Chapter 669: Only These Two Roles Have Yet To Be Filled

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Lu Heting finally took his wife and son home.

He also brought Gun Gun back from the old residence.

Gun Gun saw Su Bei and jumped into her arms.
At first, he was happy, but after a while, he could not help but sob.
Then, he started to wail.
The more he cried, the sadder he became.
He could not stop his tears.

He was crying so sadly that Su Bei could not help but want to cry with him.
Su Bei’s heart was broken, and she quickly coaxed him in a low voice.
“Okay, stop crying.
Be good.
What’s wrong? What happened?”

“I thought… I thought… Bei Bei and Big Brother Da Bao did not want me anymore…” During this period of time, Da Bao had been enduring this grief.

As Su Bei was overseas most of the time, they rarely video chatted due to the time difference.
He would send her some messages, which would only be replied sometime later.
They could not chat directly.

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During this period when Gun Gun was living in the old residence, he had been in the worst mood.

“How could that be?” Su Bei hugged him guiltily.
“I love you the most.
I definitely wouldn’t not want you anymore.
It’s the same for Big Brother Da Bao as well.
If you don’t believe me, look at Big Brother Da Bao.
He made many fun toys for you.”

Only then did Gun Gun laugh through his tears.
“Then can I come back and live with you and Big Brother Da Bao?”

“Of course you can.” Su Bei hugged Gun Gun tightly and swore that she would never leave him behind again.

It was all her fault for not thinking things through.
This time, she had left him here alone for so long.
She had underestimated Gun Gun’s ability to endure tough times.
She thought that he would be happy with the elders and forgot that children always needed their parents.

Da Bao went forward to hug Gun Gun and held his hand.

Gun Gun held Da Bao obediently and hugged his arm.
“Big Brother Da Bao, I have many things to tell you…”

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“Yeah, tell me.”

The adult-like child and the child walked in front.
Lu Heting hugged Su Bei and followed them.

Director Guo Feng was filming a movie called ‘The Two Phoenixes’.
It was an ancient martial arts movie.

Filming had officially started.

However, up until the start of filming, there were no official announcements about the second female lead and the second male lead.
In the entire cast, only these two roles had yet to be filled.

The movie mainly told the story of the female protagonist, Hua Yingrong, who uses her wisdom and ability to help the male protagonist with an unfavored king who wants to take over the world.
The male protagonist wishes to return peace to the people.

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It could be said that the story revolved around the female protagonist.

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However, the second female lead and the second male lead also had excellent storylines.

The one playing Hua Yingrong was the currently popular movie star, Fang Yourong.

Prior to this, she had always been acting in television dramas, especially idol dramas.
However, because she was over 30 years old now, she was facing an urgent transformation.
Hence, she finally passed multiple interviews and screening to get the female lead role in this movie.

She used to have a young face, but now that she was older, she had lost a lot of weight.
Her facial features were even more prominent, and she looked like she belonged in movies.
It was no wonder that Guo Feng had taken a fancy to her this time.

After getting the female lead role, she immediately joined the production team to film her scenes.

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As for her junior, Zhou Yao, she had been asking Fang Yourong about the second female lead role as she wanted to change her image.

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