Chapter 799 I Feel It In My Heart

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“Oh, oh…” Aunt Chen quickly said, “Sir, you’ve worked hard.”

“We don’t always work overtime.” Lu Heting sat down.
“Su Bei and I have always taken care of our bodies well.”

Aunt Chen didn’t dare to say anything else.
Just now, she even advised Su Bei to have Lu Heting restrain himself… She knew that she was being too careless.
Young Master’s health was probably very good.

After Aunt Chen left, Lu Heting looked at Su Bei with some dissatisfaction.
“Aunt Chen doesn’t know my body, but do you not know either?”

“I… I saw that you didn’t sleep well.
It turns out it’s because you were working overtime last night.” Su Bei had indeed thought wrongly.

Lu, you’re very concerned about my health and I know that.
However, I can still hold on,” Lu Heting said calmly.

Su Bei thought, ‘I might not be able to hold on!

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‘I have to film during the day, and I have to look at the mall’s proposal at night.’

How unreasonable!

Lu Heting rubbed Su Bei’s hair.
“You can drink Aunt Chen’s black chicken ginseng soup.”

Su Bei smiled sweetly.

When Su Bei went to the production team, she brought along the proposal for the project.

Seeing this, Lin Yu was very interested and quickly asked, “What are you doing now? Is there anything fun that I can participate in?”

“Here, take a look.” Su Bei handed the things to him.

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Lin Yu took the papers excitedly before putting them down with a sad face.
“Why are you showing me this? I’m most afraid of this.
Why are you reading this? Lu Heting is using you as free labor?”

“No, this is my family’s matter.
I just want to help a little,” Su Bei said.
“I’m not talking to you anymore.
It’s my turn to film.” After Su Bei said that, she quickly went to do her makeup.

At this moment, someone exclaimed, “Wow! He looks like a god!”

“Oh God, am I still dreaming? Quick, pinch my face!”

Outside the filming set, a tall and slender man with handsome and cold features appeared.
He was as bright as the moon.

His facial features were as exquisite as a woman’s.
The mole under the corner of his eye made his beauty even more alluring.

The crew had seen many beautiful and handsome men.
Especially with Lin Yu hanging around here every day, everyone’s standards for beauty were raised to a very high level.

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However, the person in front of them easily captured their attention and eyes, making it impossible for them to look away.

“How can there be such a good-looking man?! Lin Yu, forgive me.
I’m going to change sides.
I’ll go back to your side after he leaves.”

“Oh my God, could this be some newbie Director Guo found to act in the film?”.

“Ahhh, you’ve worked hard to descend to the earth.”

There was a commotion all around, but the man turned a deaf ear to it.
He strode to the production team.

His expression was cold as if he did not see or hear anything.

It was as though the commotion around him had nothing to do with him.

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As a result, everyone stopped talking.
It was as if saying a few words would sully his beauty.

Su Bei heard the discussion and did not take it seriously.

There were some staff members in the production team who would readily go chasing after stars.
They would make such sounds when they saw anyone good-looking.
She was already used to it.

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