Chapter 699: What Magic Did He Use?

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“I… You… You guys…”

“I want to know what exactly Fang Yourong’s injury is.” Lu Heting’s voice was calm and did not sound threatening.

However, Dr.
Hu had long forgotten to call the security guards because he felt that he could only submit to this man.

Su Bei thought that they would need to go through a lot of trouble before this doctor would speak.
Just as she was about to take out the evidence she had just taken, Doctor Hu unexpectedly opened his mouth.
“Fang Yourong has no external injuries, only an allergic reaction as well as a gastric illness that she’s undergoing examinations for.
Her gastric illness has yet to be diagnosed…”

Su Bei looked at Lu Heting in surprise.
What magic did he use to make Dr.
Hu speak?

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As expected, Lu Heting was the best.

“Then why did you come up with that fake medical report?” Lu Heting asked.
“Do you know that your actions are damaging to other parties?”

Doctor Hu held his head in guilt.
Although he did not pay attention to the entertainment industry, he knew that because of the medical report he provided, an innocent actress named Su Bei was being suspected and scolded online.

“Why?” Lu Heting asked.

His unhurried tone cast a suffocating shadow over the office.

Su Bei couldn’t feel it because Lu Heting had always been gentle toward her.

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Others would not be able to last long under such pressure.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk.
I have a daughter who’s in the late stages of her illness and is about to pass away.
She doesn’t like anything, but she likes Fang Yourong and treats her as her idol.
Fang Yourong promised me that as long as I can give her the fake report as per her request, she can accompany my daughter for a few days while she’s on her deathbed…” Doctor Hu said painfully.

He didn’t want to do this either.
If he gave a false report, it would ruin his career.

However, he could not ignore his daughter’s final wish.
What Fang Yourong could provide was too tempting.

“My wife has already passed away.
She’s the only family I have left.
I want her to be happy in her last moments and leave happily…” Doctor Hu held his face with both hands as tears streamed down his face.

Su Bei could not bear it and said, “Dr.
Hu, it’s clear that you love your daughter.
But are you willing to have your daughter see her idol become a liar who deceives the world? I’m sure she won’t be happy knowing the truth, right?”

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Hu sobbed.
“I promise you that I’ll correct this mistake, but my daughter…”

He felt extremely terrible and did not know what to do.

Hu, you have to continue working hard in the future.
Don’t become a doctor who’s criticized for his medical ethics.
This way, I believe your daughter will be even more proud of you,” Su Bei said softly.
After speaking, she held Lu Heting’s hand and turned to leave.

Lu Heting originally wanted to force Dr.
Hu to reveal the truth immediately, but he could sense Su Bei’s gentleness.
She was already giving Dr.
Hu a chance, so he could not be more forceful.

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“Let Dr.
Hu handle this himself.” Su Bei took his hand.
“He’s a great father, so I’m sure he won’t continue walking on the wrong path.”

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“I hope so..” Lu Heting narrowed his eyes.

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