Chapter 746: I Won’t Force You

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It was drizzling, and Tang Yue was sincerely offering fresh flowers to her grandfather, whom she had long forgotten about.

“Grandfather left behind his will to leave his assets to the children of your generation.” Lin Shulian wiped her tears.
“He also said that when all the children were 25 years old, they would be able to get it.
Su Bei is still a little younger than that.”

All the children of this generation would get a share of the inheritance.
This was also one of the reasons why Tang Yue hated Su Bei.
With Su Bei around, Tang Yue would get less of the inheritance.

Every year when Lin Shulian came to pay her respects, she would mention this matter.
The jealousy and hatred in Tang Yue’s heart gradually deepened.

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‘When the mother-daughter pair left after paying their respects, a respectable old lady walked over while surrounded by people.

‘When she saw that there were fresh flowers on the tombstone, her expression changed.
That mistress’ daughter was here again!

“Aren’t you going to take these stupid flowers away?” A dignified man in his 50s said to the person beside him.
He reached out to support the old lady.
“Mom, let’s pay our respects.”

As Su Bei was busy with filming, she rejected Lin Shulian’s invitation and did not pay her respects.
Instead, she went to the set.

She had just arrived when she saw a familiar woman standing in front of her.

“Su Bei, do you still remember me?”

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“Tremember now.
Sun Man wanted to secretly take a photo of Mai Shanheng and me.
You went up to stop Sun Man, but she caused trouble for you.”

“You helped me out.
My name is Lin Wenyu.” Lin Wenyu reached out and shook Su Bei’s hand.
“I’m really sorry for not being able to chat with you last time.”

$u Bei smiled generously.
“You didn’t just come to visit me today, did you?”

“You’re indeed smart.
Su Bei, I saw what happened last night at Tang Yue’s fair.
I would like to ask your friend for a favor.” Lin Wenyu took out an exquisite brocade box and opened it.

She said in a regretful tone, “This is my mother’s belonging, a jade bracelet.
She got into a car accident when she went out.
She’s fine now, but the bracelet broke.
We thought of many ways but we couldn’t fix it.
I want to seek your friend’s help…”

In reality, she should not have appeared at last night’s fair, much less come to beg the Tang sisters.
But for her mother, she still came.

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Su Bei looked at the bracelet and said, “Miss Lin, it’s not that I don’t want to help you.
It’s just that my friend’s temper is unpredictable.
I’ll take a picture of the bracelet and ask him about the situation first.
If it’s possible to fix it, I’ll contact you again, okay?”

Lin Wenyu smiled.
I’m just helping my mother try all possible options.
If it really doesn’t work out, I won’t force you.”

“Tll try my best.” Su Bei had a good impression of Lin Wenyu, so she could help ask Feng Cheng.

Feng Cheng was indeed powerful.
Last night, Su Bei only asked him if he could repair the jade.
He replied yes and immediately made his way over to help Su Bei repair the jade.

But for things like jade bracelets, Su Bei did not know if he could do it.

After sending Lin Wenyu off, Su Bei sent the photo to Feng Cheng before changing her clothes to start filming.

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Director Guo Feng walked over and said, “Su Bei, today’s scenes are very intense.
You have to be mentally prepared..”

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