Chapter 696: Withdrawal Due To Injury

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Could it be that she had lost too much weight recently and her stomach problems had worsened?

When they arrived at the hospital, the hospital examined her and said, “No external injuries.”

“My ribs hurt very much, I can’t exert any strength.” Fang Yourong gasped.

“That’s probably because you used too much force, which caused your stomach to form gas,” the doctor said.
“Based on your condition, I’d suggest a stomach examination.”

Fang Yourong agreed.
“Go ahead.”

In fact, the doctor did not feel optimistic about her condition because in his professional experience, Fang Yourong had vomited too much blood.

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Besides, Fang Yourong’s condition was clearly not a result of external injuries.

Fang Yourong wanted to take advantage of these few days to recuperate her face.
It was rare that she had the time to check her stomach.

She called her assistant over and arranged for a doctor to tell the public that she was injured.
At the same time, she asked for a medical record to prove it.

The doctor started to disagree, but after the assistant said a few more words, he finally agreed.

After that, Fang Yourong’s assistant posted the news of Su Bei beating Fang Yourong up during the scene and injuring her.

Although many people did not believe that Su Bei would really beat someone up, when the video and medical record were released, everyone could not help but believe it.

[Su Bei’s moves were indeed heavy.
Although it’s just acting, in the previous scene, she was able to kick three people down till they couldn’t get back up again.
It can be seen that she really has that ability.]

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[Yeah, Su Bei’s skills are indeed quite good.
However, she probably didn’t do it on purpose.]

[I also believe that Su Bei didn’t do it on purpose.]

Then, Fang Yourong’s assistant started to use a few alternate accounts to stir up trouble.
[Su Bei might not have done it on purpose, but if Fang Yourong really gets injured and withdraws, isn’t Su Bei the one who gains the most? She can play the female lead.]

[Su Bei is very talented in acting, but compared to Fang Yourong’s experience, she still lacks a lot.
Nobody can deny this, right? She’s very suitable to be the second female lead, but she might not be able to become the main female lead.
Her methods of forcing the female lead away are really infuriating.]

With this, people began to believe that Su Bei did not only injure Fang Yourong but also deliberately attacked her.

[That makes sense.
With Fang Yourong gone, Su Bei will be promoted to the female lead.]

[She’s really a scheming b*tch.
She’s such a pretty young lady with so many tricks up her sleeves.
You really can’t judge a book by its cover.]

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[Where did Su Bei go? Why didn’t she visit Fang Yourong?]

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[Su Bei has really gone too far.
She’s so proud of her talents and uses her beauty to commit murder!]

Su Bei sat at home and could not help but laugh when she saw these comments.
Even when these anti-fans scolded her, they could not help but praise her for her beauty?

Should she thank them?

Old Master Tang quickly called, “Su Bei, what’s going on? Why is that woman spreading slander about you?”

This time, Old Master Tang would not believe in the words of others without asking Su Bei about the situation first.

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He would never make that kind of arbitrary mistake again.

Hearing Old Master Tang’s words, Su Bei pursed her lips and smiled.
“I don’t know why for now, but I’ll definitely find out.”

“I’ll get my assistant to investigate for you!” Old Master Tang was furious.
“Who dares to touch my precious baby? Who dares to disregard me?”

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