Chapter 796 Is There Something Wrong With Her Brain?

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It could be said that Tang Yue’s scheme was not a good one.
Gradually, Old Master Tang could tell that she was full of schemes.
She wanted to fight for more, but on the surface, she pretended not to care.

Only Su Bei did not fight for anything.

“What do you think? Su Bei, you should share the burden with Grandpa and the family.
I chose the square in the city center because Mom’s health isn’t good and she needs someone to take care of her.
Otherwise, I’d manage the square in Jingbei,” Tang Yue said in a dignified manner.

Su Bei looked at Old Master Tang and said, “Then, Grandpa, let me handle Jingbei Sheng Tang Square.”

“Su Bei…” Old Master Tang did not want her to take on such great pressure.

“I have a condition,” Su Bei said.

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“Go ahead.
We’ll try our best to satisfy you.” Tang Yue smiled as she looked at Su Bei.
Su Bei brushed her thick hair to the side and smiled at Tang Yue.
“If I succeed in reviving Jingbei Sheng Tang Square, it’ll be my own property.
I don’t want anything else from the Tang family.” Tang Yue didn’t expect Su Bei to bring up such a condition.
Was there something wrong with Su Bei’s brain? Was she stupid?

Of course, to Tang Yue, the sillier Su Bei was, the better! She said to Old Master Tang, “Grandpa, we can’t not give Su Bei anything.
Su Bei, do you really only want this?”

“That’s all I want,” Su Bei said evenly.
“And I want it written in a contract.”

She had thought about it.
In order to protect Lu Heting and her two sons, she needed to have enough wealth.
When she stood at the peak of the entertainment industry, she would encounter many problems that an artist could not solve.

With enough wealth, she would no longer have to fear anything.

Besides, with Lu Heting’s capabilities, he would definitely be able to help manage the mall in the suburbs.
When that time came, she and Lu Heting would grow old side by side, facing each other and the world in a better way.

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If the square was a success, her small family of four would have nothing to worry about anymore!

Tang Yue eagerly invited Old Master Tang’s assistant in to write down the contract.
After the contract was written, the only thing Su Bei could get from the Tang family was this shabby shopping mall that no one wanted.
Everything else had nothing to do with her.

Old Master Tang tried to convince Su Bei to give up on the idea several times, but Su Bei firmly raised her pen and wrote her name on the contract.

Su Bei kept the contract and left quietly.

Old Master Tang was filled with guilt, but he couldn’t say anything else.

“Grandpa, I’ll definitely do my best and not disappoint you,” Tang Yue promised in front of Old Master Tang.

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Old Master Tang only felt sorry for Su Bei.
She already had enough pressure on her, yet she still had to bear all this…

However, the man behind her was someone who could go against the Lin family.
Perhaps he would help her out of her predicament.

At night, when Lu Heting returned home, he saw Su Bei sitting at the desk.
She was writing and drawing something.
There was a huge pile of documents in front of her.

“Still reading the script?” Lu Heting walked over and bent down to her neck.

“No, it’s about a newly built mall of the Tang family.” Su Bei looked up at him.
“I’ve encountered a problem, and I plan to solve it myself.”

Lu Heting frowned imperceptibly.
Was there no one left in the Tang family? Did Su Bei have to solve the problem herself?

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