Chapter 773: Do Whatever You Want

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‘The surrounding people saw that Su Bei was just a kid.
Was she even 20?

They couldn’t help but say, “Young people like you are here to play? Are you rich?”

“You should be able to afford such a small amount of money.
Just treat it as a lesson for you young people.”

“That’s true.
How can there be such a young person in this industry? I think young people should go out and find a proper job.
Don’t put your mind on this.”

Su Bei smiled and said, “There’s no need for everyone to worry.
This money is not part of my living expenses.
Even if I lose, I won’t starve to death.
5,000 yuan, I’ll buy one.”

As the remaining pieces were not big, 5,000 yuan was a reasonable price.

The fat man said, “8,000.
Leave me some money to buy wine.”

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He had lost so much today.
He had to find a place to have a good drink.

“Fine, 8,000 it is then.” Su Bei was too lazy to bargain with him.
Anyway, she and Lin Wenyu had each offered 100,000.
8,000 was just a small number.

Su Bei gave the money and let Feng Cheng choose.

‘There were not many stones to choose from.
Everyone thought that he would choose the basketball-sized stone.
After all, the bigger the stone, the higher the chances of getting jade.

However, Feng Cheng only chose a medium-sized piece.
Su Bei and Lin Wenyu had no objections as they were the ones who told him to choose before this, so naturally, he could choose anything he wanted.

After Feng Cheng made his choice, the people around him shook their heads.
“Young man, don’t you know that you have to choose the biggest one?”

“In my opinion, that stone of yours is most likely a piece of trash.”

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“But it’s nothing for young people.
You can stop after playing for a while.”

“Do you want to use the cutting machine? Do you want any help?” Seeing him pick up the stone, Boss Wang asked enthusiastically.

Feng Cheng shook his head, sat down, and took out a dagger.

Everyone could not help but laugh.
“It’s indeed not easy to use a cutting machine for such a small stone, because if there really is something good, it’ll be easily cut into pieces.
But this is the first time I’ve seen someone use a dagger.”

“Young man, you don’t know that sandpaper can be used on stones, right? You can just choose to use sandpaper!”

“How are you going to do anything with a dagger?”

Feng Cheng did not speak and only stared at the small stone.
Su Bei and Lin Wenyu saw that everyone was laughing at them, so they went up and sat with Feng Cheng.

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Su Bei looked up and smiled.
“Everyone, we bought something that costs 8,000 yuan for fun.
Whatever we have is what we have.
Is there a rule that we can’t use daggers?”

Her tone wasn’t harsh, but it was a little unapproachable.
Everyone shrugged and said, “You can do whatever you want.
You can’t get anything good out of it anyway.”

One look and I know you know nothing.
You can do whatever you want.”

After a while, the onlookers lost interest and dispersed.

Su Bei looked curiously at Feng Cheng, not knowing what he was going to do.

Feng Cheng used a dagger to cut off a small piece of raw stone.
She didn’t expect his dagger to be so sharp that it could even cut open such a hard stone.

“Impressive.” Su Bei picked up the small piece that was cut.
Looking at the neat edges, she sighed.
One had to know that the cutting machine was electric.
When using it, the stones would easily shatter.

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Feng Cheng’s dagger was able to cut the stone into such a state.
It was truly amazing.

After cutting it, Feng Cheng used the dagger to gently rub against the surface of the raw stone, slowly grinding away the layer on top..

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