rriage or any kind of relationship now and refused to restrain Lu Heting with the marriage.
As long as he signed the divorce agreement and submitted it, everything would be fine.


Such a short marriage could be treated as if it never happened to him.

However, four months later, Su Bei found herself pregnant.


Everything had happened so quickly after her escape that she hadn’t considered taking a morning-after pill.
At the time, Su Bei hadn’t thought she would have a baby.


Since her period wasn’t regular, and she had chronic gastritis, she didn’t pay much attention to her symptoms.
She thought all the discomfort she felt was caused by her stomach disease.

It was not until her symptoms worsened that she went to the hospital and found she was a few months pregnant already.

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Once Su Bei got the examination report, her pretty face fell, and her heart turned into a mess.

She closed her eyes then, and suddenly her mind was filled with images of Lu Heting’s face.

As she opened her eyes again, Su Bei reread the examination report carefully and confirmed she was indeed pregnant.

How could a woman unable to maintain a relationship get along well with a child?

Su Bei’s eyelashes fluttered weakly as she thought about what to do.
Clenching her hands, she finally decided that the best solution was to have an abortion.


“The baby is already a few months old.
We can’t operate you anymore.”

“You can’t have the abortion here.
I’m sorry, Miss Su, it’s impossible.”

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“Besides, you’re expecting twins.
Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”


These were twins.
Was she really considering killing them?

Su Bei closed her beautiful eyes, trying to hide her sadness every time she had to hear those kinds of responses.

A few months later, in a hospital in the United States, Su Bei entered the delivery room.

By the time she opened her weak eyes, she met the doctor’s regretful gaze as he said, “Miss Su, one of the children was seriously ill.
We’ve done our best, but…”


A mix of joy and sadness took over Su Bei’s heart.
She had never felt so torn in her life.

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