Chapter 735: To Accompany Her At All Costs

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However, she had no idea who the mysterious person in charge was, how old he was, or when he would look for her.

She had only seen Lu Weijian a few times, let alone the person in power.

She heard that Lu Weijian and the Lu family showed up last night, but she missed the opportunity by staying at home the whole day.
That was why she rushed to the scene tonight, hoping to get a chance.

Hence, she was completely distracted and did not hear Tang Yue’s words.

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Tang Yue could tell that Jia Shiyun’s mind wasn’t here when she saw her indifferent attitude.
She smiled and said, “Miss Jia, please take a look around.
I’ll go greet other guests.”

“President Tang, go ahead.” Jia Shiyun stood up.
Tian Jinnuo and Jia Jia hurriedly followed behind her.

They could all see Jia Shiyun’s disappointment because tonight, instead of Lu Group or Di Xing Media, there were only irrelevant activities being held in Grand Prosperity Tower.
There was no sign of the higher-ups at all.

Tian Jinnuo was Jia Shiyun’s manager, so she knew how she felt.
She said, “Shiyun, let’s take a look at the jewelry.
We’re already here anyway.”

“Alright,” Jia Shiyun said.
She touched the jade on her neck.
It was an expensive piece of jade, but the last time she took a bath, she accidentally cracked a little.

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She was also thinking of getting a new piece.

Although she had quite a lot of valuable items in her safe, she had worn this piece the day she entered Di Xing Media.
It was also a gift from Di Xing Media.
She had always regarded it as her lucky charm.
If it wasn’t for the fact that she couldn’t fix it, she wouldn’t have wanted to replace it.

Thus, Jia Shiyun decided that she had to choose a very good piece to replace this one.

“Shiyun, take a look at this.
It’s not bad,” Tian Jinnuo pointed at a piece of jade and said to Jia Shiyun.

Jia Jia couldn’t help but say, “Yes, Sis.
It’s very elegant and matches your temperament very well.
Why don’t we take a look at this? Or we can get President Tang to come over and introduce us to the items.”

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Jia Jia was a newbie signed by Di Xing Media.
Because she shared the same surname as Jia Shiyun, she was very close to Jia Shiyun the moment she arrived.
She also deliberately tried to please Jia Shiyun.
Jia Shiyun was also happy to have another sidekick, so they addressed each other as sisters.

Just as Jia Shiyun and the rest were looking at the jade, Su Bei came in.

She had brought Lin Moli along because Lin Moli heard that she was coming to the jewelry fair and wanted to come along to take some photos.

Su Bei would definitely not reject such a request.

Lin Moli loved photography very much and had a camera hanging around her neck.
The moment she entered the venue, she was shocked.
She shook Su Bei’s arm and said, “Su Bei, Su Bei, it’s so beautiful! There are so many pretty things here.
I have to take good photos tonight.
I’m afraid I won’t have enough memory space!”

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Lin Moli sighed as she looked around.

“Of course.
As long as it’s allowed, you can take any photos you want.” Su Bei really couldn’t do anything about her.
Lin Moli liked to take photos, which was similar to Lin Yu’s passion for hotpot.
Of course, she had to let her good friend enjoy it to her heart’s content.

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Su Bei had received Tang Yue’s invitation.
She originally planned to come over yesterday, but because of the investment signing ceremony, she did not make it.

When she heard that it would also be held today and that Lin Moli wanted to come, she decided to accompany her friend at all costs.

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