Chapter 707: What Went Wrong?

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Ni Huang looked behind her with determination in her eyes.
“You don’t have to do it! I’ll do it myself!”

After she finished speaking, she looked at the people behind her who were holding swords, spears, and halberds.
Those gazes all regarded her as a monster, a spy, and a woman who would bring disaster to the Great Xiao Empire.

Without any hesitation, she walked toward the cliff.

“Ni Huang!” Hua Yingrong saw her intention and rushed toward Ni Huang.

Ni Huang glanced at Hua Yingrong.
Hua Yingrong stretched out her hand, wanting to pull her back.

However, Ni Huang firmly pushed Hua Yingrong’s hand away and jumped.

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According to the scene, this was when Fang Yourong should stop.
Ni Huang would jump off the cliff, while Hua Yingrong would jump onto the cliff and grab nothing but air.

However, something unexpected happened.
When Su Bei jumped, Fang Yourong was dumbfounded.
Not only did she not stop moving but she even hugged Su Bei and jumped down with her.

The props team panicked.
They did not expect such a situation to happen and quickly pulled the wires.

However, when they tugged the wires on Fang Yourong’s body, they completely came loose!

Although the wires on Su Bei were still effective, they could not bear the sudden weight of another person.
Whether it was the wires or the number of people controlling the wires, they were not prepared.

Therefore, no matter how hard the props team tried to pull the wires, they could not stop the two of them from falling down the cliff!

“Ah!” Some of the staff at the venue screamed in fright!

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Director Guo Feng immediately stood up and shouted, “Let’s go down and take a look! What happened? Where are the props team?”

The props team was trembling as they looked at the situation in front of them.
They really did not know what went wrong!

Of course they didn’t know what went wrong, because Fang Yourong was the one who removed the wires from herself.
Thus, they couldn’t find out what the problem was.

The entire crew was in a panic.
Director Guo Feng also ran down the cliff.
Someone was busy dialing the emergency number.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” Everyone rushed down the cliff.

The cliff here was a cliff in the scenic area.
Although it was called a cliff, it was not very tall.
It was about seven to eight meters tall.
Even at this height, it was almost as tall as a three-story building.
If one fell from here, one would definitely break some bones.
If it was a serious fall, one could be seriously injured or even die.

Director Guo Feng ran over in a panic and saw that Su Bei and Fang Yourong had fallen down.
Fang Yourong had fainted without the wires’ protection.

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As for Su Bei, since she still had the wires on her, she was still conscious.
However, the bruises on her body and face were visible to the naked eye.
She looked extremely pathetic.

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“Where’s the ambulance? Is it here yet?” Director Guo Feng shouted anxiously.

Everyone rushed forward but did not dare to casually move the two.

“Are you alright, Su Bei?” Director Guo Feng was both angry and heartbroken.
He really did not expect the props team to cause such a problem.

“I’m fine.
Let’s hurry up and save Fang Yourong.” Su Bei never thought that something like this would happen.
The storm between her and Fang Yourong had yet to die down, but more things kept coming at them.

The ambulance finally arrived and brought Fang Yourong and Su Bei to the hospital.

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Su Bei’s shoot today was done at a last-minute notice, so she didn’t mention it to Lu Heting.

Lu Heting was holding a company meeting.

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