Chapter 813 How Could He Not Be Superior?

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She stood close to them and took a serious look at the name tags on their torsos.
They were all employees from the departments who were responsible for checking the restaurant’s standards.
All of them had serious expressions on their faces.

Su Bei was surprised.
No way.
Was this the result of the complaint she just wrote?

She thought that even if the complaint was effective, it would at least take some time before someone would come to the restaurant to investigate.

When Manager Pang and Han Junting saw this, they were also very surprised and didn’t dare to go upstairs.
Manager Pang immediately walked toward the leader of the group.

He really did not expect that with such a strong background in the restaurant, he would actually encounter such an investigation!

“Leader, hello, hello! Please come in and take a seat.
Waitress, quickly make coffee.” Manager Pang went forward with an eager attitude.
The other party’s tone was very businesslike.
“No coffee.
Who’s the person in charge of this restaurant?”

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“I am, I am.
Please take a seat, Leader.
If there’s anything, I’ll cooperate.” “Then hand over all your qualification documents.
Additionally, this restaurant has received a total of 180 complaints.
We’ll temporarily suspend operations.
You have to wait for the qualification review to pass before resuming operations.” The leader of the group did not show any mercy and had a firm attitude.

When Su Bei heard that, she realized that it was not because of her complaint.
Her complaint was just one of the many reasons.

This restaurant had accumulated more than a hundred complaints.
It was obvious that their service was not the best…

Manager Pang was on the verge of tears.
Not only would they lose a lot of money, but they also had to explain everything to the VIPs.
This was not a simple matter…

However, seeing that the other party came aggressively and was completely businesslike, he had no choice but to suspend his operations.

However, he could not understand why a restaurant that had never been checked before would suddenly encounter a huge inspection.

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It seemed like this matter wouldn’t be so simple…

Han Junting did not even get to be happy for two minutes.
She hadn’t even sat in the private room when she was called out.
She was filled with resentment.
But in the face of such a situation, she had no choice.
She dared to bully Su Bei and Assistant Manager Zhuo, but in front of these people, she could only swallow her anger.

“Miss Su…” The cold-faced leader walked over with a gentle attitude.
“We’ve already received your complaint.
We’ll give you an explanation when the time comes.”

“!!” Manager Pang was shocked.
“!!” Han Junting was shocked.

It was really because of Su Bei’s complaint!!

“Thank you.
You guys have worked hard.” Su Bei smiled appropriately.
She knew that she would be able to get a satisfactory answer if she used the standard methods to solve problems.

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“It’s our duty.” After saying that, the person continued to work.

Manager Pang was filled with regret, but there was nothing he could do.

When Su Bei left, Lu Heting and Lu Weijian walked toward her.

“Sorry, there was a sudden problem with the restaurant I booked today, so I’m afraid we can’t eat here,” Su Bei said apologetically.
Lu Weijian looked like he didn’t care at all.
“Sister Bei Bei, what happened?” “It’s just a small matter.
It’s already settled.
Jingyuan is really a lawful society.
The speed at which they handle things is really too superior.” Su Bei sighed softly.

Lu Weijian agreed while thinking to himself, “How could my brother not be superior?”

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