went up through a special passageway.
When they reached the top floor, the manager directly led the waiters and waitresses to place their hands over their stomachs.
They were very careful, as if they were afraid that if they moved too much, they would disturb the guests.

The private room that Lu Heting entered was reserved for him alone.
There was no need to make an appointment.
He could come to the private room anytime he wanted.

Su Bei asked Lu Weijian what he liked to eat.

“I’m not picky.
I’m fine with anything.
Let’s see what Da Bao and Gun Gun like to eat.” Lu Weijian relaxed, and his expression changed completely.
He no longer looked like a young master.
He wished he could hug Da Bao’s legs and ask him how he could win the previous game.

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Su Bei finished ordering and asked with a smile, “Mr.
Weijian, don’t you have to celebrate your birthday with your family?” “We’ll spend the night together,” Weijian said.
He used to spend it with his brother and Gun Gun.

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