It was not strange for a woman who had never been beaten up by society to be so naive.
However, after being beaten up so many times, Su Bei was still so naive.
Tang Yue could only wish her good luck.

The light in Du Jinghao’s eyes was extinguished bit by bit.
Su Bei had such abundant feelings and protections for another man, but it was not for him.

Su Bei picked up her glass of red wine and asked Ou Huanwei with a smile, “Do you know how one lives to be 90 years old?”

“How?” Ou Huan Yi asked reflexively.

Su Bei curled her lips into a smile.
“By not caring about other people’s business.
Aunt, let me give you a toast.”


What she meant was that the meddlesome ones would die sooner and was secretly mocking Ou Huanwei for interfering too much.

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Su Bei’s bright smile forced Ou Huanwei to accept her toast.

Outside the door, Lu Heting had already finished his video call with Gun Gun.
Hearing his woman defend him, he felt his heart soften.

This was the feeling of being loved.
Su Bei loved him.
There was no better experience.

Lu Heting walked in.
Su Bei reached out to hold his hand and smiled gently.
“You’re back?”

“Yes.” Lu Heting sat down calmly.

“Grandpa, since we’ve already finished dinner, how about Jinghao and I play a few rounds of chess with you?” Tang Yue asked with a smile.

Old Master Tang maintained the habits of many elderly people, and Tang Yue was very much to his liking.

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She took this opportunity to pull Du Jinghao into her own camp and also beat Su Bei and Lu Heting.

Old Master Tang wanted to have Lu Heting stay and talk to him more to see if he was someone he could entrust Su Bei to..

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