Chapter 805 Serves Her Right

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Lin Wenyu was also very happy.
“Can I really tell them this?”

“Of course, there’s no problem.
You’ve met Feng Cheng before.
Anyway, he has to establish his foundation.
So if there are any work opportunities, they can come and look for him.”

Lin Wenyu was overjoyed.
When they got home that night, some rich ladies and daughters of wealthy families called to ask about it.
She told them what she knew.
“When the time comes, you can just go to Jingbei Square and look for Ruyi Studio.”

Everyone memorized the name.

When she got home, Madam Lin was very happy and told Lin Hancheng about this.

Lin Hancheng smiled and said, “It’s also her good fortune that our daughter has such a friend.
She’s introverted, so it’s time for her to go out more often and mingle around.”

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Lin Wenyu thought of Su Bei’s matter and hesitated for a while.
She looked at Lin Hancheng and said, “Dad, are you responsible for the Tang family’s matters?”

Lin Hancheng looked at his daughter and said, “Children shouldn’t interfere with adults’ matters.
I have my reasons.”

“But…” Lin Wenyu still wanted to defend Su


However, Lin Hancheng didn’t want to talk anymore.

After Lin Hancheng left, Madam Lin pulled Lin Wenyu aside and said in a low voice, “You know that your father has always been against that woman.
Don’t bother about him!

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“Besides, Lin Shulian has a lot of problems to begin with.
She harmed your grandfather and your aunt.
How could your father and grandmother forgive her?

“She deserves it.”

“But you can’t implicate her children, right?” Lin Wenyu asked.
“Every child is closely related to their parents’ fate and life.
Having such a mother is their fate,” said Madam Lin.
“If Lin Shulian is really considerate of her children, she shouldn’t have done those evil things back then.”

Lin Wenyu had a lot of things she wanted to say about Su Bei, but she couldn’t say anything else.

Madam Lin smiled and said, “Alright, this is a matter between adults.
Don’t bother about it.
Who is that friend of yours? If you have time, bring them home for dinner.”

Lin Wenyu could only vaguely agree, but how would she dare to bring Su Bei and Feng Cheng home for dinner?

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While Su Bei was working hard on Jingbei Square, Tang Yue was also working hard on Central Square.

A mall with the best geographical location would naturally attract the attention of various businesses.
Opening a shop in such a mall could be said to be beneficial without any risks.
Tang Yue’s business started to develop very quickly.
Every day, she would sign contracts with countless businesses that wanted to open up a shop in her shopping mall.
Her hands were full from signing contracts and counting money.

The Jingbei Square that Su Bei was in charge of seemed to have no progress.

After all, which business would be willing to open their shop in a shopping mall in such a barren suburb?

It looked like Su Bei was facing a lot of pressure.

However, no one knew that the wealthy ladies in the capital, the daughters of wealthy families, and the socialites in the entertainment industry were all secretly asking about a small studio called Ruyi Studio.
They wanted to buy the most high-quality, authentic, and design-oriented accessories.

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They also wanted to repair all their valuable old accessories.

A small studio suddenly became famous overnight and became a sacred place that everyone wanted to visit.

However, up until now, Jingbei Square had not opened for business.
Everyone could only suppress the urge in their hearts.

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