couldn’t be so timid.

But Da Bao’s serious expression still made him subconsciously look at the invitation letter he tore apart.
Then he saw the recipient’s name: Satan.

Was it Satan the devil? Vice Manager Chen laughed at himself.
How could he let a little boy’s imposing manner frighten him just now?

Indeed, he was just a child.
He couldn’t even come up with a good name.
Maybe he also learned to cast such an impressive stare from a strange place.

Da Bao shrugged his shoulders and typed a message on his smartwatch, “Lu Weijian, I don’t like the people of Lu Group.
I’m leaving now.”

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Lu Weijian, who had been waiting upstairs for a long time, got so anxious when he received such a message from Da Bao.
He stood up from his chair and ran all the way downstairs while replying, “Please wait.
I’m on my way.”

As soon as he reached downstairs, he grabbed Hong Jie’s arm and said, “Where is he? Where is the person you saw just now? The one who has the invitation letter from me.”

“I’ve been standing and waiting here.
Many people come and go, but I haven’t noticed anyone with an invitation letter.” Hong Jie paid attention to those who looked elite.
But they all came to the company for other purposes.
No one from them wanted to see Lu Weijian.

Lu Weijian ordered, “Notify the whole company and ask who came here with my special invitation just now.
Right away! I want an answer in thirty seconds!”

Lu Weijian was on the verge of crying.
He just took a break and didn’t wait at the gate personally, and the hacker already disappeared.

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How could he explain it to Lu Heting? What if that hacker attacked the financial system of Lu Group again? What if they couldn’t resist it this time?

In less than thirty seconds, the receptionist and Vice Manager Chen appeared in front of Lu Weijian.

“Where is he? Where is the person who showed up with my invitation just now?” he asked loudly.

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