Chapter 775: Asking For Her Opinion

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The area he had cut open was already the size of a bowl.
It could be seen that the amount of jade that was inside the stone was not small.

Someone immediately said, “Young man, stop grinding.
Sell this stone to me and I’ll give you 500,000!”

Everyone immediately clicked their tongues and said, “Young man, 500,000! That’s dozens more than the money you spent to buy it! Sell it!”

“That’s right, that’s right.
There’s such a big piece of jade exposed now, but if you continue to grind away the layers, there might not be any left.
Maybe there’s only so much.
It’s better to sell it.”

Feng Cheng, who was unmoved, looked up at Su Bei, obviously asking for her opinion.

If he sold it now, he would earn 500,000 yuan.
He could use 500,000 yuan to buy some jade scraps to repair Lin Wenyu’s bracelet.

If he continued to grind, perhaps this stone only had a little jade on the surface.
The more he ground, the less valuable it would be.

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This was one of the characteristics of stone gambling.
If one did not open the stone completely, no one would be able to tell what was inside!

‘When the fat man heard that Feng Cheng had found some jade, he returned and picked up the remaining scraps.

Immediately, there were people who bought the scraps for tens of thousands of yuan per piece.
The fat man also sat down carefully and rubbed sandpaper on the pieces.

In just a short period, the scene became lively as everyone rushed over to see the treasure.

Such a scene could easily make one lose their mind and lose their judgment!

“Young man, sell it for 500,000! I’ll get a professional to continue opening it!”

There were even people egging Feng Cheng on.

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Feng Cheng looked straight at Su Bei, as if he could agree or reject with just one look or order from her.

Su Bei could also tell that Feng Cheng had been revitalized after coming here and being around these stones.
It was not because he liked to gamble but because he belonged here!

The things he had learned from his master included cutting and repairing various jades.
Most likely, all of these were the things that he desired to do the most.

Therefore, Su Bei raised her eyebrows and smiled.
“Continue to open it.
Anyway, it’s a stone we bought for 8,000 yuan.
The worst-case scenario is that it won’t be worth anything, but it’s just 8,000 yuan! Feng Cheng, continue!”

‘The bidder was disappointed and said, “Children, you guys lost a chance to make a fortune.”

“A thousand bars of gold won’t make me happy.” Su Bei did not mind.
To her, the cost was only 8,000 yuan.

It would not be a pity to lose that amount of money.

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Unexpectedly, as Feng Cheng continued, the surface area of the green jade became bigger and bigger.
It did not break like the others had expected.
It was obvious that this jade was bigger and better than they had expected.

Immediately, someone said, “One million, I’ll offer one million!”

“11 million.
Young man, think about it!”

“15 million.
Young man, it’s not too late to sell it to me now.”

Boss Wang rubbed his hands in excitement.
He had never expected that such a small stone would be so valuable.

This was good news for his stall.

“Hurry up.
Go serve tea and bring the chairs over,” Boss Wang instructed.

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