Chapter 685: Different Meaning

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Su Bei’s heart ached when she saw this.
Fortunately, when she came, she had brought some new baby items and put on some clothes for the baby.

She picked up the baby, and the baby stopped crying before quietly falling asleep.

Lv Shan said apologetically, “It’s all my fault.
When I got into the ambulance, I forgot to take my bag.
I had already prepared everything.”

“You wouldn’t have bothered so much during that chaotic time.
It’s good enough that you managed to protect yourself.” Su Bei sat down.” Where did Brother Yue Ze go?”

“His mother had a heart attack and he rushed back to his hometown.
Coincidentally, I got contractions the moment he boarded the plane…” said Lv Shan.

Su Bei did not say anything.
In fact, she vaguely knew that Yue Ze’s parents did not agree with Yue Ze and Lv Shan’s relationship.
She did not know if his mother’s heart attack was real or fake.

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Lv Shan gave a weak smile.
“Go do your own things.
I’m fine here.
The caretaker I hired should be here soon.”

“Then I’ll wait for her to come before leaving.” Su Bei was really worried about leaving the mother and son alone.
“Hubby, help me buy some food.”

Lu Heting nodded and left.
After a while, he returned with some food.

Finally, the caretaker arrived.
Su Bei entrusted the child and Lv Shan to her before leaving with Lu Heting.

Lu Heting held Su Bei’s hand and remembered that when Su Bei gave birth to Da Bao, he was not by her side.
Although she had many friends, her husband was not around so it was surely different.

At that time, how helpless was she?

“Lu Heting, what’s wrong?” Su Bei felt his emotions.

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“Nothing, I just want to hug you.” Lu Heting turned around and hugged her.
“No matter what happens in the future, I want to be by your side.”

Su Bei laughed in his arms.
“Me too.”

The crew of Two Phoenixes had already made the preparations for Su Bei to do a scene in front of the media.

Last night, Director Guo Feng and the investors had already invited reporters to witness Su Bei’s acting.

The reporters had long yearned for news about Su Bei and were now waiting for her.
They came early in the morning to wait.

They had witnessed Su Bei’s glamorous moments on the runway and her glory at the peak of the world, but they did not believe that she could act well in a movie.

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They could not be blamed for not having confidence in Su Bei.
It was just that there were too many handsome young hunks and extremely beautiful young ladies in the whole of Country S.
They were all extremely popular and would throw themselves into the film and television industry from other industries.
The best-case scenario for them was that they did not make a single splash in the news.
The worst-case scenario was that they would become the target of ridicule.

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There were only a handful of people who successfully switched careers.

No one denied Su Bei’s beauty, and it was now acknowledged that she was skilled as a model.
But a movie? Many people rejected Su Bei.

In particular, Tang Yue had bribed a group of reporters to attack Su Bei’s acting skills on the internet.
She also announced to the world that they could all watch Su Bei act today.

All the netizens were eagerly waiting for the live video that the reporters would record.

Even Su Bei’s own fans felt a little anxious.
They were secretly worried and wondered if Su Bei could use her acting skills to convince everyone.

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Anyway, they had decided that if Su Bei did not act well, they would not repost or comment on anything.
They would just let the news slowly subside.

Today, a few people had also made preparations.

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