Chapter 667: Personally Supporting Jia Shiyun

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“Since she came first, there’s no need for us to fight.” Su Bei smiled and comforted her.

“Sigh, she only dares to act so recklessly because of Lu Corporation’s reputation.” Xiao Bai shrugged.

When Su Bei heard the name Lu Corporation, she couldn’t help but ask, “So she’s from Di Xing Media?”

“That’s right.
It’s precisely because Di Xing Media is backed by Lu Corporation that they’re a big name.
Otherwise, how could they have such good development? Moreover, I heard that Jia Shiyun was personally trained by the big boss of Lu Corporation, so her status is extraordinary.”

Su Bei laughed.
“Who can surpass Lu Weijian, the big boss of Lu Corporation? But I only know that Mr.
Weijian only loves games and not beauties.”

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Weijian doesn’t love women, but Lu Corporation still has another big boss!” Xiao Bai said.
“Although we don’t know who he is or how old he is, we all know how powerful he is.
He’s the kind of person who can make the capital tremble with just a stomp of his feet.
If he’s Jia Shiyun’s backer, then she has all the right to be arrogant.”

Su Bei thought about it and it was true.

However, no one knew who the big boss was.
When she heard Lu Weijian mention him, he was full of admiration, so Su Bei had always guessed that the big boss was Lu Weijian’s father.

Who would have thought that a big shot at that age would want to be involved with a young celebrity?

Forget it, forget it.
Everyone had their own story.
Su Bei did not want to speculate.
It was more important to focus on the work on hand.

Xiao Bai was still feeling indignant.
Su Bei pulled her back.
“Stop gossiping.
C’mon, let’s work.”

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After taking photos, Su Bei went backstage to prepare.

For all four fashion shows, Su Bei’s performance was flawless and could be said to be perfect!

Su Bei’s long legs, slender swan-like neck, as well as her beautiful and slender shoulders were perfect.
Su Bei won the attention and praise of the entire world.

Milan Mirror called her a fairy from the East, a perfect fairy.

The New York Weekly praised her for having the golden ratio in terms of body proportions.

In the London Fashion News’ vote, she was ranked third in the most beautiful 100 faces in the world.
The first and second were the revered pair of royal twins from England.
She was the only elected member from S Country.

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The four big fashion shows pushed Su Bei’s position in the supermodel industry to the highest point and also allowed her to reach the pinnacle of the modeling industry.

A few luxury brands presented her with their jewelry and clothes along with a five-year fashion show contract.

Yue Ze was practically pulling out all his hair.
On one hand, Su Bei wanted to act in a movie, and on the other hand, there were endless offers from luxury brands.

Although everything was under his control and Su Bei could do as she wished, Yue Ze was very conflicted.
He had just witnessed Su Bei standing at the top of the world, but he had to watch her fight on the next battlefield!

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That feeling was akin to seeing his daughter enter a new world after growing up.

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Lv Shan called Yue Ze.
“Ask Su Bei to choose what she wants..
It may be risky, but Su Bei is someone who can take any risk.”

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